Anuncian vacations in Germany for Oaxaca doctors

  • Anuncian vacations in Germany for Oaxaca doctors and nurses with a total of 57 miles.
  • The detailed organization that takes you and your interests to the Oaxaca Cultural Center and Conventions (CCCO), between 9:00 and 15:00.
  • Knowing that in Mexico, nursing staff is not valued and is now an opportunity to unwind and create professional form.

El Gobierno del Estado a drawings of the Coordination of the National Service of Empleo Oaxaca (CSNEO), incorporating reclining for the vacancy of doctors and nursesfrom the Federal Agency for Trabajo in Germany “Bundesagentur Für Arbeit – Das Bringt Mich Weiter”, and representatives of hospitals from this country.

The detailed organism that debs and their interests deberán acudir al Oaxaca Cultural Center and Conventions (CCCO), from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., presenting your title and professional schedule, provided you have access to travel through a selection of up to 120 plazas on offer.

The selected tenders cost 57 million pesos per month, thanks to other benefits.

I Who can participate?

Oaxaca’s medical and nursing staff search volume, with schedule and specialization in quirófano urgencyademás de pediatricians and anesthesiologistspoints out Mildret Hilaria Sánchez Franco, head of the department of the National Service of Empleo, and Mar Raa Raquel Mondragón Calvo, head of the External Mobilization and recruitment department.

Place of work, number of vacancies and vacancies

The staff of salud trabajaría in the clinics in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, de la Universidad de Salzburgo, donde tienen 60 vacantes.

  • The plaza tends to be a mensual net of 57 miles.
  • You pay for the flights and the visa of the doctors who are recruited, people, tend to a course with about three months to go to Germany.
  • News of homologation of documents, indefinite contract, lease payments and economic benefits to be established in the region.

Germany points out that in Mexico the doctors did not approve

Responsive to the affirmative action program that Europeans, especially Germans, come with ojos ojos and the medical professionals outstanding from public universities for your experience. In particular, there are a number of workers who have laboratory experience in rural areas.

“Concerned about the quality and workmanship of the oxen.”

Functions detailing what is being recovered are realized in other stages like Chiapas, Puebla, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Colima and Chihuahua. By the way, negaron that in contracts there is the possibility of algae type of womanas the program is advanced by the Federal Colloquial Society and the Greater Germany, by the company of a convenience with Mexico.

In fact, Leslie Valencia, director of the Statistical Service Center, said that the recruitment of doctors and nurses for public and selection purposes in the headquarters of the Center for Conventions, where they conduct the interviews of the aspirants. Some of the aspirants claim that the process “is a task that we are willing to do, but it is a great opportunity to get a good deal”.

Indicates that, in Mexico, medical professionals are not valued or valued.

“Considering that, following the pandemic caused by covid-19, doctors and nurses were devalued over the course of our lives,” said Samuel Cruz, a medical student at Benito Juárez de Oaxaca Autonomous University.

Coincidió the extreme nurse from the Universidad Regional del Sureste, Miriam Mayren Vilar, to affirm that “In Mexico, it does not matter to the nursing staff and it is a good opportunity to get out of work and get into professional training.”

For more information, call (951) 501 50 00 extensions 12543 and 12911 available online or at the following address:; where you specialize in loading dudas and plantations of the population.

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