AMLO. Have an “own goal” and “tension” with the EU by no matter what

The president’s friend Andrés Manuel López Obrador de no ir a la Cumbre de las America as excluding foreigners is a despotism and an own goal for our country, considering Mexico as the exemplifier in the United States, Arturo Sarukhan.

In his conference mañanera de este martes en Palacio Nacional, el presidente López Obrador amagó no ir a la Cumbre of the Americas and sent to a representative as a protest, in order to exclude algae as Cuba.

“The President’s decision to condition his participation in Cumbre, since he was invited Cuba, Venezuela y Nicaraguais an own goal and a despot.

“It’s an own goal for the foreign policy priorities of the country, and for the most important relationship for our country and that, as the President has implicitly agreed to allow the renegotiation of TLCANis fundamental to the well-being and prosperity of the Mexicans, including the 11 million (of which 5 million are undocumented) Mexicans in the United States.

“In the final of the day, as the President assists, who goes to Mexico; be careful to record for a while as a star, if one is not sent to the table, one is on the menu ”, advising the ambassador to consult with EL UNIVERSAL.


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Sarukhan indicates that in the case of an inverse scenario, López Obrador does not allow air conditioning in an event that is organic.

“It is despicable because the President, in fact, does not want the condition to be met by anyone who invites or does not have an event organized by him. “Ghana nada, claro está, m ants ante quienes defienden o se hacen lelos ante lo que ocurre con los dehumanos e la democracija e os países- con esta posición”, dijo.

“The purpose of the fund is: ¿Por qué lo hace ?. Evidently there are ideological reasons and a transnational vision and the range of international relations. Pero, ¿Habrá additive motives, such as the suspicions of a creative Cuban papal, with a Mexican apparatus of national dismantling security, on topics of internal Mexican intelligence and who’s who’s generating such puddles? ”, He asked.

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Amenase of AMLO, contrary to the spirit of international diplomacy

The internationalist Ileana Rodríguez señaló that is the amnesty of President López Obrador is contrary to the spirit of international diplomacy and the principle of free self-determination of the people.

“Every state and every place has the capacity to decipher and its governors and in the same way it has the capacity to decipher with stable stacks or valves,” he said.

The Italian record specialist Norberto Bobbio, who states that he can not expect a democratic system to be autocritical and reverse, but that it is important to consider that the international system is not homogeneous because it is completely legal the countries.

“Membership is based on the principle of coexistence of the States and is part of the reconciliation of non-existence between States through respecting the degree to the existence of authority in terms of having international relations at the highest level. decisón and accord to the interests of the public sphere ”, explicitly.

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The Monterrey Tech specialist said that the materialization of President López Obrador’s provocation was a direct tension between Mexico and the United States; and since it’s still able to generate molestation in the incumbent, Joe Biden, tends to respect our country as well, as it respects its decisions on foreign policy.

“Mexico is in the throes of reconciliation before it becomes the main interest-bearing relationship to announce applications that are in the United States and do not align with the interests of Mexico to invade the territory of the United States with those that have been enacted historically. podemos promover ”, added.

“(Decomplete amenase) Generates a voltage tension between United States and Mexico during these mandates; the governors of one and the other can clearly see that this is a type of reaction to obsessive policies and policies manifested by the president in turn and its ideology which does not delimit us or make us a post that can not be transformed (…) is a post that to generate molestation in the mandate of the status quo in order to be respected, as well as our respective states that the United States will be escalated into the city of Israel against the borders of Palestine “, declared the internationalist.

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