American companies sign the ‘Declaration of Los Angeles’ to contain migration

Veinte países americanos compromising is coming to expand its opportunities migrate legally y reforzar la regional cooperation to contain the most recent generation of documents on the front of United States and other countries, como Colombia, Ecuador o Costa Rica.

La llamada “Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection“A kind of continental-style code for migratory themes, rubbed in a presidential act by incumbent President Joe Biden, in the latest issue of IX Cumbre de la Americas, celebrated in the California capital.

“Ninguna nación debe asumir sola esta responsabilidad”, recallcó Biden.

Firms and outsiders

The text contains countries, including the United States, Mexico and four parts of the many undocumented migrant processes that take place in the non-resident territory: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Haiti.

It is recommended to register the majority of the transit countries and destinations of many Venezuelan, Nicaraguan and Haitian migrants who have been recruited in the latest on the continent: Argentina, BRASILIA, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Belice, Panama, Canada, Jamaica y Barbados.

Without embargo, it does not rub the declaration of three parts of the origin of many of the undocumented migrants transiting through the region: Cuba, Venezuela y Nicaraguathat Gobierno’s decisively decided not to invade the American Cumber for considering that it is not democratic.

La Casa Blanca impulse the statement to better the form in which “share responsibilities”Due to the irregular migratory flows, in a context of records in the documented document on the front-end, a topic that generates political pressure on Biden internally.

Biden’s message in the act of the money chain is rotating: your priority is “to find the illegal and illegal forms in which the migrant is going” in the region.

“Illegal migration is unacceptable, and we want to secure our fronts,” advised a president who reconsidered critics by walking under the glossy of Title 42, a pandemic in the EE.UU. Automatic deportation of most of the documents that lie in front of you.

Although Biden’s announcement is based on the intention of having a median leverage, a federal government has a mandate to hold it in place at the moment, and since this is the implicit rate of solitary confinement in the vast majority of countries, the flow has not yet reached its peak. of 15,000 people advanced this week to Mexico.

Support for temporal visas

The signatories of the declaration compromise on “strengthening and expanding your migration media through temporal work programs”, including family reunification programs and migrant regulation, with some concrete compromises.

Mexico launches a new temporal work program for opportunities between “15,000 and 20,000 Guatemalan travelers” each year, with the intention of amplifying the middle ground to include Honduras and El Salvador.

Además, Mexico integrates 20 miles of refuge in the formal formal dental market of these three adjacent countries, with the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (ACNUR).

“Mexico has been converted to more than one of the leaders of the region in these topics,” said the periodical, a high-profile functionality, which is anonymous.

On the one hand, Canada reaffirms that the reciprocal plan is more than 50,000 agricultural workers from Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean; centers that Spain -without observation- access to “duplicate” the number of legal flights to which Honduran travelers participate in the circular Spanish migration programs.

United States compromises to increase to 20,000 US refugee quotas before 2023 and 2024, with special priority for Haitians; and announced 314 million dollars in humanitarian aid for venezolane dentro and firewood.

An “unprecedented” operation

Costa Rica to renovate the special temporal protection status for migrants Venezuela, Nicaragua y Cuba que hubieran legade antes de marz 2020, y Biden upgrade in particular the exhausts that have been paced in and out of Ecuador.

The equatorial president, Guillermo Lassoenduring the act that is “urgently promoting opportunities to derail in parts of origin, but on the one hand, and other impulsive actions to identify and de-articulate the international mafia that controls irregular migration.”

One last point was to send one of the United States announcements, which revealed that both hacks had activated an operation “without precedent” to clear traffic jams of people in all Latin America, up to 300 miles depleted agents per region and 50 million inverted dollars.

al Department of National Security estadounidense calcula that this is provoked or that the front on estadounidense read “900 migrants every day”, and assured that they used not to say “more than to comment”, say a officially communicated.

The declaration must be received by experts and defenders of migrant flows, International Review Committee (IRC) subrayó in a communiqué that “is not clear as it monitors these compromises” and that can be done in a rotating manner “without financing from a distance and voluntary policy”.

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