Arthritis and male fertility, what is your relationship?

This pathology is related to male infertility, erectile dysfunction and insufficient testosterone production.

Varieties of inflammatory proteins that interfere with the associated immune system and inflammatory arthritis, exhibiting a papillary cortex in the regulation of sperm production. Photo: Shutterstock.

La rheumatoid arthritis or one of the other types of arthritis Inflammation, antidiagnostic or persistent at maximal reproductive activity, can inhibit fertility hombresfollow an online investigation in ‘Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases’.

La arthritis inflammation is associated with the paternity of menopause, as well as other causes of infertility, involuntary involvement of hair, or fertility problems, such as sperm malnutrition, as a result of this study.

This is a pathology that includes rheumatoid arthritisla arthritis psoriásica, la arthritis juvenile idiopathy and ankylosing spondylitis, related to male infertility, erectile dysfunction, and insufficient testosterone and / or semen production (hypogonadism). Pero el impacto de la arthritis inflammation in the capacity of the los hombres to create shadows that are unknowingly large.

To explore this quest, the investigators, led by Luis Fernando Perez-García, rheumatologist at Erasmus Medical Center in Pa Bajses Bajos, compare fertility bowl or number of shadows per man, among others hombres diagnosed from arthritis inflammation due to edema at the time of diagnosis; 30 years or less; between 31 and 40 years (considering the maximum reproductive age); and 41 years or more.

The participants received extra 8 different hospitals from the Bajos Countries between September 2019 and January 2021. Unos 628, majoring in 40 years and indicating that their family’s age is complete, solving a questionnaire about medical problems that habían tenido antes y después de ser diagnosticadas de arthritis inflammation.

The investigators also compared the total number of hinged embryos with each size, the total size of the family, the proportion of hombres without regard to the results of medical evaluations on fertility issues.

Adjust the potentially influential factors, such as current age, educational level, antecedents of cardiovascular disease and infertility, hombres diagnosed with any type of arthritis inflammation in front of the 30-year-old tuvieron a significantly smaller number of shadows than the hombres of other groups of age.

Estos hombres has a media of 1.32 hi, up to 1.56 from diagnoses between 31 and 40 years, and 1.88 from diagnoses when only 41 years or more.

Los hombres diagnosed before or when only 30 years old tampered with tuberculosis (1.45) those diagnosed between 31 and 40 years (1.73) or major (1.98). In the Bajos Countries, between 1 of 5 and 1 of 4 hombres no tienen hijos. Among the participants, 143 (more than 22%) did not have shadows, of which approximately three (99; 69%) did not have voluntary shadows.

Una vez m ,s, el porcentaje de hombres are significantly older among those diagnosed before the age of 30 (45; 34%), among those diagnosed between 31 and 40 years (39; 27%) and those diagnosed with those over 40 years (59; 17%) .

Además, the proportion of hombres in the form of involuntary form fue significantly different between the 3 groups: respectively, 16 (12%); 15 (10%); y 13 (4%). The volume of voluntary gambling también era different: 29 (25%); 24 (18%); y 46 (15%).

But for those who do not want to lose money voluntarily, the affirmation ‘I have reduced my tenacity’s wish’, will be rated even higher by hombres diagnosed in the most young people because of the quality of the other groups of people.

Además, a significantly significant number of hombres diagnosed before or after 30 years (17%) and between 31 and 40 years (10%) declare their dissatisfaction with the final number of shadows that hombres diagnosed when having major (5.5%). Alrededor of a third of these hombres reports how the main reason for having this is the diagnostic and / or medical treatment associated with the disease.

In comparison with the group of mayor, a significant number of mayors who have been diagnosed with anthrax or those with high levels of fertility declare that they have been evaluated medically for fertility problems, resulting in a small amount of semen.

Aunque the number of shadows desiedos fue menor en los hombres diagnosed predominantly and permanently at maximum fertility rates, with no significant differences between the 3 groups, in general, and similar in size to the general population of Pa Bajses Bajos.

Pero, subrayan the investigators that “the difference between the number of lost shadows and the end is significantly greater in the hombres diagnosed before and during reproductive years, indicating that most fertility measures are mainly affected by the reduction of fertility potential and not by a small amount of fat “.

To study an observation study, as it were, could not establish the cause, not the obstruction, but all the plausible biological explanations before the associations were found, the investigators explained.

Variants of inflammatory proteins that interfere with the immune system associated with arthritis inflammation, such as tumor necrosis factor (TNF), decaying a papillary valve in the regulation of the establishment testicular and sperm production.

The pharmacists used to treat la arthritis también podrían tener un papel, sugieren. Secondary effects such as hypogonadism and sperm maladaptation are associated with frequent use of immunosuppressive agents.

It is calculated that among them hombres since they involuntarily increase infertility clinics, 1 of 4 drugs that affect sexual function, while 1 of 10 drugs are associated with fertility alteration.

Assimilation, various psychosocial, associative and diagnostic factors, can be contributed to by the small amount of fertility, suggest the investigators.

“Debid on problems or concerns associated with diagnostics and treatment, and based on medical advice (or in the case of oil), hombres con arthritis inflammation and its walls are determined voluntarily without the need to retouch the planes of serres –explican–. These are psychosocial factors coming from special importation for los hombres diagnosed before the peak of reproductive age “.

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