Archaeologists find that fossil caves in human evolution

(CNN) – A decentralized dentist in Laos is writing and deciphering a discredited chapter in the history of humanity.Investigators believe that this young man claims to be living with 130,000 people and probably the era of the denizens, an enigmatic group of primitive humans identified as early as 2010.

The lower molar is the first fossil record that it kills its denizens in the most useful and able-bodied way to design and decompose a rhombus that has been preoccupied with enduring much of the time of human evolution experts.

The first definitive fossils of Denisovano are found in the north of Asia, in the same denomination of Denisova in the Altai of Siberia, in Russia. Genetic evidence, such as embargo, vincula, and human archaea, is more likely to be found in places like the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.

“It is demonstrated that these denunciations are likely to be present in Asia. And the results of geneticists who say that modern humans and denizens have been hacked into the Asian population,” said the author. in paleoanthropology at CNRS, the National Center for Scientific Investigations of France and the University of Bourdain.

Archaeologists explore the area in a rainy place like Cueva Cobra, 260 kilometers (160 miles) north of the capital Laos, Vientiane, which will be excavated in 2018.

The study, published in the journal Nature Communications on Tuesday, estimates that the molar is only between 131,000 and 164,000 years old, based on cube sediment analysis, the database of three animal species found in the cap mass and age the rock that recovers the fossil.

The book focuses on a man in Laos and pertaining to a woman who lives with 131,000 people.

“The teeth are like the black tea of ​​an individual. Conserve a lot of information about life and biology. Paleoanthropologists are always used to describe, specify, or distinguish between specimens. “As for our paleoanthropologists (dentists), their files are very useful,” said Zanolli.

Comparison with human archetypes

Investigators have compared cascades and toothpicks with other fossilized scientists and archetypal and decomposing humans that do not mate with those scientists known as Homo sapiens or Homo erectus, an archaic human being who is the first to rule found in all of Asia.

Halazgo de la cueva se parecía más a un dente found in a mandible of a denisovano found in the tibetan meseta in the condom of Xiahe, in the province of Gansu, China. The authors argue that it was possible, even with probable men, that powder could contain a Neanderthal.

“Work in the same way as you do by dancing between montages. And the organization of these montages and dances is very typical of a specialty,” Zanolli explained.

The analysis of the protein algae in the enamel of the patient suggests that it is claimed by a woman.

The DNA of the denizens is still alive and well in human beings, except that the youngest Homo sapiens interfere with the denizens, destroying sexual relations with children and killing babies, just as geneticists llaman mezcla. This means that we can trace back to human history by analyzing current genetic data.

Considering that the “mezcla” ocurrió hace more than 50,000 years, when modern humans can compete in Africa and probably contend with Neanderthals and denizens. However, it is precisely the succession of different results, especially in the case of denos.

¿Definitely denizovano?

The first addition to the register of hominid fossils from Asia is an exciting piece of news by Katerina Douka, Assistant Professor of Archaeological Sciences in the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Vienna. Ella did not participate in the investigation.

It is said that the hubiera gustado ver “more and more amplitude of evidence” than that the present day was definitively denounced.

“There is a series of suppositories that the authors accept to confirm that they are treating a denounced fossil,” he added.

“The reality is that we do not have to worry about being unique and conservatively claiming to be actually a denizens, a hybrid or an inconsistent group of hominids. serial genial eso? Pero se necesita evidencia m confs confiable “, concluye.

To consider that the Laotian’s denisovano is, the investigators of this studio are basing themselves in a large median in comparison with the mandate of Xiahe, said Douka. The embargo, on the other hand, because a lot of pensaban that wind denisovano, no wind a case cerrado. No DNA recovered from the fossilized mandible, only evidence of “delgada” protein aggregation.

“Anyone who works in this group of hominids, because there are so many important questions, that add new points to the map. “As an embargo, solid biomolecular data files significantly reduce the impact of this new halal and is a recorder of the difference that is required in the tropics.”

Es difícil sacar DNA de ese clima

The authors of the study argue that the plane intentionally extracts DNA against the tooth, which, of course, is proportionate to the most definite answer, because the climate has the potential to lead to a remote possibility.

The investigation team continued to excavate the site after a pause due to the pandemic, with the expectation of more disruptive human antiquities arriving in the area.

“This is an internal type, DNA is not conserved, but it can be found everywhere,” said study co-author Fabrice Demeter, assistant professor at the Lundbeck Foundation for GeoGenetics in Denmark.

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