An image devastating Trump: the explosive testimony of an existing Casa Blanca on the asphalt of the Capitol

  • Anthony Zurcher
  • BBC Correspondent in North America

Image of Cassidy Hutchinson standing in front of the Congress

Fountain of the image, Getty Images

Photo pie,

Cassidy Hutchinson, a Casa Blanca supporter, testified against Donald Trump during the congressional hearing about that time.

The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the Capitolio 6 came from.

This Tuesday, Cassidy Hutchinsonan existing one which serves as the cabinet of the Casa Blanca, Mark Meadowsllenó the spaces in white.

Your testimonial has been printed una picture devastadoror about the former Donald Trump.

It is necessary for the ex-mandator to increase the steering wheel of the car while traveling and driving against an agent of the Secret Service in an attempt to get the caravan safe from Congress, where the corporals lead an insurrection.

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