Ana Martin retires the telenovelas, adding to the actuation

At the age of 76, the first reconnaissance took place, Ana Martinhe announced retiro of the middle of the television and the spectacular. Born on May 14, 1946, in the City of Mexico, the actress is the shadow of the famous comedian of the era, Jesús Martínez “Palillo”.

One of the nieces, Ana Martí, created figures like Agustín Lara or Pedro Infante, the godfathers of the sailor. Demonstrate interest in making an artistic carriage, launching spectacularly, with only 17 years. Prior to 1963, she became a member of the Mexican Prime Minister and was awarded the Miss World pageant.

In 1965, he made his debut in China with a small piece of the El Gángster painting, which provides papers in quotes like Acapulco a go-go (1967), Corona de lágrimas (1968), Blue Demon against the Devils (1968), The Woman of the Devil (1974) telenovelas.

Interestingly: Kristal Silva shows off her double breasts in a “mini” dress

Ana Martin to deactivate activation because 'is great'

Ana Martin retires the telenovelas, adding to the actuation. Photo: Facebook,

In an interview with TV Notas, the actress, who is currently a participant in the soap opera ‘Corazón Guerrero’, said that she will be in 2023 after the spectacular world.

With the history of the screws that the actress has, it is said that there is the possibility of tightening the bioserie, but that the actress reveals that it is concentrated by analyzing and accepting the story in a series.

“Because what I do not want to hear more, I do not know what to do, I do not think so, but I like to be aware of what goes on in the scripts, not a book that is contextual,” he said.

I think that in your screw there are tense moments of all types, all blanks as black, even if the screw is always public, but insists that the search is not permissive or terrifying, no me gustaría ”.

Among the recidivism of the infant who started the act, he was led by the five-year-old violet Tongolele who wore mambo y mover las caderas as solo el the hacía, but because he had much to do with it.

Respect for your romances, the actress declares, among other things that, as it were, that she stands with the country inside, one that is outside the other, and otherwise has a beautiful hernia.

When it comes to vitality and good humor, TV Notas le qu askó sobre síene has the interest of seguir trabajando, pero sorprendió con su respondest.

“It’s almost impossible to think about it, but it’s best to approach it definitively again, but it’s great.”

Explain that the proximity to the 60-bit work and 76 screws is complete, and that at this time all types of projects have been carried out, but that it is incremented by every opportunity that is given and that is searched for novels and projects, per gustaría cerrar is carre screw with a person conforming to his age, but no characters from edad.

“I’s incantaría hacer lo que hacía la gran Sara García (qepd), pero eso ne depende de mí, sino de los products quienes hacen estas cosas”, partartió.

Ana Martínaclaró que en estos momentos se siente bien, que se siente fuerte, pues, no padece ninguna enfermedad rara y por eso es que quiere despedirse bien.

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