Are the current gymnasiums in Antigua, Greece?

Mens sana in corpore sano is an expression that repeats itself away from the history that retroactively deactivates it in the classic world. Although the poet Juvenal describes this phrase with another sentiment (the need to schedule a balanced spirit in a balanced body), we use it to make reference to the consonant effect of physical exercise only with little or no benefit. .

In Greece antigua the great philosophers advocated an Armenian education and complete civility, which emphasized its physical and mental faculties: “the gymnasium for the body and the music for the alma”, said Plato. It is of interest for an explicitly integrated integral formation to the evolution that the experimented Greek version was converted into an authentic “school”.

When I entered a gymnasium there was no obvious result in the account of the first surgeons in classical Greece and including their derivative number.

El deporte era salud en Greece

The grammar word procedure is the Greek term gymnós, which means “naked”, means that high school is the activity that is done naked. The historian Thucydides and the philosopher Plato confirm that the Greeks, the difference between others, the first to practice physical exertion in the public domain.

It’s in ancient Greece, which is what we owe to the current western civilization, which, for the first time, has not been found with a specific version dedicated to the practice of physical exercise.

Además of the literal points, which describe the desolation of different sports activities, contaminated with gray ceramics (fforas, craters, vases…), in which they represent the nude athletes practicing a variety of things, including jabalinas, longitude jump, pancreas, pugilato, pentatlón or hípica). It’s very curious to see, the middle of the athletes are completely naked, the interns apparel vested and with beard, dando asu prueba de su madurez y sabiduría.

Pentatlón scene from Antigua Greece, with jabalina launchers. The first figure is made up of jabalina in the door, so that the third is close to the other. Rednfora de alrededor del año 525 aec
Museo Británico / Wikimedia Commons

This ceramic is also used to inform the objects that are used in the gymnasiums for the practice of sports, discs, alleys, stretchers for rolling the floor, etc.

It is entertaining in the gymnasiums because it is motivated by the participation in the deportivist certificates or supplements to train in the form and cultivate the salutation. The Greeks are conscious of the fact that the practice of physical exercise favors the physical and mental health of the citizens. Originally intended for harassment and harassment, however, the physics practically only existed in Athens, and deportation is valued only because it is a formative element.

Mosaic of the Platinum Academy in Pompeii.
Wikimedia Commons

It is a public institution, built in principle for military instruction, one after the other being locked in a center of intellectual screws, not only physical training. For example, the place where Plato used to conform his philosophy to a high school, famous Academia.

The evolution of the type of education in Greece antigua left the transformation of the gymnasiums. From part IV to try to build in the center of the city and find what you are looking for. It is an indication that the number of young people who attend high school and who search for their moments of excitement with deportation and intellectual activity does not increase, but only for military activity.

É Which dependencies are only a Greek gymnasium?

Archaeological excavations have been carried out by a large number of buildings scattered throughout the eastern Mediterranean and throughout the regions of Asia where the Greeks live. The rest inform us of how the wind blew on the plant, its different stages, its artistic decoration.

Un pedotriba represented in the gymnasium.
Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY

In high school, you support the figure of the trainer, pedotriba y el ejercicio de la lucha (pair). The original significance of paidotribes is “the one who exerts himself (paîs) ”, After applying to all persons, without any intention of being young. The Greek term trumpetwhich is carried out in contexts of artesian work, reference is made to that the gutter, hot, malleable body and skins of its exhaust, as the artisans do with the hierro.

Spacing account with a restaurant (apodyterion), a bath (loutron) and a position to give the body to the body to train (aleipterion). Existence of a specific room for the training of the pigeons (sphairisterion), with bags to train with dogs.

All these apartments are located on a lathe on an arena patio – the gym, “where to play” – where athletes compete. Los pedotribas they start directing the light, stabilizing the most appropriate exercises, and separating the competitors.

The main storage areas, provided by a place dedicated to the practice of sports, have a conference room (exedra). This room is amplified by time, which indicates the importation that absorbs intellectual activity in the formation of the citizen and, as a whole, in the configuration of the gymnasium. All musicians, poets, philosophers are allowed to conceive their arts.

The gymnasium is equipped with an external part, a free air track (we dream) to straighten, spacing with spark plugs (peripátos) and other areas lined with doors.

The gym of Delphi is part of the gymnasium of the sanctuary of Delphi, in Greece.
Luarvick / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA

An actual gymnasium is a different kind, centered only on the entrails of the body, which is supposed to preserve the interests by holding it in shape for its reasonable benefits.

The embargo, in various European countries, especially in the Germanic tradition, must be used in the name of Gymnasium to refer to media or bachelor’s degree centers, similar to an Institute or Lyceum. It is an educational institution that is spiritually inspired by the ancient Greece to form the body and the mind to achieve a complete citizen.

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