an enfermedad vírica que no avisa

Due to the fact that the hepatitis C test was performed, there were many specialists on the detection and timing of imports.

Dr. Federico Rodríguez, president of the Puerto Rican Association of Gastroenterology and Dr. Jorge Santana Bagur, medical director of the AIDS Clinical Investigation Unit (ACTU) of the Medical Science and Infectious Diseases Specialist. Photo: Image of Dr. Rodríguez, Puerto Rico Gastroenterology Cooperative. Image of Dr. Bagur, archive of the Journal of Medicine and Salud Pública. Fabiola Plaza.

The president of the Puerto Rican Association of Gastroenterology, Dr. Federico Rodríguez, supports that gastroenterologists are specialists in infertility because of the large number of patients with hepatitis C condition, which affects a significant number of millions of people worldwide, having in Puerto Rico a prevalence of 2.3% of the population; significant number of patients in Puerto Rico infected with hepatitis C, different from the United States, where the prevalence is a little more common.

The hepatitis C es la enfermedad that all constitute the main cause of the transplant, but it is very important that it is erratic to say something, as indicated by Dr. Rodríguez.

The infectious disease specialist and director of the AIDS Clinical Investigation Unit (ACTU), a review of medical sciences from the University of Puerto Rico, and Dr. Jorge Santana Bagur, noted that hepatitis C, effectively, represents the major incidence of world-wide transplantation.

Además, afirma que: “al día de hoy se sabe que la transmisi esta enfermedad se da través de la sangre u sus productos. “If there is an increase in the incidence of this condition, especially in men who have sex without protection.”

It is destacable that la generation of baby boomers (people who are only 45-65 years old) consider themselves as a group of high-risk people who, for their part, do not have a diagnostic available for hepatitis C, which was available in 1992, when the serological test was performed to diagnose.

Since 1992, one of the risks for this population has been the transfusion of blood, which can not be detected a person ten ea ese virus o no. It does not matter what the problem is AIDS and other viral enfermedates that their concurrence on the needlessness of tenor herramientas that inserts steriles to avoid contagion, as there is no concurrence in those persons who have tattoos or piercings, which are exposed to the victim of this virus, affirming the doctor.

In Latin America I think a lot practice of surgical proceduresalthough it does not have a certain consistency about use of methods or tools guaranteeing the immunity of persons. Medical and nursing services ahora se cuidan más (de pinchazos, por ejemplo), acota el experto Rodríguez. Hoy d sea se recomienda que a person que tenga 18 años o más, se haga una prueba serológica.

With the embargo, Dr. Santa cried as he said that the baby boomers were not transmitting hepatitis and that they had passed away at the age of 18, and that they should try it on each other, or every month, especially if they had high risk of having high blood pressure. aunque es a nurse lenta, seea diagnosticarid rapidly for which the tamibén sea sea much more rapidly and without complications.

Currently, direct action medications are being administered by Dr. Rodriguez. The evolution of therapy hepatitis If left untreated, they are initially treated with medications that are injectable and provoke much of a side effect with minimal probability of cure, but with a range of direct acting drugs all over the box, as these medications act directly against the inhibitor. efficacy is high, preferably 30 to 40%, but if an efficacy can be reached up to 90%, if it is translated for the patient, it is decided that hepatitis C can be cured; it is medicated with lozenges, having very few secondary effects and not interacting with the patient’s characteristics, Rodríguez said.

Dr. Santana agrees that direct action medications constitute one of the most significant advances in modernity, or the kind that is proportional to 95%.

Respect the form and the quality of the manifesto la enfermedadone of the major problems of this condition is that it is asymptomatic, “80% of patients do not have symptoms, but it is important to consider the risk factors associated with la enfermedad y hacerse la prueba “, said Dr. Rodríguez.

It is progressing rapidly, little by little, with inflammation, the disease and generating scars that, in an advanced stage, from place to place cirrhosis, currently in which patients are com- panyed and discharged la enfermedad, su peel se coloca amarilla o vomita sangre. There are people who report being infected with the virus hepatitis C, because it can not be said that it can only affect users who have consumed drugs or who have received a blood transfusion, even though they can affect other people. By the way, do not think that in the presence of a single symptom as an indicator of la enfermedadaclara Rodríguez.

It’s important for Dr. Santana to know that he has three types of hepatitis, A, B and C. hepatitis Puede predominar el dolor abdominal y la diarrhea. En hepatitis It can present the sensation of the barge distendida, the cannabis, the color amarillo, white excreta and orina oscura, pero en hepatitis C, the 70% of patients do not present the ningún symptom “and when the apparatus los’s symptoms are too late”, as Santana supports, but it is important to diagnose the most possible tempran.

In terms of sexual transmission, both men and women are less efficient or more likely, but between men / women, with unprotected sex, if they can present the condition, says Santana.

Previously, the treatments were costly, but they were accessible and the medical planes were free of charge, to avoid the cirrhotic person. It is sought for that hepatitis C sea a nurse bien rara, o erradicarla. The experts advised to take a sample while completing this objectively, transmitting the message that hepatitis C can be curar, por lo que poblacón se debe hacer la prueba.