Ardem Patapoutian, el científico del tacto y el dolor

Después de que unos milicianos lo retuvieran durante horas y amenazaran con dispararle, Ardem Patapoutian (Beirut, Líbano; 1967) huyó de la guerra civil en su país. He was 18 years old when his family sent him to the United States with two thousand dollars in his pocket and a student visa. Se formó como molecular biologist y neurocientifico.

He currently directs his own laboratory at the Scripps Research Institute (California). Patapoutian investigates the sense of touch, which encompasses the perception of pressure, temperature and pain. He identified the molecule that transmits these sensations to the nervous system, a finding that won him the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2021. A year earlier he received the Frontiers of Knowledge Prize from the BBVA Foundation.

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