America vs Puebla: the criminal controversy that catapults the semifinalists

The referee indicates the repetition of the penalty kick by Diego Valdés after the boxer Anthony Silva adels himself against the cob (Video: Twitter / @ TUDNMEX)

This scenario was conceived for the American Eagles in the arrangement of Grita México Clausura 2022. News from all the friends of the institution under control of the classification area, Fernando Ortiz shared the triumph in the corner of the Aztec Stadium and assume the pass to the semifinal. The final marker fue favorable to Coapa’s for three goals per, pero the second one is the product of a polemical arbitrary decision.

With the marker impinged on a goal by band, the central juez makes a maximum pen in favor of las igguilas of America in el minuto 54. The cobro is encased in fire Diego Valdés who, having heard about the change of degrees in their favor, joins the ball in the hands of Anthony Silva. The uruguayo add the trajectory and view of the hero. No obstante, mientras la zaga celebraba y se preparaba para defender el tiro de esquina, the arbitrator indicates the repetition of the action.

The VAR cargo team argues that the French guard be found adelantado and without pissing the arc line antes de que el delantero chileno realizara su disparo. No obstruction, in the repetition of Silva’s motion can be observed that its chain is connected to a fragment of the cal line. The disgust took place in the Azteca Stadium.

Delandero yucateco abrió el markador at the Azteca Stadium with a cab overhaul that lifts the suitcase over the sequence of goals that aquejaba from 2021 (Video: Twitter / @ TUDNMEX)

Diego Valdés volvói a acomodar el balón en el manchón de penal mientras los zagueros recriminaron la decisión. In the second intent, number 10 does not apply and the wheelbase is made of solid lead at the upper angle of the arc. To weigh the spoon, the puddle does not avoid the second annulment of the azulcremas.

The degree in the minor grade winds, much less record the complicated passage of the local team during the semester. Without embargo, the repetition that takes place in the transmission on television can be assumed that Anthony Silva realizes the movement moving with the foot, but at this time the action is not sanctioned by the arbitrary body.

The goal against contra implies a cold anemic golf against the nipples of Nicolás Larcamón, del cual ya no pudieron recuperarse. And it’s what happens in a moment when the publanos pudieron haber tomado la ventaja. Cabe menzion that a pesar de haberse visto abajo durantra primra mitad, no demoraron en responder con el empate a un gol.

With the marker and the alien of the public in your favor, the eagles finish the graceful inclination and a contraceptive that crowns the dealer Alejandro Zendejas (Video: Twitter / @ TUDNMEX)

Henry Martin fire the first goal in a goal in the letter of Colos de Santa rsula in the 42nd minute. Varlvaro Fidalgo find the largest area of ​​Puebla and send one center to the second post. En ese lugar, la bombs rise above the air and close with the headboard to support the Silva movement. With the tanto, the character that supersedes the baja of Federico Viñas to cut a long sequence of goals.

The response capacity of La France is impressive. The pressure on America’s Irea era tal que Pedro Aquino wants to make a rematch in the goal line. Without embargo, the position favors a Israel Reyeswhich with a Chilean visor hold the actions before the descent.

Starting from the south pole at the second time, the angles control the anemic moment to end the incubator. Guillermo Ochoa impulse a contraceptive with a pass a Aquino. The Peruvian sent a filtered service to its location Diego Valdés which, in order to count with the possibility of marking, cedió a Alejandro Zendejas to mark the third tanto.

In the last instances, Fernando Aristeguieta convirtió from once passed y acercó a su equipo, pero no fue suffice para igualar el global marker cuatro a tres. With the victory, America is convinced in the first team classified in the semifinal of Grita Mexico Clausura 2022.


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