Antonio ‘Hulk’ Salazar, the exterior of Chivas calcined in the cage of his car

As far as Antonio & # 39; Hulk & # 39;  Salazar does not consolidate & # xf3;  with Chivas, a m & # xe1; s show where Cantera Rojiblanca can generate good footballers.  (Photo: Angel Delgado / / LatinContent via Getty Images)

Since Antonio ‘Hulk’ Salazar did not consolidate with Chivas, a sample more than Cantera Rojiblanca could generate good footballers. (Photo: Angel Delgado / / LatinContent via Getty Images)

With only 33 years left, the former also Chivas of Guadalajara, Antonio ‘Hulk ‘ Salazar, murió trágicamente. Sus rests to be controlled in the cayenne of your car –Un Cavalier blanco del 2018–. In principle, it does not have to be certified to be treated according to the condition of the body, the Jalisco and Family Fiscal confirms graces and genetically proven. This is a success story in history as well one of the most influential in the history of national balloons

The official motives of the child have not yet been confirmed by the authorities, but the following are the following: family report its depreciation from two passages; the 8th of May, vecinos of the Fractional Colin Universidad en Tonalá, Jalisconotifies the authorities of the existence of an abandoned and totally calcined vehicle; the father of al Hulk affirm that it is the car wind of your shadow and that había sido robado ese mismo día; el 10 de mayo es cuando see the body in the cajuela Up to 12 months ago, forensic studios confirmed their identity.

Durante toda su carrera disput & # xf3;  177 matches as professional and brand & # xf3;  24 goals.  (Photo: Angel Delgado / / LatinContent via Getty Images)

Durante all carrera disputed 177 games as a professional and scored 24 goals. (Photo: Angel Delgado / / LatinContent via Getty Images)

Quién era Antonio Hulk Salazar

Delantero de naturaleza, no tan alto como las torres que hoy día se ven, pero sus 1.78 m. always competing against any defender; veloz to the point that it can be depressed as far as it will go without any complication; fuerte y feroz as the iconic character of movies and stories, Hulk. The fact that your whole body is represented represents that Salazar hacked into the cane..

The Chivas cantera always have regular handles of caliber y Antonio Hulk Salazar fue uno de ellos. Pese a que nació en Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipashis formation as a professional footballer here in Guadalajara.

Llegó a Jalisco with the part to be converted into a delater of the first division and to ensure a wide range. Form part of the base fuels Rebaño Sagradoand you can find them with jugadores as well Marco Fabian, Xabier Baéz y Erick Cubo Torres.

Desperate to hear what is in the songbook Campeonísimoyour chance in the Liga MX League in 2007 with only 18 players left. A Classic Against America fue the scenario in which Salazar lives its first minutes in the maximum circuit.

The first consolidation is not easy, because you want to show your strength in affiliate teams. Brilliant actuation in the Copa Chivas from 2008 fue l goder goleador y campeón– the opportunity is greater than in the first division.

The nature of a lethal delater, the goal and which is rapidly controlled in this return. In a game from 2008 in front of Puebla, you set up the legend, Omar Bravoand only 20 seconds in the bastaron camp to mark their first tanto in the Liga MX.

A trajectory of 6 teams

The elite like elite deer does not stand on its feet. Jamás logra consolidated in the conjuncture Rojiblanco as the 9 referents, but what you want to do varies teams. Cabe señalar that its direct competence eran jugadores as Omar Bravo y Javier Chicharito Hernández: destacar así era sumatically complicated.

En 2010 se fue a los extintos Jaguares de Chiapas in preheated calyx in activity bus. Before 2011 an announcement was made about the return of Chivas in two rounds at the second and final stage. In 2012 the new Jaguares were born with a brilliant tampon.

In 2013 he tried his luck in the Ascension League. Arribó a las filas del Altamira FC, and without further ado mark the term marker mismo año. Its next destination is con los Cañeros by Zacatepec, allí permaneció hasta 2014 when deciding to exchange money. Jump to Costa Rica football for defender’s colors Santos de Guápiles. Finally, in 2015, Mexico returned to the south Cimarrones de Sonorasu clubltimo club. Durante all carrera south a total of 177 games and played in 24 positions.

If you do not want to conclude that you are being treated directly by an ex-footballer, the condition in which it is found on your body is a reflection of what is happening in Jalisco.

Do not allow investigations to be carried out by part of the authorities to ensure that they are accurately screened; without embargo, I do not want to hear a word: Jalisco is converted to one of the most violent stages in Mexico. The Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) is assured that it is one in 6 concentrating 50% of their homicides in Mexico registered in the first quarter of 2022.


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