Are you in Antarctica, on the internet, and counting penguins? ONG te pagaría 2 mil dólares mensuales

An ONG of the United Kingdom commented on the search for four new collaborators to incorporate a project that lives in Antarctica. Según indicates the traces of the social networks and the web page, while inviting their followers to the sum of the “great opportunity”, the possible postulants become passionate about their labs. ¿Cuánto ganarán? 2 million dollar dollars.

Se trata de UK Antartic Heritage Trush (Ukaht), a fine-tuned organization that depicts Princess Ana and other members of British reality. “We have a great opportunity to have a set of operations, with experience, that a team to lead our programs in Antarctica and browse or operate here in the United Kingdom,” the publication indicates. Selected people are trapped at the base of Isla Goudier, a mile north of the Jougla point in Puerto Lockroy, located in the Palmer archipelago.

In rigor, the persons selected to occupy the cargo deberán quendarse durante cinco meses in Antártida and among the trabajos that deberán realizar is el count and curse of the penguins and other administrative activities.

“It’s a piece of paper passionate about Antarctica and its patrimony protection. Bringing out the demands of remote program administrators, tenders for strategy and ojo for details ”, indicated in the publication that one of the cargoes is serial as Jefe de Operations. There is a maximum time to apply.

The person who sells the selection should install it in the office that has the United Kingdom in Puerto Lockroy. For other reasons, it should be noted that the salad that recovers the person being held with the purse is from 2 mil 200 dollars al mes.

“We have small teams dedicated to Antarctica and the United Kingdom that are working hard for our next operation, preserving our old Antarctic patronage and sharing it with the world. “Whenever we contract a team to direct and administer Puerto Lockroy in Antarctica, we are only temporarily vacant for other specialized positions,” he said in a statement.

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The saloon includes other areas of the office, as well as recycling and attracting tourists who are traveling to the beach, loading the souvenir bag, the museum package that the island and the conservation site have.

When the vacancy falls is on the 25th of April, they will be able to post a four-dimensionally sharp hole in the middle of the abdomen, after which the inscription or the assassination attempt will take place and a new emergency repertoire will be opened. At this time, those interested can use the documents in order to obtain a work visa in order to access the project.

Indicating the office clerk’s office, Vicky Inglis, in an interview with CBC News, Port Lockroy has not yet commented on the basic services. Es decir, no hay luz, calefacción y muchos menos Internet. Además, at the moment of the interview, is aware of these conditions and their postings to avoid surprises at the time of stay in Antártida. “We do not have inodoros and nada de eso, ninguno of the modern people and those who are acostumbrados”, affirms the woman.

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In rigor, the ONG contract between three or three persons to train as base leaders, guarantors and general assistants, with their seats rotating around the right time. If the installations for the United Kingdom are completed and completed, you will not be able to load the necessary trimmings to access the complete.

“At the interview stage the pedigree is proportional to the documentation to demonstrate its direction and work [en el Reino Unido]”that can include passports, indefinite residence permit, visas or any other documents of apoyo”, indicates.

Those who are interested in traveling to a future in Antarctica can use the postal link and follow the link from the ONG: Ukaht (UK Antartic Heritage Trust), where they are permanently following the novels and projects that are currently being implemented in Isla.

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