AMLO: López Obrador rebates las fricciones with EE UU on Cumbre de las America:

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been married for a while now to find out the differences with United States over the novel Cumbre de la Amerika. The Mexican president defended his position not to exclude the representatives of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the chanting, which will be celebrated from June 6 to 10 in Los Angeles, after his dismissal that he did not decide to quote the regional citation as Washington do not invite all Latin American goblins to replicate in bilateral relations. “I do not have to think that, as it is the case of coincidence we can not produce a rupture. De ninguna manera “, ha ipirmado en víspers de la’s visit of a delegation éstadounidense encabezada por el senator Christopher Dodd, prevista para el miercoles.

President Joe Biden’s special access to the organization has the potential to gain the full support of the Mexican government. López Obrador, as an embargo, sued his presence and the participation of one of the Ejectives frontally confronted in Washington. Casa Blanca has not yet made a decision, but only incl. The Mexican mandate argues that it invoked the Constitution to uphold the principle of non-interference in foreign policy. At the same time, to pursue a policy of active repression in La Habana, to remove regional diplomacy by creating a front that sums up, for example, the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, the Bolivian, Luis Arce, and the Chilean, Gabriel Boric.

“We are not the only ones who are aware of the principles of our foreign policy, of the intervention and self-determination of the people, and we consider that we should not exclude them and that they do not exercise their independence and sovereignty. ”, Abundantly López Obrador during his graduation press conference. As a result, the flow of the valves with the Stage-free Administration has resulted. “Hay una muy buena relación. “Economically, commercially, inevitably in migration, in safety, we are working in a coordinated manner,” he said.

These are the sounds that are of most interest to Gobiernos and ante those that Biden Busca defines a position as North America with views of the valley. Ambassador Ken Salazar made the remarks to the United States that “it is very important that it is part of Mexico” and launched Christopher Dodd’s visit on purpose. The presence of the Mexican Executive, in all cases, is not complete. Pero si ne se alcanza an acuerdo the participation quedaría reducida a la secretariat de Exteriones Exteriores, Marcelo Ebrard, a conductor of the first line of cabinets and aspirants to the succession in 2024.

Of all the forms, López Obrador is volcanic in order to show a good relationship with the authorities and with the society of a particular country. “Nosotros, regardless of where they are located, can always be used to have a relationship of respect and respect with the Gobierno of the United States, and more, much more, with the city of the United States. The government of the United States has been treated with respect and our children have much more respect and estimation than the city of the United States ”, it continued.

The relationship between the mandates and the communications that are most frequent from the Biden valley to the Casa Blanca in the energy of 2021 to those who are descent in the matter of security, migration and energy policy. They want to pursue the bilateral agenda and the workings of the negotiation, against the policy of preventive imposition of Donald Trump, and the manners, people, that the parts and their economies can not be seen as escalating. “Everywhere you look today in Mexico, there are more than a million people living in the world, and now there are more than a million,” the president said, referring to migration to the City of Mexico. vecino durante la pandemia. “Entonces, what is it that has happened in the last years? If you have not yet been notified, you have come to see a lot of extracurricular and extracurricular activities, but more likely to stay in the city. This series is a good topic for a report. Pero muchos, muchos, muchos, es notorio ”.

También Biden made some great gestures that his había antenna was treated to enter as the celebration of the Battle of Puebla, the 5th of May. “Now President Biden has been ordered to hack the ceremony and encamped on the floor. I came as a special invitation to Beatriz [Gutiérrez Müller], mi esposa, y me platicó de que la sentaron en un sitio y estaba hablando el presidente Biden y tuvo la amabilidad de pararse e irla a saludar. Luego, terminó y la pasaron a la Casa Blanca. Stuvieron platikando la señora del presidente, el presidente, Beatriz … ”, ha resumido López Obrador. The president hailed the además “que se avance” hajj a withdrawal from Washington’s Cuban policy, but said that his aspiration was to end the economic blockade. Mantras tanto, the formula of Mexico’s participation in the Cumbre of America safe in the air.

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