Another “Fake News” front between Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine accuses Russia of war crimes in its invasion and has presented as evidence cases such as the attack on a maternity hospital in Mariupol or the Busha massacre. Vladimir Putin’s government claims that fake news and “Ukrainian propaganda” are obstructing ceasefire negotiations.

If there is usually confusion in war, then in that war started by Russia in Ukraine there are a number of unsubstantiated accounts and accusations that those seeking information about the conflict end up being more confused than they started.

It’s not just about social networks, where not just in case Ukraine, but on any important event, from earthquake to coup, videos and false information are usually uploaded, but from groups linked to the Russian and Ukrainian governments on Telegram, where data of at least dubious origin have been posted. It is a propaganda war that is added to the war on land.

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After the invasion began, on February 24, a video was posted showing Ukraine shooting down a Russian fighter jet. But websites dedicated to verifying the authenticity of the news showed that a plane was shot down in Libya in 2011.

on Facebook and tik tok, Unverified users, or in some cases linked to Russian government accounts, released excerpts from a recording of Ukrainian representatives made in 2020, but claimed it was evidence that the attacks Ukraine claimed were nothing more than a “setup”.

One of the most dramatic and symbolic moments of the war was the attack on the maternity hospital in Mariupol, which took place on March 9. Pictures of pregnant women leaving the scene injured have sparked international outrage. The Russian government initially denied that it had attacked the place, and when a photo of one of the pregnant women spread, blogger Marianna Vyshegerskaya confirmed that it was the actress who simply represented the attack. Then he said that motherhood was not, but the base of operations of Ukrainian nationalists.

Videos of Associated Press reporters who arrived at the scene showed that it was actually working as a maternity ward. They even spoke to Mariana and followed the case until the birth of her child. Recently, Mariana has re-emerged to express her doubts about whether it was a missile attack, adding to the confusion about the matter, although AP reporters, as well as testimonies from other people, reported that they saw the planes going by and heard the roar of their launch. missiles.

Ukraine accuses Russian soldiers of torturing civilians and wanting to dispose of their bodies by burning them. Russia accuses Ukrainian soldiers of torture and violence against detained Russian soldiers. Information is hard to prove, but it’s not the point: to sow doubt suffices.

The last event that gave way to bickering was the massacre clamorUkraine accuses Russia. The Russians insist they are not attacking civilians. The Kremlin asserts that the photos provided by Volodymyr Zelensky’s government are a montage and claims to have videos showing that while Russian forces were in that city and other Kyiv’s surroundings, there were no bodies on the streets, as the photos show. “They planted,” he says.

Russian TV channels have shown purported videos showing the bodies moving, and confirming that they are photos taken in Bucha. They laugh at “the dead are coming back”. Once again, it was websites dedicated to checking information, such as Maldito Hoax, Newtral, Fact Check Explorer and AFP Factual, that showed these videos to be false.

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. Satellite Images Maxar Technology They showed that the bodies were left in the streets of Bucha for weeks in conjunction with the presence of Russian forces.

Agency reporters such as AP They checked the conditions at where I was left, but that didn’t stop the Russian media from publishing their own version and blaming Ukrainians for the mass murders, asserting that nationalists kill everyone they consider “traitors.” Russia’s blockade of foreign media and increasingly restrictive “disinformation” laws make it easier to disseminate propaganda.

On the Ukrainian side, too, like videos that show soldiers feeding captured Russian soldiers, regret the invasion, and accuse the government of leading them into a war they don’t want to enter. The big difference is that on the Ukrainian side, and in other parts of the world, there are many means of verifying information. They have no choice Russians.

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