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Hay que prevenir y no lamentar…

Do you live in pandemics and do you have no need to work or exercise at home?

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EIt is not uncommon for the habitats of the City of Mexico (CdMx) and their conurbation zone to have preconceived notions of environmental contingency that are activated in several recent years to ensure the impact that can be achieved on a short and long distance.

“All those who live in the capital of the country feel like we’s pizza pizza, we rdos los ojos, we’s due to the cab, tenemos malestar general, mocos, disnea, etcetera; conform to and increase concentration (contamination), the effects can be attributed to graves “, explicitly Patricia Segura Medina, academician of the Faculty of Medicine and head of the Department of Bronchial Hyperreactivity of the National Institute of Nursing.

The Megalopolis Environmental Commission’s Executive Coordination – the body enclosed to monitor air quality in CdMx – determines that Phase 1 of an Environmental Contingency activates when ozone or PM10 exceeds 150 points per year.

Exposure to large plasma of this type of contaminants is ligated, associated with the specialist, to the control of respiratory infections, cancer, EPOC, neurodegenerative enzymes, depression and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes.

“Prevent and do not allow you to live in pandemic areas and see that you do not have to go to work at any time (when Phase 1 is activated), as one of the best ways to exercise free air haces dentro de tu casa o en un gimnasio ”, added.


Segura Medina suggests CdMx habitats revise the air quality in the air metropolitan area through the Air application, without having to cancel a contingent. The app was designed by Atmospheric Monitor Direction and is available for Android and Apple devices.

The users can be tested in the software what is the Index Air and Salute at the moment, when contaminants are concentrated in the environment, the level of radiation, the candida of UV rays, how to control the situation in different points of the city and the suggestions to contribute to controlling the contingency, además de paliar los daños a la salud.

“It’s very important to use these hermeneutics… as well as consulting where there is traffic and where there is no, review as it goes to the quality of the air and the volume of decisions that do not pongan in rice,” said the investigator.

However, when it comes to mobility, you need to work at a distance and reduce the distance in the car. It is recommended to avoid the use of flavorings, aerosols, paints, impregnators or any product that includes solvents to maintain the temperature of the air inside the baths.

“We generated a lot of steam with the lymphatic components… hay which abused the chlorine, for example, which is highly irritating and toxic. All home heating products have a lot of compost that vaporizes at room temperature. “Bacteria and viruses can be measured, but our cells are also damaged,” he said.

Vulnerable groups

The specialist in Immunotoxicology reveals that the most vulnerable to environmental contamination are babies, pregnant women, adults and all types of people with pre-existing respiratory or cardiovascular diseases.

Other patients who contraceptive Covid-19 in their last few years: His lungs are very throbbing. “If you can avoid being in such a state of atmospheric heat, be careful.”

Filters, an ayuda

Adequate ventilation of internal spaces and each of the major hermeneutics to combat SARS-CoV-2 propagation during the pandemic of the most recent. This actuated activity is an hermeneutic impermeable to keep the temperature of the air in the housings, as well as the use of filters and air purifiers.

“Adequately ventilated valves ayuda and ayuda mucho”, the sentence of the expert in Pharmacology and Pulmonary Toxicology. The filters make a difference “always and when tightening HEPA filters, which have high efficiency – they have arcs of light and water, which are paired with gases -, it is determined that the PM10 particles are partially contaminated puede entrar (a nuestro hogar), podemos estarlo respirando y desarrollar muchas enfermedades ”.

Illustration: Andrés Otero.

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