all screws attached to the immunization service in Puerto Rico

Doctor Iris Cardona has served in Iraq and has been promoted to the ultimate goal, protector of children, adolescents and adults with disabilities that are preventable.

Dra. Iris Cardina, Chief Medical Officer of Puerto Rico Health Department. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

The woman who dominates the topic of vacation in Puerto Rico is the one who has the most work to do with the vacation program. Iris Cardona is the official chief medical officer of Puerto Rico Health Department. He is a medical professional, having a specialization in pediatrics and a subspecialty in pediatric infertility nurses.

If you want to serve in Isla, take a specific course to get more vaccine-preventable drugs with the Center for Control and Prevention of Infirmaries. Posteriorly, collaborate with the health department as a clinical consultant.

Hoy d remema remembers that he has taken an increment in the scientific investigation by relating to the nurses that can be prevented, that amplified the itinerary and the possibilities of the vacancy. “There are only 19 pediatric nurses who can be prevented and in the population of adults only 1 adult”, affirms the specialist.

Your major contribution to Isla’s is based on these vacation plans and served as a medicine. Currently, there is a body and joy that goes beyond what is available to children and adolescents, as well as adults.

Creation and desalination of vacancies

“In general terms, the vaccines that produce biological products are intended to be released from living organisms; to use algae part, protein algae or a segment that is recovered in the laboratory, algae component being in vivo, which is normally , infecciosos agents “, indica la experta.

Cardona explicitly states: “an egg that produces the vaccine and administers it, a function provoking a special speculation that it avoids that the nurses or ten complications associated with the nurses”. Cardona agrees that: “The majority of vacancies are directed to the pediatric population, but this is the topic of interest of a pediatrician”. Fundamentally, scientific investigation is advanced. Decades or other atlases, which are caused by terrifying manifestations, especially in the pediatric population, as well as the virus, polio, sarampion.

“Vaccines are hiccuped inwards. The first vacancy data of many initials, exactly, is repaired in initial XVIII, but in initial XX only the first generation of administered vacancies in a large segment of the pediatric population, that is, the vacancy that prevent diphtheria, tetanus, tosferina, sarampión and the consequences caused by polio, “said Cardona.


Dra. Iris Cardona, however, is a fundamental part of the attenuation process in the population due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

Doctor’s point is that the saramian is endemic to many regions, although it’s every place in the world where there is evidence of enzyme activity provoked by the polio virus, although sarampion exists in parts of Asia, the Middle East, not completely eliminated. There is no circulation of endemic farms in Puerto Rico in the United States, as there are levels of vaccination against sarampins – which is one of the most contagious farms that exist – there is no possibility of importing , prices or miles of cases are now part of the world.

We have not seen any cases of sarampion in the last few years. Not surprisingly, the United States in 2014 saw a cruise that cruises the fronts of the States (now affecting 17 States), located in California, in a diversion park, with a visitor from the Philippines. Starting this year, in 2019, the United States and other countries that specialize in the Este region, especially in New York, with one of the vacant cities of the Jewish community that travels to Israel, where a situation with a common saramian, and the sarampion at the United States. Hubo one thousand cases in this year.

However, when looking at the data of the Salud World Organization, the specialist results, we see that “the sarampian cobra tore the screw to one of its members, every year, in the different parts of the world”.

Vaccination is a process of all the screws, which come from the mother’s embryo as soon as the baby is born, and the game goes through different stages. The first vaccine to be administered to anyone is the vaccine against hepatitis B, which must be administered during the first 24 hours of birth; place, see the primary series of vaccination administered different vacancies in 2, 4 and 6 months. Hay vacunas al año, dose de refuerzo, sobre todo en edad escolar. In adolescence there are many vacancies, even if in the adult life.

Vaccination and COVID

The vaccination process is affected by the SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 ligaments, in which the cervical vaccine is delivered; the administration of the vacancies is about 30%, approximately, in the months of March, April, May of 2020. Before the months of July and August the process of recuperating and sampling progress. But this creates a backlash in the population of the adequately vaccinated children.

Hoy día, el trabajo es recuperar dicha cobertura y que las enfermedades infecciosas ne lleguen a su espacio.

Padres can collaborate together at the State vacation vacation, especially of the little ones, that is, in an academic year, the personal account with the notification form of the vacancies, but the vacancy of the students; in exchange, the little ones are puddled on what the algae refuse refuses or which helps to retract the vaccine, but which should be poner al día.


Doctor También has participated in regular vaccination courses. Photo: Cortesía de VOCES.

Various strategies have been implemented to notify the pads, but correo, llamadas, mensajes, pero los padres pumen suministrar la tarjeta los pediatras y pedirle que verifike.

Most vacancies need to be packed in series, Cardona punctuation, in the little ones the first series is the same, four, more than half a year, with more than a few months left, other than four full vacancies before against diphtheria, tetanus and tosferina.

Vaccines that, depending on the age, can be administered in four doses, or three doses – as vaccines against neumococcus and Haemophilus influenzae.

When vaccinated against the virus live, they tend to provoke further immunity, such as vaccination against smallpox, for example, papules or chickenpox, but the dose required to guarantee protection.

In connection with covid-19 many people consider that they are vaccinated and vaccinated, but the specialist recruits that, initially, they are the one that blows the primary series, that the dosage set and guaranteed immunity, per “the science It is not possible for refuges to be unsecured, but it is not always possible to do so, because it only takes a few months to refresh itself, rather than just taking information from the accident, probably, if it refuses to do so. “periodic serial number”, says the expert.

“At the moment, and in a situation of public health emergence, I think we can be vaccinated,” the doctor added.

Cardona concludes that: “Vaccines are considered as the most preventive measures. There are no vacancies for all, but only vacancies for nurses that affect the little ones, only vacancies for a group of people who are alone. riesgo, or complications such as infertility, such as neomococcus. these people are recommended specific vacancies “.

Aunado a ello, Cardona concluded with the sentence: “Las vacunas salvan vidas. Tenemos que ponernos las vacunas”. Recommendation conversion is about the topic with the medicine kit to get a good orientation.

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