An initiative to promote healthy diets to prevent millions of deaths per year

Photo: UNICEF / Arimacs Wilander

Each year, the diets are relatively reasonable due to the fact that more than one million people and 420,000 people fall short of consuming cheap food. Además, inadequate alimony to place criminally nurses causing suffocation and overloading an enormous load for the presuppositions of all countries.

To gain access to this reality, several specialized agencies from the UN – the World Health Organization (WFO), the Infancy Fund (UNICEF), the World Food Program (WFP), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Environmental Medium Program (PNUMA), launching a coalition that promotes reasonable and adequate dietary provision for all of the constituent food systems.

“The Coalition approves of countries that alienate themselves from the pitfalls of human health and environmental sustainability, as well as a victorious world over its population, climate and nature,” the PMA said.

The members of the Action Coalition for the Salutable Diets point out that some 3,000 million people can not allow a healthy diet and malnutrition to be related to all of these major risk factors for congested cargo.

On the other hand, denitrification constitutes a violation of the human right and food and the continent generating social and health disadvantages.

The impractical practices that define the food systems of the world are also impulsive to the deforestation, the biodiversity curtain, the ocean aggregation, the apparatus of zonal and antimicrobial environments.

Food systems that operate

UN agencies claim that the existing food systems are embedded in the population, but that they are urgently needed to transform Desarrollo Objectives.

Agencies that record health, nutrition, and environmental sustainability are based on basic pillars of the transformation of food systems.

The salient diets of a consistent food system have food supply regimens that promote health and prevail over foods. But in order to generalize your consumption, you need to make sure that you can see that they are available, adequate, accessible and attractive to all.

It should be noted that these products are produced and distributed by methods that provide decentive work and protection of the planet, the soil, water and biodiversity.

The vision of the Coalition is to mobilize and approve the collective action hacia the meta of all persons consuming salutable diets of consistent food systems.

Work plan

First of all, the agencies promoting the subrayan initiative have the urgency of coherent and effective actions in policies, practices, availability of data and arrangement of resources.

The Coalition’s work plan consists of three points:

* Mobilize and coordinate the conjugations for an orchestrated action in those feed systems that produce a positive level-level impact

* Facilitar aprendizaje entre países

* Develop special projects, following the priorities of each country, to integrate nutrition, health and equilibrium expenditures and through nutrition

* If you want to make an appointment, you can plan for the consolation of variations of the Desarrollo Sostenible Objectives (ODS), as well as holding the mallet and malnutrition in all its forms, promoting a new screw and the lower bouts featured on each other. non-transferable, mastering maternal-infant health, promoting consumption and responsive production, and adopting urgent means to combat climate change.

What is expected

The result is that the Coalition’s work is an incremental increase in actions to account for a collective impact on the rational diets produced by the constituent food systems.

The Coalition is advancing the implementation of its work plan and the realization of its vision.

The Coalition forms the Cumberland of UN on Food Systems, celebrated in 2021 in the United States, agencies of United Nations, civil society organizations, academic institutions and social movements.


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