Ari Borovoy and the Hypocrisy of Criticizing Artists Who Want to Be Politicians

Ari Borovoy held a press conference.  (Media and Media / Getty Images)

Ari Borovoy held a press conference. (Media and Media / Getty Images)

Ari Borovoy which incurs into politics as a diphthong. Click here to post a comment on Twitter and drop the bombshell. “Container for input is here. How to represent you as a citizen, only to be accounted for. Any like, any positive or negative comment, every message that shares a pass to consolidate our meta juntas ”says the singer in a video. There is no specific series on which part does not block the entity that the bus represents, but does not fit. The juice is instantaneous.

Even if we are not acostumbrados, it is a type of candidacy that always has the same layers. It seems that the posting of a celebrity is the pinnacle of political policy. As if there were no sufficient motives for rubricating the political class that we have tense in this country, but the verdict is the same: the “verdict” politicians, who have decades of degrees and diplomas in order to get to the sky, are not precisely characterized hacer sophisticated politics. Á What is the problem with having an artist posting a public cargo?

What is fashionable. Yes, it is. Is it new? No, for the last ten years or so it is more normal for celebrities to have their mouths peeled off the peak or mosquito of politics. Cantants, actors, exfutbolistas, bailarines. Hay de todo, sí. ¿Is there anything you can expect? No. A singer, in this case Ari, does not have the right to use or as a condenser by a diphthong, which for this has cargo public. Pú-bli-cos. And the reason is as simple as this, but in politics there is always the fact that it does not require major explanations.

Political analysts, for example, only want to know what is going on. It’s very normal, but it’s just a matter of time before you find the tools you need at Cambridge University. By the way, the beacons of Mexican democracy are compounded by their quota of indignation in a forum of preference, when posting a column of the type: “The basement of politics”, “Politics and its trivialization” or some variants style.

It is more likely to inflame the critique in these “extra agents” that use the cordiality of the political screw. Why not look at the placenta regressing the ignorance of the water that now hobbies Leviathan de Hobbes and now they legislate. And, by the way, I think it’s a matter of reflection that the censorship that erupts against an ex-footballer is based on the application applicable to the quality of our bodies. ¿What are the exceptional, brilliant and enviable results of the brushes that are prepared to last all your life to occupy a curl?

OV7 was running a power conference at & # xf1; o.  (Adri & # xe1; n Monroy / Medios y Media / Getty Images)

OV7 was running an energy-powered press conference. (Adrián Monroy / Media and Media / Getty Images)

In Borovoy’s case, there is dichotomy, the mode of condenser sentiment, which can not expect much of the algae that tends to stretch the pelvis with its OV7 computers. Do you think, in the personal screw of each hole, there is no history that involves discussions and pleats of any type?

Eventually, extrapolated files of the essay type will be politically unsupported in order to deliver as much as possible potentially, but as soon as they fall apart, they can be found at the point of the party: only to be able to compete. Faithful and faithful, as Alfredo Adam’s successor and many more.

The tendency certainly follows. As it is the best acostumbrarse and tomar al toro por los curnos. It’s time to roll the balls in the wall and accept that all the citizens, whether importing office or professional, have the right to open the door for a public cargobecause it is as if the politics of corpses and diplomats is still very strong.

By the way, one day had to announce all its political intentions, even though todo se trató de una bromaor more of a promotion strategy for your famous show 90’s Pop Tour. Intentionally forming the attenuation of the todos and the manner of fortification begin the hypocrisy with that which is born in Mexico. Because all politicians are perfect, they can only vote for the most part.


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