“Apostle Ferrari y Leclerc es perder”

      Bernie Ecclestone when it comes to the fact that since then it has not been within the F1 world can be ligated to it. Your opinion is valid, we do not have to listen or accept, but the British haggling to declare, the paddock is trying to say what. Ecclestone confiaba en Ferrari for flight and victory, and in Leclerc for the Mercedes-Red Bull hegemony, but after the new carreras and how Maranello will be able to conquer the other world title.

      Post a ganador horse, and not the Ferrari logo

      Expectations existed as part of the English magnate that the Italians were looking for more than a decade and the media were desperate to win the Ultimate Pilot World Cup. Pintaba bien al ganar en Baréin y Australia con Leclerc. Because of the victories, the Red Bulls resisted and the Red Bulls were tempted to fly completely with the Victorian chain in the last three carriers.

      “As soon as possible, I hope that Ferrari will want to sabotage the speed of the decadent and desperate media. Unfortunate, tengo que decirles a las persons si sigenen apostando dinero en Ferrari o en Leclerc que acabarán saliendo con las manos vacíascommented on Blick.

      And what is the brand of energy babies leading with condensation ambos camping and Max Verstappen only a difference of 49 points in Leclerc. This situation is what provoked in Ecclestone not to confuse more with Ferrari and cree that 2022 series other title in white.

      It should be noted that the monoplases fly as far as anteriorly and provoke that the pilots are insecure even at the end of the carriage. The most common mistakes. The fidelity that we are riding in action algae keeps track of school flights, in which pilots do not establish the safety of all on the track. “apunta.

      Each one has more than clear that Verstappen revalidates its title. “At the moment, Max lo tiene todo de cara en su Red Bull y ya lleva seis victorias “has finalized Ecclestone.

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