Antonio Labad: “We’s trying to make medicine more humane”

Psychiatrist and neurologist, Antonio Labad, or jubilee, have seen the decisive cambiums in which the violet in the specialty of mental health lasts the second half of the path. On the one hand, psychiatry depends on the provincial diphtheria and hacerlo of Social Security. But then, society is created in the form of community centers. Durante’s trajectory, Labad is located at the Hospital Joan XXIII of Tarragona, at the Institut Pere Mata de Reus of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rovira and Virgili (URV), institutions, are the ultimate, with which the continent is related. From there, at about May 6, in the final act of the course, you will set up the new orphans at the optional level, in a decisive vote by the student prop. Hasta el aoo pasado, Labad fue, asimismo, presidente de la Commissionis deontologica del Collelegi de Metges.

Ó How did psychiatry change?
Totally. All about opening the centers of mental health to the principles of the age of 70. It seems that Pere Mata, with the collaboration of the Deputation of Tarragona, pioneered the creation of these dispensaries in Spain. He first flew to Asturias, later on and only once he left for Barcelona.

Who do you support?
From here we will try to find a place to stay with the families of patients who are incapacitated before being admitted to their homes. We carry tranquility and confusion, as well as a lack of follow-up, assuming a significant reduction in hospitalized nurses in the province. This form is part of the treatment, which is otherwise possible only if medicines are prescribed.

¿Are the medicines the latest necessities?
The doctors are treating the patient. The white or black binary plant is false. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true hospitality comes in. Personally, as the plant plant should be verse in its conjunction, depending on what is being treated, the context of the nurse and the actions should combine psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological aspects.

Qu What are some Tosquelles doctor’s appointments?
Muchas cosas. When Tosquelles died, it was still in his house in France, when we reflected that psychiatry had nothing to do with the difference between medicine and medicine. It has been incorporated into it and it has some good things and no other good things.

«The nunca case is related to a suicide attempt. It is a form of feeling that neutralizes the psychological »

Buena is what forms the medical structure. Pero, ¿qué se ha perdido? The more psychological, more philosophical, more anthropological aspect has passed through a second plan. It’s a little too much to suggest in other specialties. We are constantly exerting effort on what humanistic medicine is doing, whether it is under-emphasis on medical-nurse relations, on-site, on attenuation or compression, whether it is on the other side.

It seems that psychiatry has the best in this respect, as does the historical form.
Historically, when the Sufi nurses determined the crisis, the wind tended to aislarlos to create no problems. But from the French Revolution, the consensus of freedom, equality and fraternity extends to the whole of society, embracing the mental nuances. Se abogó por un trato m humans humano, por hablar con ellos, no por encadenarlos.

Op What is the opinion about electrochemical therapy?
Currently access to medical practice alumni and more explicit statements that lead to the introduction of electrochemistry into a fundamental importation. No obstant, your fall falls that are prescribed for all. Movies like Alguien fly over the nido del cuco y otras muchas, han querido dejar and evidencia lo mal que se hacía en psiquiatría. Pero como todo, tiene su parte buena.

¿Aún se utilizan?
You are not used and Tosquelles también. Pero in the May of 68 las cosas empezaron a cambiar, sobre todo en Estados Unidos. You can also find it in other clinics, such as Pere Mata or Sant Boi, but not in other places. The condition is that it is consistently hacked in very precise and concrete situations, as well as in biological depressions or catatonic frames. Asymmetry, exchanging the form of hacerlos, with a propio protocol.

We are in the era of depression. But, what is it?
It’s a very complicated topic. It is a symptom of sadness, it is disillusioned, blocked, of no interest at all. But the origin can be completely different. Everywhere you look, you can hear a duel over the curtain of a workhorse, but a rupture, the curtain of a locker room, a company animal … and produce a vacancy. Without embargo, only one time will be reserved. Other modes of depression include genetically or biologically, but not with internal aspects.

É Who can decide on a hair with a shadow, normally adolescent, that is self-sustaining?
Before deciding, you have to listen. When you consult with a self-employed person, the first thing that comes to mind is that you can hack and talk, but in the most incisive sense of the word, or that there are people who decide to have a spare by compressing. Sanitation must intentionally convey the context in which it is produced. Because all security is not resolved with a pharmacological treatment, it intentionally rehearses points that are rotated in the anus of these persons to pull a screw. Self-cleaning case nunca is related to a suicide attempt, but is a form of feeling a skin cap to neutralize the psychological, the most profound.

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