America and the myth of the arbitrary ayudas that started the aggression against Federico Viñas

Am & & # x20AC; & # x2122; s sure to find a club that mixes grandeur with arbitrary polls.  (Photo: Hector Vivas / Getty Images)

America wants a club that is proud of its arbitrary controversy. (Photo: Hector Vivas / Getty Images)

al America is synonymous with triumph and grandeur, pero el arbitrations and their controversies también van de la mano con su esudo. The most recent controversy is that in the final part of the quarter Clausura 2022 frente a Puebla; Federico Viñas drilling a pistol apparatus that evidently blows a penalty in favor of los Azulcremaspero ni Enrique Santander ni el hang decidieron sancionarlo.

The error and in the sentiments. First of all, the central game fails to reach the south — right now there is a compressible point— the human error can exist. As the video player is the assistant, it is herramienta that supreme mayor justicia, deciding not to revise a jugada, a lot of light, polemic.

It’s a myth about that America is the consent of all orbiters which is more rotating. The pistols in Viñas show that, in the face of duda, they are not branded in favor of America, because history dictates that they are just that it is against America and its “reputable fame”.

Do not try to tempt yourself to demonstrate the magic of the myth. In the final part Apertura 2019 Between Rayados and America the controversy erupted César Arturo Ramos, silbante mundialista, deciding not to mark a penalty kick against Guido Rodríguez. Y aunque después Arturo Brizo, president of the Arbitration Commission, confirmed the casethe star set in the Monterrey sky.

Roberto Goméz Junco ya había adelantado esta situación. The analyst acknowledges that time is running out, Las Águilas sí eran un club beneficiado por el arbitrajebut in recent decades the condition is reversed: “arbitrage, ante duda, perjudica al America”.

Arbitrary errors, al parecer, nunca dejarán de existir; pero hablar of capital capital as one of the most favored is a witch who is a witch. In the fallacy one benefits, the other perjudicates, and the opinions are divided, for example, in the goal of Sebastián Cáceres that means empathy and a goal in the Cuauhtémoc Stadium.

Algunos alliances that Bruno Valdéz, who is in the position of adelantada during the south, interferes, but who debits cancel the goal; Others affirm that they take part of the whole in the annotation of the annotation, but that they do not complete the criteria for scaling the game.

Según se ve, esa fama que construyeron los Cremas años atrás make a resume that is asked by example aunga siga surgiendo evidencia de que ya no es así. The most grand, the most ayudado, or the most odiado: for as many words as there are words in relation, for many more terms are summedly connected when America is spoken.

Evidencia concreta

Opinions sent to America as a benefit attach your arguments to the one that the club counts according to their fan with the Group Televisa. And yes, hay episodios como el torneo PRODE 1985 which symbolizes a consensual institution. Pero aún así, si se busca lo surquide se revelare que el conjunto azulcrema no es tan favorecido as se piensa,

Information provided by the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) and the Arbitration Commission, the United States is the team that has only “perjudiced” the VAR. From Apertura 2019 to Hasta Apertura 2021, Las Águilas han lidiado con 14 revisions, 10 of them direct determinations in contra and solement 4 in its benefit.

Las cifras no son engañosas, no se trata de si es o no justo para el club 13 veces campeón de liga. This is an indication that more than 70% of the shares in which VAR is interfering, the balance is inclined against the team “as always ayudan”.

El VAR lleg & # xf3;  to master the arbitration, and since it has been passed in the control box, it is 100% configurable.  (Photo: Leopoldo Smith / Getty Images)

The VAR does not have to be arbitrary, and even if it does not pass through it, it is 100% configurable. (Photo: Leopoldo Smith / Getty Images)

Not only these figures but also the little ones. It is allowed in the passage that can be used to find arbitrary errors that limit the capitalists, for example, the privates to play a final against Monterrey.

Corrían las semifinalles del Mexico Torneo 1986 when America goes to Tampico Madero. In a frenetic series, America had 3 to 2 highlights at the Aztec Stadium. For the flight to Tamaulipas, Edgardo Codesal sanction an inexistente penalty.

Alfredo Tenadefensor de la Águilas, disputaba el balón con Sergio Lira, y al verse superado lo derribó fuera del área grande, el silbante, por su posición decidió marcar la falta como penal, mismo que anotó Tampico; with which to define the rhombus of the match and the eliminator. Time to reconcile your error and justification justifying that the current hermaphrodites are present at any other time.

“It simply came to our notice then. establishes in the metal of the can, in the can of Tampico. Nunca llegué, vi el foul y pito; miro a mi ististente y me dice que es adentro. Esa jugada, if you have a VAR hubiera, the hubiera cambiado porka esa jugada cambió el destino de esa semifinalchange the rumbo of the final that Tampico against Monterrey ”, affirm Codesal en interview with con TUDN.

In America, people are bound by the power that naturally clings to their shirts, so that they can meet the demands of their most critical customers. There is a way for your triumphs to be questionable: the total superiority.

It is not algo that in the passage hayan deliberately conseguir, pero si los Azulcremas desean el plenocimiento pleno deberán ser sumumere superior against who is enfrente; solo así la oscura sombra de “la ayuda arbitral” podría desaparecer.


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