America, the only team in the MX League to go all the way

From the series against Puebla, America & # x20AC; & # x2122; s wanting to ship with the bribe of buying parties.  (Photo: Hector Vivas / Getty Images)

After the series against Puebla, America flew with the myth of buying parts. (Photo: Hector Vivas / Getty Images)

America logró su pase a las semifinalles del Clausura 2022 trace vencer 4 a 3 a Puebla in the global marker. Without embargo, the ghost of arbitrary ayudders revived and caused all the commotion Liga MX.

When a bribe was leveled at America, it found parties establishing itselfllegó Fernando Guerrero para resucitarlo; a penalty kick for the polemical hypothesis following the spell las Águilas y el Azteca Stadium fire test in the flight game of the final quarters.

Era el minuto 52 del juego y se sanction un penal en favor de los Azulcremas. Diego Valdés fue el encargado de cobrarlo y Antony Silva de detenerlo, pero segone central referee, Fernando Guerrero, el guardameta lo atajó with an anti-regulant vent: ninguno de sus pies estaba sobre lanaa’s goal at the moment disparo, por lo san sanction a new cobro; esa fue la sentencia que le dio el triunfo y le recordó su mala reputacón al Ave de las tempestades.

From the point of view, social networks do not contain images, videos and multiple excuses for creating an error or a mistake. The controversy is not about the child, it is about the fact that the semifinals are just right, Others label it “a robo of the American tradition”; it is true that it is for the benefit of America in its own way by the champion.

The conjugation of Coapa counts with a virtue and a defect in the egg: polarizing. As there are elements that respond to the second cobra, there are arguments for not repeating the news, as long as there is no team here the mediums do not exist.

An imposing footstep

To confirm that the VAR, from its implementation, does not benefit the United States more than the permissible one (of 14 revisions against you only 4 decisions in favor of informing the Arbitration Commission), the label of “ladrones” is more voluptuous than nunca.

“Compran los partis”, “son los consentidos de los rybitros”, “hay ayuditas”, “hay llamadas”, eso y más invadió la mente de mile de persons quando Valdés patate el segundo penal. Hasta los m as ajenos se volvieron especialistas en temas arbitrales.

The proprietary proponents salieron and opinion on the lathe of the controversy that befits Fernando Guerrero and the VAR. Armando Archundia fired one of them.

“We have a centimeter that does not touch the line, that no feet fall on the line, but it is very difficult to observe. meta, the quality that is falling, but not all, the penalty shootout does not rehearse and reset with a spinning top“, affirm for money Jugando Claro.

Fernando Guerrero is & # xe1;  en ojo de la opini & # xf3; n p & # xfa; blica despu & # xe9; s de su pol & # xe9; mica decisi & # xf3; n de repetir el cobro desde los 11 pasos.  (Photo: Mauricio Salas / Jam Media / Getty Images)

Fernando Guerrero is one of the few public opinion polls to discuss the issue of repeating the cob out of 11 passages. (Photo: Mauricio Salas / Jam Media / Getty Images)

It’s a long story in history, and America’s not going to win the No. 14 championship, but the cone of algunos by the “arbitrary ayuda” they are waiting for records that “is not a legitimate title”.

Culpables or loading with light weight, combined Azulcrema is installed in the semifinals to mediate in Pachuca and search for more stars. Aunque deberán conseguirlo con a etiquette, apparently, impossible to bear.

In order to avoid inconsistencies in the start of the tournament, Am & # xe9; rica fired one of the four best and that will be reflected in your semifinal bulletin.  (Photo: Hector Vivas / Getty Images)

In the absence of inconsistencies in the starting point of the tour, the United States fired one of the four best and will be reflected in the semifinals. (Photo: Hector Vivas / Getty Images)

Sabor necesario

Against the football level that attracts the Liga MX, the emotions that come from other people, and the presence of America encapsulates perfection with this essay. The “public enema” function works to obtain a higher rating, and because the ligament generates sentiments that differ from one simple part.

That America dote more than the nun games have any secret, but, their presence in the semifinals is one of the most exciting of the late compromises. The affix of Las Aguilas —That is not the point— because your team is still at the end, but it seems to be reproducing itself in the bribe of the slave, possibly in the fund that is being cut ningún otro club genera tanto spectacular, in full sense of the word.

Además, America despierta malestares inocultable, but for more than one year see the trophy in favor of “sports justice and football”. It does not appear that many extras are embedded in the Pachuca shirt because of its “inaccurate yield during the turn”.

Pachuca intentar & # xe1;  romper the inertia of Am & # xe9; rica and install it in the final of the tour.  (Photo: Agustin Cuevas / Getty Images)

Intentional slipper to remove American inertia and install at the end of the tour. (Photo: Agustin Cuevas / Getty Images)

El arbitraje un protagonista más

In addition to the controversy, VAR confirmed that Silva did not establish contact with the line, but the wine was poured by the team to benefit. The topic of the criteria is given below: it does not sanction a double cob, it has a rule that it is repaid, the dog is not hacerlo as always as it is unnecessary.

Another alarming aspect is the role that assumes the syllables in the games. Cada vez, the central games acaparan espacios that do not correspond: ellos deben juzgar, no salir en los encabezados de las noticias.

This series of errors in the chain has given it a privilege that can go a long way: visibility. Ellos ni siquiera deberían entrar en las conversations post partido.

The Mexican arbitration trot has a lot of eggs, it makes a series for the teams and it is normal that the players express themselves, respectively, how much Antony Silva, who believes that this is a type of situation “destruyen el deporte”.


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