ANALYSIS | The current Putin dilemma is the JFK timor

(CNN) – Reflecting on the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F. Kennedy (JFK) advised one of the nuclear powers “to avoid confrontations that take a turn for the worse in a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war.”

The meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine did not reflect the politics of the media, which flew from the Occupied Soviet Union to Armageddon in October 1962.

Because of Kennedy’s superpower logic, Putin has repeatedly sought to gain ground over his strategic strategy, Ukraine’s heroic resistance and an extraterrestrial multimillion-dollar weapons and ammunition carrier.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has always stated that his opponents are in favor of Ukraine and defending and avoiding a direct escalation with Putin, which is based on the risk of a nuclear war, despite the fact that it reflects on JKK advertising.

At a fundraising event in Potomac, Maryland, on Sunday night, Biden confessed that Putin’s preoccupation was not with the idea of ​​a guerrilla war, but with the “calculator” nature of the KGB agent. However, other national security officials admit that they do not know what type of Russian escalation will increase in Ukraine and that Putin will allow a declaration of victory and reduce the escalation of the war, informs Kaitlan Col.

This is a preoccupation. But it is one that is at odds with statutory policy. After all, the Washington bombing target to show Ukraine that Putin is fighting the war. Biden’s congressional hearing about that were exactly where the US $ 33,000 million deal came from. Washington is targeting the battlefield with anti-aircraft missiles, anti-aircraft guns, radars, drones, artillery shells and howitzers.

It’s aggressively occult, the progress of Putin’s desperate war and the subsequent diplomatic escalation to make it clear that the Russian leader is sure to see more of it in a nutshell.

Putin’s only option at the moment is to look at a capitulation and then admit that the western sphere, combined with the ferocious Ukrainian sphere, is, above all, a position that is a politically impossible series to adopt.

Ued Can you enter Russia and United States ?, Oppenheimer analysis 2:55

Ast Hasta dónde llegaría Putin en su guerra contra Ukraine?

There is no real consensus on why Putin’s claim is desperate. If you do not share Washington’s logical and precise vision of what is going on in the war, there are no indications that there are any suicidal tendencies and the emergence of a nuclear confrontation escalating as well as trying to resolve the Western resolution.

Various high-ranking officials have recently expressed their views that Putin could search for tactical nuclear weapons and bring them to bear in the battlefield as an alternative to a humiliating pig in Ukraine. Hubo cierto alivio en essay sentide el martes, led by the director of the National Intelligence, Avril Haines, led a congressional commission that’s opinion of the United States is that there is no “immediate potential for Putin to use nuclear weapons.” And the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the late General Scott Berrier, knows that the evaluation is based on tactical or battlefield devices.

But it is not alarming to consider the possibility. Putin demonstrated that he was a despised leader with broken legs and causing massive losses. Arrested in Chechnya and killed four civilians in Syria. The war in Ukraine is characterized by scattered bombardments of residential areas, schools, stations and refuges, and criminal apparatuses of war by some of the tropics. Miles of your soldiers killed. Putin has also used weapons of mass destruction, for example, targeting Russian deserters in the British army with radioactive elements and nerve agents, even though he’s taking care of civilians, following the US-led invasion.

Russia’s intention to use nuclear weapons, in a way that the Soviet Union rarely endured in Guerra Fría, to terrorize the western cities, tanto centers, subraya the type of airfield that the most powerful arsenal you can bridar the rebellious stages. which prevent the feasibility of an western intervention.

Video summary of the war Ukraine – Russia: 10 May 22:12

Putin no muestra signs to look at salidas

Si bien se puede criticar a EE.UU. However, Putin did not take the lead on what Biden speculated, but the initiative was a series of issues and support for all modes of operation.

For the emperor, Putin is not mirando las salidas. If the war is an economic, military and strategic destabilization for Russia, the Kremlin leaders will follow suit. If you can not control all of Ukraine or skip it over, create a huge human and material destruction that implies that Ukraine functions as a normal economy and casts its aspirations to occupy Occidental can be adequate, or can be viewed by others .

This is one of the reasons why Haines suggests that Russian leaders “establish themselves in the face of a protracted conflict in Ukraine, while maintaining the intent to set more objective goals than the Donbas.” Advocate for the lack of Putin’s military capabilities and ambitions mean that he’s forced to retaliate against a rigorous and arrogant essay.

“The current trend is increasing the likelihood that President Putin will pursue more drastic media, including the imposition of the martial law, the reorientation of industrial production, or potentially escalating military actions to free those that need to be retaliated against. “prolong the conflict, or as it turns out that Russia is pervading Ukraine,” Haines said.

Odesa bajo nuevos ataques con misiles rusos 0:42

The idea is that Putin is pushing for the calibration of a strategic solidarity in which the concentration is reduced by the opening of the razons. First, the Russian leader recovered all the solid ramps, slits and diplomatic advertisements to reduce the escalation of the opposing front of the invasion. Now that you are in the game because of your personal prestige, your political position and your reputation in Russia, as well as the juicer of history, it’s more agonizing. Of course, there is a possibility that a new escalation will take place when Belarus sends special forces to the fronts of Ukraine, citing the fact that there is an era of western aggression.

The second reason for this is that it is not possible at the moment of radical diplomacy in the creation of the western capitals of the long line, such as London and Washington, that the forces of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, the arms of the western armies, are ganado el derecho a ganar la guerra, y podría terminar haciéndolo. After all, Ukraine is part of the perjury, which suffers an invasion without provocation.

At the moment, Putin has not attacked convoys of weapons aimed at Ukraine in the wake of the OTAN and has not flown in such important cybernetic tactics against Western targets, but only as a sea of ​​public conjecture. Ambasis omisiones suggest the power of dissolution.

However, as the advance of the war, with the constant degree of escalation or error of calculation that precipitation of a larger amplitude, it is possible that the grains open in the fortification of the western unit.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who deliberately tried to facilitate Putin by not invading Ukraine, conquered the white rhetoric of the Victoria State of Russian leaders. However, Ukraine and Russia tend to be sent and hacked, a reason that is not served by the “humiliation” of Moscow. Macron played with Chinese President Xi Jinping, an ally of Putin, on Tuesday, who’s playing the Palaisio de Elysées said that the Habibs agreed “on the urgency of a high point”.

There was a moment of impact in the Oval Office on Tuesday, led by the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, hoping to emulate the occupying unit in Ukraine and condense the Russian invasion, Biden said this against the cameras:

“Tengo que decirte que in Italy and in Europe ahora, la gente quiere poner fin a … estas masacres, a esta violencija, e est carnírínia que e pasando.

“Most people think about the possibility of taking a bite out of the fire and commenting on new negotiations. This is the situation right now.

His comments reflect a subtle nervousness that, like the foreign intervention type, Putin uses as an example of Kennedy’s rhinoceros type in a discourse at American University in June 1963.

Among other things, the world needed to breathe in and out of a nuclear war, Kennedy wondered what Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev would have done without a curtain on his future in Cuba.

For decades now, it has become increasingly commonplace for Putin to pursue a similar, but far-reaching, adaptation to Putin.

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