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The Antarctic glaciers are moving at a rate of 5 miles to 500 meters, derived from the global calendar.
The Antarctic icebergs are moving at a pace of 5 miles 500 feet. Photo: Getty Images / Illustrativa

Los Antarctic glaciers you want a rhythm at a speed of 5 mil 500 years, derived from calentamiento global and you are contributing to that the level of the sea is 3.4 meters in the adjacent loopsis a leading study at the University of Maine, British Antarctic Survey and academics at Imperial College London.

The studio in the middle of the local sea level exchange rate, one indirect form of medil the curtain of honeyalrededor de los Thwaites and Pine Island glaciers particularly vulnerables. Specialists unsubscribe that ambos glaciares have the potential to cause great results in the global sea level.

The co-author, Dr. Dylan Roodthe Department of Science and Engineering of the Imperial Land, affirm that it is vulnerable glaciers (of 192 miles and 162 miles 300 square kilometers respectively) relatively stable winds lasting the last millennium, while the current amount of retrograde is accelerated.

“These currents of elevating the flow of honey can indicate that the vital arteries of the coil of the Occidental Antelope’s cap are rotating, flowing in an accelerating flow across the ocean that is potentially flattened before the future. take in a world that is hot. ¿Es así? demarded for the detener el sangrado? ”

Ran How come the glaciers need more than five miles?

The article is published in Nature Geoscience a mensual science magazine that is reviewed by Nature Publishing Group. In the text, it follows that it lasted during the Holocene medieval period (more than 5 miles away), the climate was more solid than at the moment, but at the same time, the levels of the sea are higher and higher. glaciares more pequeños.

The investigators querían observe las fluctuations at sea level from the media of Holoceno and study the rest of the antique antique games, which are raised by the level of the modern sea.

Exam Who exams to test the direction of the glazes?

Examine sailors and penguin hunts in these games using radiocarbon datingtechnique that uses the radioactive decomposition of carbon encapsulated in cascades and hues “how to act” to keep the time permanently above the level of the sea.

Describe who commands the glacier pesados to assist the tierra, try to hajia abajo or “cargan” the surface of the Tierra. Después que que elelo de los glaciares se derrite, the “reboot” terrain of the mode that lo alguna vez fue una playa ahora is more alto that the level of the sea.

“It is explicit because the local level of the sea is about to be lowered, so that globally the water will direct the heat of the sea that the global levels of the sea will subside.”

To see the exact number of these games, the pudding specialists know how to make every beach app, but at the same time, reconstruct the boxes in the local sea level o relativo a lo largo del timepo.

The results show a constant velocity at the relative relative level of the ultimate current 5 mil 500 añoswhich investigators interpret as the result of honeycomb justo antes de ese momento. Considering that it is consistent with a component glaciar relatively stable without evidence of curtain or advance glaciares a gran escala.

También samples from the bowl relative level of the sea level from the media of Holoceno era casi cinco veces menor que la medida hoy. The unsubstantiated signs that the most probable difference of one difference is so great is the current curtain of mass of honey in the glaciares.

¿What is the legal conclusion about glaciers?

Compare the results with existing global models of the dynamics between the hielo y la corteza terrestre. Their data show that the models are not represented with precision of the historical background of the instrument level of the sea del área durante el Holoceno medium and late. This studio is designed to include the history of the region.

However, the data do not exclude the possibility of minor fluctuations Thwaites and Pine Island in the last 5 mil 500 añosconcludes that the actual bowl of the retrograde of the glaciaresque has been duplicated in the last 30 years, no tiene precedentes. This is the study you can consult and this is the link.

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