An asset, the brain of a startup that revolutionizes medicine

Harel Hershtik, founder of Scentech Medical, says he has created a device capable of detecting information by means of the alien, as an embargo, passing it obscurely (swinging on an asset), swallowing the future of your business.

By Tia Goldenberg

REHOVOT, Israel, May 16 (AP) – Only 20 years old, Harel Hershtik planó y ejecutó un assesinato, un crimen it is escalating when a quarter of the initials are removed from the reservoir.

Hoy, Hershtik is the cerebral palsy of a startup of applied technology in medicine, which is supported by millions of dollars with an initiative initiated by prominent figures and richer inversions

Now that your business is at the point of coding, Hershtik’s passage has given much of what it takes to plant hasty asceticism that punctuates a person who’s trying to get all the good things out there.

“Cuando era joven, era stipido y arrogante”, expresses Hershtik, which now has 46 years. “If you can be a genius and an idiot at the same time, the world will not contradict itself.”

Israeli Harel Hershtik, vice president of strategy and technology at Scentech Medical, demonstrates the product of his company. Photo: Tsafrir Abayov, AP

Hershtik is vice president of a cargo of strategies and technologies Scentech Medicalan undertaking that ends in 2018, when all the presses are established, which invent an apparatus that, then, can detect four different parts of the test tube.

In a three-hour interview with her Associated Press express varies only in the present tense. Hershtik was conquered by Yaakov Sela’s assistant, a charismatic train boiler that only lasts 14 years. Establishes a complication relation.

It seems that Sela is only new to the mismo time, including Hershtik’s mother, who does not like gustaba crato a la mujeres, entras ellas su madre.

In the 1996 Principles, Sela decrypted that Hershtik had robbed the equivalent of $ 15 million equivalent. They also agree that Sela did not want a denunciation from the police and that Hershtik was devolving the double of the robotic dinosaur in quotes. Hershtik, sin embargo, ya tenía planado matar a Sela, según los fiscales.

When Iban to find one of the shores, a Hershtik complex fired three shots at Sela, using Hershtik’s pistol. The weapon of Hershtik’s weapon, which was sent to Sela with a shot in the head, accompanied by legal documents.

Hershtik and his entourage enter Sela en las Alturas del Golán, donde semanas después unos caminantes vieron asomar una mano y se uncontrë el cadáver.

Harel Hershtik works at his lab in Rehovot, Israel, on May 11, 2022. Photo: Ariel Schalit, AP

The criminal cause of the commotion and the fiscal dijeron that Hershtik mintió varies veces al ser interrogado. Hershtik is condensed in perpetual motion but premeditated assistance and obstruction of justice, among other things.

He was 25 years old, doing his doctoral studies, in mathematics and chemistry, and only three years ago. Business that has 31 companies and locations in the area.

It stands in a circle with no light. Someone who is 11 years old at the moment with health problems and who catches several times to create an Internet access in your cell. One way to build a modem using parts of DVD consoles.

It is determined that rehabilitation is established and that it does not represent a role for society.

Fue excarcelado, pero permanecerá bajo arreste domiciliario de las 11 de la noche hasta las seis de la mañana hasta el 2026. Deberá usar un apparatus rastreador en su tobillo en todo moment u ne puede salir del país.

Hershtik recaptured the AP at its home in Rehovot, in central Israel.

Hoy, Hershtik is the brainchild of an Israeli health technology startup, prepared for millions of dollars with the release of prominent public figures and inverted inverters. Photo: Ariel Schalit, AP

The startup is expected to approve the regulatory organisms to be merged with a NextGen Biomed oil company, which is located in the Tel Aviv area.

Hershtik knows that your goal is to produce an apparatus that can detect COVID-19 by traversing the alien and working hard to detect distressed nerves and depression. The idea, dijo, is offered with immediate results, in a non-invasive form.

The patent company’s technology in Israel and Hershtik claims to seek the approval of the United States Sanitary Authority.

Aggregate the new company, remove the fusion, be valued at less than 250 million dollars. Indication that in the last few years you get $ 25 million in private inversions from Israel to finance your company. Buying part of the financing for Hershtik’s portfolio is in full swing.

In Israel the presses are authorized to negotiate from the church, but can only be seen as an excerpt from Hershtik.

His company owns a handful of prominent figures, such as Yaakov Amidror, president of NextGen, and executor of the National Security Council.

Harel Hershtik poses for a photo in one of his labs in Rehovot, Israel, on May 11, 2022. Photo: Ariel Schalit, AP

“Según las leyes del país, una persona tiene derecho a rehabilitarse. Your child’s pay and is rehabilitated “, said Amidror, who declared in favor of Hershtik against the junta that analyzes the condition of libertarian condition.

The passage, like the embargo, like Hershtik, which is about to start as the director of technology of your company for the sake of educating inversions.

“Harel always knows that, no matter what the motivation for having a problem plant, it’s all right,” said Drew Morris, a member of the directive and inversion junta.

Ishak Saporta, a lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Tel Aviv, believes that inversionists tend to focus on Hershtik’s firm because of its potential and lack of leadership.

“What I’m inquiring about is that you can make millions. Pagó su deuda con la sociedad en la cárcel. Pero, ¿ayudará a la familia de la víctima? ”, Preguntó Saporta.

Harel Hershtik has electronic monitor device for condensate and free pressers in most of the working meters in his laboratories in Rehovot, in the center of Israel, on May 11, 2022. Photo: Ariel Schalit, AP

Tovia Bat-Leah, who casts a shadow over Sela, as Hershtik finances his wage education or creates a reptile museum named after Sela.

“Cumplió su condena, pero debería resarcir de alguna forma” to the Sela family, Opinion.

Hershtik says that pudo haber creado cualquier type of company that does not benefit the society, pero that opt ​​to incurs in the field of salud.

“Créanme, no lo hago por el dinero”, express.

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