Altas, bajas y rumores de Pumas para el Apertura 2022

The activation of the Pumas in the MX League and the Concachampions is smooth and consistent, the directives tending to be more time-consuming to search for potential refuges and deciding what to do with the players currently in the club. Nove Which novels are about the market for the approximate time?

During the semester of the University there is a large amount of water. Es que, pese a que alcanzaron la Final de la Concachampions and keep track of the Liguilla reclassification, it will return to the first round of 2022 with its vacant lots and with more tastes than joys. Ahora, the aurasular authorities, which inflate the debris into the futuro, or cause the first cambium to grow on the plant.


At the moment, Pumas has not registered any more, but there are some alumni rumores about algunos footballers who use the summaries of the university lines or renovate their valley for the proximal championship.

Federico Vietto: The ex-boyfriend of Villarreal and Atletico Madrid is in a hurry with the people of the club, but he is not informed about the conditions in those who are crazy. Without embargo, its number or apparatus as an option for the adjacent market.

Luis Montes: Según comment on the Mediotiempo portal, Chapo not staying in León and Pumas is one of the clubs that are interested in summarlo a sus. Records that, during the invoice period, the 35-year-old midfielder camped in CU.

Higor Meritao: After not confirming the continuity, in Dale Azul and Oro verify that the Brazilian company has signed a contract extension with the club, but that there is no need to go straight to the other side.


Alfredo Talavera: The experimental porter todavía did not sign up for the renovation, tending to say that one of the conditions was classified as the Club World Cup, although it was complicated that Tala was on the plant.

Diogo de Oliveira: The Brazilian dealer is waiting for the club’s directives to decide on its potential renovation, something that has been done with Higor Meritao.

Juan Ignacio Dinenno: Where to find one of the best Pumas in the field of play. The Argentine dealer does not express his desire for money, except that he’s more than a team of local intentionally intentionally. At the moment, the only one interested is actually pacing Cruz Azul, even though he has no novels about a specific offer.

Alan Mozo: The lateral right, even if Dinenno, has one of the best footballers in the last few months, but it is not uncommon to find attractive offers from Cantera. Because it benefits the club and the player, Mozo certainly changes team.

Washington Corozo: Although igure’s Diogo, the equator is waiting for novelties as part of the directive, which have been evaluated as the extremity by separating ótil the adjacent meshes or si habrá from dispatching él.

Efraín Velarde: Other of the plant experimenters. The directives are charging with the leader and their representatives to define their future in the club.

Andrés Lillini: If the trainer comments that the guest is in the club, there are no news about the renovation offer that habían hecho. As the trainer does not acceptpodrá dirigir hasta fines del 2022 y luego dedicarse a formar juvenilesas the venue has antes of this experience.




Sebastián Saucedo: Place of the two with the colors of Puma, the directive decided not to renovate the valve with the stadium, because Saudi Arabia does not follow CU. For the moment, no sebe cuál será su próximo destino.

José Rogério: If the Brazilian leveled much of his level in the last semester, directives decidieron tomar caminos separadosbecause Rogerio plays Puma with 38 games left, new goals and four assists.

Washington Corozo: Traveled from an official communication published on May 10thPumas UNAM wants to know that the directive opt for not renewing the contract of the equatorial footballer. I am like the conductors by Andrés Lillini releasing a new cup of extraterrestrial for the coming semester …

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