Andy Ruiz, the camp that enters its excitement between disciplines and parties, to vary

Andy Ruiz Jr playing Anthony Joshua at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia.  (Reuters / Andrew Couldridge)

Andy Ruiz Jr playing Anthony Joshua at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. (Reuters / Andrew Couldridge)

Andy Ruiz tocel the sky on June 7, 2019. Nadie will create it. Muchos dijeron que se trató de victoria m sors surprrendente del siglo XXI. Round the box to refer to the pelea in favor of the Californian pigeon, to decipher its victory over the British adonis Anthony Joshuamillions of miracles voltearon to see the ring of Madison Square Garden: ascertains that minutes before the news of a taste of mal pacido. The ascendencia mexicana, The Destroyer have been multicampled to approve of OMB, AMB and FIB world titles at full weight.

The consumption of the gesta is gradual. The third highest, Joshua, gold medalist in London 2012 and the planetary figure, tomb of Ruiz as to confirm that all the guions are destined to be completed. But in this moment algo se removió in Andy’s circle. In a matter of minutes, all in the primer, Ruíz devolves Joshua’s dose and sends it to Lona. The public stall against the inexplicable. If only the British hero had kept up the good work by arranging for a Mexican warrior who had been stabbed to death in the middle.

Con Ruiz todo is imprevisible. Esa pelea la tomó sin tiempo de preparacón. Venice de noquear en zinco rounds al ucraniano Alexander Dimitrenko the 20th of April. AJ if you want to compete with doping de Jarrell Miller. Andy no dudó: send a direct message to Instagram promoter Eddie Hearn to post as an opponent. It all works against you, and quizzes like this, but Ruiz is the type of athlete that can be estimated against adversity.

It’s the vocation to materialize the lion’s ear and shoot another josh with Joshua with the seconds to finalize the third round. The three minutes that seemingly serve you as well as serve as an excitement to the ephemeral in the pragmatism of the time as an eternity against the nostalgia of the instant. The terror can be seen in the deepest legacy of Anthony. Era What is the positive situation that this peleador ‘gordito’ y with cara pe niño pegara tan fuerte?

El todopoderoso campeón del mundo nunca encontró la llave. Contacting a golfer of power, Ruiz responded with hasta from hasta quatro puñetazos that enviaban a otro mundo al hasta entonces impossible Joshua. In the septimo episode the guise of Ruiz terminator to describe the dance page. The Mexican-American volunteer to shoot at Anthony Joshua’s stock. The complaint referred for the second extra recovery to the monarch was sufficient. Ya era inevitable: el rey no tenía nada que hacer ahí. Esa noche le pertenecía a Andy Ruiz.

Ruiz celebrates her victory against Joshua in June 2019. Reuters / Andrew Couldridge

Ruiz celebrates her victory against Joshua in June 2019. Reuters / Andrew Couldridge

Without embargo, as a result of the final provision, Ruiz does not have to go to the exit. It is the perfect archetype of “the flower of a day”. Get out of the rhythm of the parties. El boxeo, se sabe, no perdona el disinterés. Running the following months at the neoyorkina hazaña, the camp is set up in all but one of the following correspondences: in the gymnasium. “The term pelea y no lo vi después de ganar el campeonato. How to get rid of margarine Manny Robles en interview with A Round More.

Revenge with Joshua takes place in Saudi Arabia and has not yet reached its current destination. Ruiz does not want to be a Joshua, who with a practical and defensive style helps all his muscles and heals the four worlds. In the words of Manny Robles, Ruiz’s trainer, the pig was totally predictable. “It does not matter what the revenge is, but as it turns out to be the first. As an intern, I do not know what to do: I am in high school because I do not depend on Andy. Me lo traje a Guadalajara con la idea de alejarlo del desmadrepero yo no lo vi en tres meses ”, contó Robles.

“After the world champion won the race, the night owl and the car screw, millions of dollars, the fame, the party.

Working hard and with the final laboratory relationship with Robles, Ruiz refuses to work with the best trainers in the world in the last three years: Eddy Reynoso, leader of Canelo Team. With the embargo, between 2020 and now from 2022, Andy has realized a goal: against corruption Chris Arreola, which are superior to decision in a combination of emotions. It’s the balance sheet with Reynoso, but this week confirms the rupture between them. The world champion now trabajará with Rafael Osuna.

Andy Ruiz’s close-up is a point of influence in his career. It can be the end of all or the regression of stereotyping that apenas pudo diffrutar. Luis “King Kong” Ortiz llevaba mucho timo llamando a Andy. La reyerta, por fin, tendrá lugar el próximo 4 de septiembre. At three distances, The Destructor as the taste of porting sombreros charros, and listening to the anthem of González Bocanegra ante de subir al ring, is the ultimate train train. Ortiz, sin embargo, tiene todo para entrare de por vida el organullo del ídolo efímero.


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