Applied genomics in oncology, the key to accurate medicine

Update your knowledge accurate medicine In the field of oncology, its implementation was the goal VIII National Symposium on Applied Genomics in Oncology was held in Madrid. The forum, which brought together doctors and experts Pathological anatomy ոլ molecular biology across the country, has become the subject of discussion as to greater knowledge Molecular data Each patient can change the therapeutic approach on a daily basis.

Throughout the day, that: Progress և Challengesboth scientists and bureaucraticcolliding with precise medicine, projecting a slide of the current state of oncological genomics.

The inauguration was carried out by the organizers. Henry the GreatHead of the Department of Oncology MD Anderson Cancer Center Y: Jaume Capdila, oncologist Hospital Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology և Teknon Institute of Oncology, whose guest was Cristobal Belda.

VIII National Symposium on Applied Genomics in Oncology, held in Madrid.

The director of the Charles III Institute of Health (ISCIII) emphasized that there is a long way to go in doing science, he wanted to emphasize that it should be: implementation science. Belda prioritizes bridging the gap between the high level of tools used in scientific practice and their actual use in target patients. To do this, he recalled the creation of the project three years ago Effectwhose ultimate goal is to reduce this gap.

Science և technology – precision medicine infrastructure, Effect

Effect Its mission is to establish pillars to facilitate the effective deployment of accurate medicine in Armenia National health systemproviding: Scientific and technical quality, justice և efficiency in the use of available scientific resources to address the needs of citizens.

This year the third bell opens և, according to Belda’s forecasts, it will be in close quantity € 150 million. Similarly, he pointed out the three pillars on which this program is based. groups that allow you to access a predictive drug և data column to store and count with.

“When we get to the door of our service portfolio we speak different languages“We must try to ensure that they have all the necessary information to be able to make a decision. We must generate that information in terms of biomarkers with scientific knowledge, that is IMPaCT,” said the director. ISCIII:

Same purpose, different languages

Belda stressed the need translate scientific language into administrative language. “Our portfolio management partners asked us for scientific advice on the introduction of genetics as a diagnostic tool. We had to do a much-needed translation exercise.” He stressed the responsibility that scientists themselves make to make it possible for all progress to reach the public as soon as possible. In order to bridge the gap between the scientific world and the administrative world, the director of ISCIII considers it necessary to include directors from the world of science. «There are times when it is necessary to stop taking cisplatin և start reading royal decrees; “Many of us take that step at some point in our lives,” he added.

Christopher Belda He pointed out the need to translate the scientific language into administrative. “When we get to the door of our service portfolio we speak different languages“We must try to ensure that they have all the necessary information to be able to make a decision,” he said. That’s why it’s essential Involvement of directors from the world of science.

The most innovative features of cancer research

During the event, a table was dedicated to new developments in the field of oncology research. CRISPR: was the first to appear. Sandra RodriguezNational Cancer Research Center (CNIO:) was responsible for this explanation Gene editing therapy which uses some guidelines և enzyme (Cas9:) target selected segments of DNA և cut. This way the ends can be glued, the gene deactivated or inserted into DNA templates.

Rodriguez stressed the potential of this revolutionary system, but he also wanted to warn that there is still years of clinical work to be done to reduce it. the impact is beyond the target that is, unwanted mutations.

The second shift was number one Mariano BarbassidMolecular oncologist j CNIO:who discovered the exact cure և agnostic tumors, in which case the mutation determines which type of drug to use, regardless of the other features. Similarly, he reviewed current targeted therapies, emphasizing the vital importance of molecular diagnosis of cancer.

Barbasid believes that the future of cancer treatment lies in drug combinations, or that he warns of limitations due to toxicity. He notes that “the treatment of the tumor through Optional drug combinations It will succeed, but it will cost a lot. “

He was the last speaker at the table Luis Alvarez ValinaImmunological Service October Twelve Hospitalswho discovered BITE technologythe use of biocompatible antibodies as an effective tool for achieving immunomodulation.

Availability of new technologies

Titled in the second table “Accessibility of new technologies, evaluation of their usefulness in everyday practice”intervened Elena Casaus. Regional Strategy Coordinator Advanced therapy of the Madrid community has reviewed the necessary milestones or stages that the drug must go through to resolve its availability.

Similarly, it provided data five drugs that there is Advanced Therapy in our country right now. In particular, two of them are CAR-T therapies, the other – therapy cell therapy, and the rest is gene therapyone for spinal muscular atrophy; one for retinal dystrophy. He also informed that there are four other CAR-T therapies, two of which are located at the gates of the national market.

Cassaus wanted to remind us that these are wonderful therapies economic impactbut it must be borne in mind that they belong to one administration and “if a payment results agreement“As is done in many cases, the economic impact is minimized,” he said.

At the end of 2018, the Community of Madrid developed a regional strategy for advanced therapy, which is mainly focused on care. In the enhanced therapy section, for each drug, a Management plan: prepared by experts.

CAR-T therapy in the community of Madrid

This is one of the plans in which the Madrid region has the greatest experience CAR-T therapyabout which Casaus wanted to provide the latest information.

“We have been registering patients for more than three years. Because it was implemented 171 applications were processed Treatment with CAR-T therapies. They are not just patients from the community, they are 26% are from other regions. “In 2021, the number of surveys has increased by 65% ​​compared to 2019,” said the Madrid coordinator of the Regional Strategy for Advanced Therapy.

“During three years, 171 applications of CAR-T therapy have been developed in the region, 26% of which are from other regions. Only 99 of them received treatment “

Elena CasauCoordinator of the Regional Strategy for Advanced Therapy in the Community of Madrid

There is a specialized center for this type of treatment for adults in Madrid Grigory Maranowhile for pediatrics it is mentioned Jesus Hospital and Children’s Peace Hospital.

Cassaus stressed that “three out of every four polls match Patients diagnosed with lymphoma It was one of the total number of patients aged 60 years who received therapy infuse the treatment only at 99«. There are several reasons why patients do not have time to infuse, it may be due to: clinical deterioration or production failure. These figures are still lower than the estimates of the Spanish Hematology Association (SEHH) in 2018, which are attributed to the transition to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Overload of regional budgets

Eduardo Barroso, Speaker of the PP in the Senate

Included during the discussion of topics Eduardo Rabosowho wanted to convey the current reality Biomarker law“Nothing is presented right now,” he said. It: Senate Speaker of the People’s Party in the Senaterudely stated that “Now we have to talk about money, or it will be the most serious constraint we have on the development of these therapies. We see it now, we will see it in a very meaningful short-term perspective. “

“Now we have to talk about money, otherwise it will be the most serious constraint we have for the development of these therapies.”

Eduardo RabosoDoctor և PP Speaker in the Senate

According to Raboso. Head of ENT Surgery at La Princesa Hospital և MD Anderson Hospital ք ENT և Head և Neck SurgeryThe Senate has put the issue on the table biomarkers. The upper house health commission has called on the government to establish a national policy to ensure that patients with different autonomies benefit from this type of therapy. However, he assures that the Executive “has not taken a step yet.” “I do not see him in a position to review funding so that these treatments are widely and intensively included in the Health portfolio.”

In addition, he warned of the possible consequences of the lack of this funding, claiming that “national strategies are the responsibility of the ministry, the size. biomarkers What is being developed is amazing, և, therefore, the organizational effort must be at the national level. If not, we can end a a regional overload that has no place in the normal budgeting of the health care system. ”

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