Amaury tuvo intervention to renovate Vega in Chivas – Ruben Rodriguez


¿Are you accustomed to “Gracia a Amaury per esfuerzo e interested” by Alexis Vega at the company under renovation by Ricardo Peléez? Bueno, that is to say basically because of the intense intensity of charles that lasts a month, and that in principle participates in more than 10 people being abbots, representatives, family, duo, directives, club sports intelligence seekers, who love the disciplinary code or conduct for the player, key chains, keys, etc. These terminals take place on the south side with the enclosing parts of the negotiation area, which is in the case of Ricardo Peláez and his shadow, which have been tampered with Chivas as part of the club’s sports intelligence. As part of the terminal canals, moles and so on, especially in the south, to the extent that the mane that represents the mane and represents the pedal to the south that search directly to the bargain and negotiate with the team, for Amaury Vergara to intervene in a timely manner, from the new point of view to carry out the renovation, to set the price and tenure to the content affirmation.

The intervention of the result is due to the consequence of establishing in the trim the representatives and the deporting part of Chivas, which Guadalajara can not allow the Vega salida to free manner, or to search Rayados, Tigers or the Americas which is only on the radar to the south in order not to sign with Chivas. Amaury cerró en días’s firm for its proprioception and for its content content and proprietary use that encompasses the idea of ​​its origin in Guadalajara and Mexico.


However, Guadalajara’s defense is in the throes of a trainer, but the good results are that the dio in the final part of the tour and the internal way, Ricardo Cadena, without embargo, and how to get to the last of them in Chivas are in exchange. rumbo, by Ricardo Peláez, considering that the convenience of the work of the last week has been overshadowed by the name of the Uruguayan trainer, Diego Aguirre, as an important option for Chivas.

Imagine that all the other Chivas must be interested in being your trainer because they pass through Qatar and Saudi Arabia, that they are expected to fall, but so far, and that every turn has been offered by renown teams. , with dinero and what tastes inverter each torne.

Diego Aguirre, who has no doubt about his capacity, offers touring and touring in Mexico, but also in a negotiation of promoters to search his trainer and play with the help of players who go to the well, a theme of friends directives and promoters, which is a solution for Chivas or any other team.

It is incremental that the altruits of the part do not rain or that they lead the teams and do not know or haggle from the vista gorda that leads to an ace, which is offered by America, Tigers, Juárez, Cruz Azul y hasta Toluca, y no se den cuenta que tras bambalinas hay un tema de dinero y que es muy constanta en las practicata del futbol mundial y mexicano.

Situation that Chivas should be guided and weighed by the result of all, that which falls from the stomach when the cartilage leaves the cartilage is not flat and does not create the parts of the team that are available in the handcuffs, but in the pelvis which, of course, must be much more intelligent and analytical than the volume of its subsequent decisiveness, which is one of the most important part of the following phrases and which has been used against Chivas.

Even more so is the lack of directing in which Ricardo Cadena created the base of work and the order in his dressing room, to the degree of retrieval of Chivas on a competitive team, and thanks to which Liguilla burns meters. I have a tendency to be the first and only option to direct Guadalajara to the next certified, and not offered by promoters, but for a confusing theme that is between a technical body and users, replicated as a result of great results and no f the time to turn on a microphone in front, like steering the guadalajara directives.

Everybody Chivas, who tends to compete and fight, but for a small decision they can fly when they are being stabbed and starring, in their hair and hair they reach their direct competitors, like America.



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