Angela Aguilar և Gusi Lau. What can happen to them after an argument with their romance?

The couple was evaluated in different areas (Photo: Instagram @ gussylauv)
The couple was evaluated in different areas (Photo: Instagram @ gussylauv)

It leaked a few days ago Love photos of Angela Aguilar և Gassi Lowe kissingAlmost immediately, the images spread viral, causing the flirtation to be evaluated and analyzed on all social networks.

In the midst of a scandal The difference between 15-year-olds between the two the possibility of secrecyThe Mexican regional composer confirmed his love affair with the singer, he in turn published a video where: I know said extremely violated for photo sharing.

This opened up many possibilities and signs of what might happen to the couple, some of which happened manipulated since Comments on social networks It: by entertainers Others saw Angela Aguilar’s recording in which she said she had “violated her choice of privacy.”

This was the photo that unleashed everything (Photo: Twitter)
This was the photo that unleashed everything (Photo: Twitter)

Angela would end her relationship to “protect” her family

In his video. Angela Aguilar started a number of strong expressions. It should be noted that he made it clear that he had not made a decision, but the way he expressed his position on the photos raised some doubts about the person who leaked the images from the beginning.

Angela Aguilar hurt և angry over this privacy breach (Photo: Instagram / angela_aguilar_)
Angela Aguilar hurt և angry over this privacy breach (Photo: Instagram / angela_aguilar_)

“Some photos are circulating, with which I do not agree to be published … I feel trampledI feel violated by the possibility of having my own privacy “was the phrase that made many people think about it Gassi himself would share the photos, matching option Patty Chapoy.

Angela Aguilar, on the other hand, said that if she felt betrayed by her family background, she would have to focus professionally to get out of the situation. “I’m sure he will cut it”commented one of his followers.

The daughter of a particular singer Pepe Aguilar և Aneliz Alvarez-Alcala He mentioned that he will return to his roots to understand that she is still the girl who sings.

Angela Aguilar said that she feels that her privacy has been violated, as some photos have been leaked Video: Instagram / @ angela_aguilar_

“I am going to return to my origin, to be surrounded by my family, my parents “… My grandmother (Flor Silvestre), my family does not deserve it,” he said in his Instagram video.

He made it clear that he would rather approach the song than continue to spend time on this contradiction. “I have to focus on my music as I speak “… my heart hurts, but I know who I am,” he explained.

Although she did not specify whether she meant asking Gassi for distance during the relationship, the 18-year-old singer mentioned that she will dedicate the season to thinking. “If I have not made any decision, I will take some time to re-evaluate.” explained, so there is a possibility that he will temporarily stop flirting.

Their family will try to restore the secrecy of Angela և Gassi as a couple

Angela և Gassi wanted to keep their relationship a secret (Photo: Instagram / @angela_aguilar / @ Gussylau)
Angela և Gassi wanted to keep their relationship a secret (Photo: Instagram / @angela_aguilar / @ Gussylau)

In a brief statement, Gassi confirmed that Angela Aguilar’s family had agreed to a relationship with him. “Pepe agrees, Aneliz knows that tooMy parents already know him, “Everyone already knows each other.”he mentioned.

This expression may mean that the singer’s parents will focus on respecting their daughter’s decision, which could indicate another factor. Pepe Aguilar.

The singer made a live broadcast on his Instagram page and reacted angrily to the dispute. «The media և The people are now circulating a lot of gossip»– stated the artist.

Pepe Aguilar refuses to orientate in daughter's relationship (Photo: pepeaguilar_oficial)
Pepe Aguilar refuses to orientate in daughter’s relationship (Photo: pepeaguilar_oficial)

In this way he broke the expectation that his audience had about a possible reaction to the relationship between Gusii and Angela. Pepe Aguilar mentioned this later Many “gossips” came to see him live At first, because they believed that he would say more about it, but he said that would not be the case.

Gassin և Angela Aguilar will keep their relationship public

The first to confirm the romance was the producer of songs sung by the Aguilar family.

The actor explained that the photos were published because of a friend

«A lot of things started coming out, slander, stupidity, because we were together […] We started meeting a few weeks ago. Pepe agrees, Anelis knows that too, my parents already know him, everyone knows each other. Until then, everything was private, until a pink * screenshot: “My friend took it,” said Gassi Lowe.

Thus, there is still a possibility that the couple will continue to flourish in their romance, but will learn to accept that it is no longer a personal matter.


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