As live as MIR telematics: TikTok and surprises

Things like sacrifice and sacrifice, many students have given up trying to find a way to respond: select specialty MIR. Eso sí, otra año más, de manera telemática. The placement of plazas MIR 2022 tampoco has been present at the time of the controversy, not obstructively, as long as the permission of the Ministry of Sanidad, the future residents have not hesitated to celebrate their triumph with a lot of ingenuity and arrogance due to their cherries.

The social networks have tested the joy and satisfaction of many of them, which they shared on their Twitter profiles and Instagram photos of their celebrations. Algunos apostaban por los globes with different shapes that iban from “R1” has so many letters that rise because of the specialty of elegant medicine, points that other than determined pancartas caseras con cartulinas indicating the mass of information.

Cecilia Valenzuela, R1 in Ophthalmology

Without embargo, it is your joy and enthusiasm that have made the other protagonist even more excited: TikTok. In addition to this social red, students sample various media videos as they see live telematics in their own cases or in the presence of friends and acquaintances. Así ha sido el caso de Sara Vázquezcuyo video eligiendo Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Hospital October 12 your mother and daughter’s ambassadors are excited, they have not gone viral. Repercussion that, as and as affirmation of the protagonist prop Medical Redaction“no esperaba en absoluto”.

TikTok, videos and globes, the stars of the MIR assembly

From this point of view, the MIR telecommunication advocacy, Vázquez affirms that “having a way of representation in the ministry of Sanidad that has an insoluble experience and rabia does not vivirla”, this is another form “la familia lo vive más”como fue su caso, considerándolo “m bons bonito”.

Patricia, resident in Internal Medicine

The young, who study Medicine in the University of Santiago de Compostela, recognizes that it is periodically that these are the meanings of “han sido an angustia” and that, in particular, the latest semanas lo han sido todavía más. “These are all meticulous rats to see which plazas of what and where you put the podium quitar”, explicitly Vázquez.

“MIR telematic adjudication
permite que la familia lo puede
live more contigo and sea more exciting “

Without embargo, the Madrid affirmation that “salutes with good sensations of examen MIR“, Acknowledged that” there is no need to carry out gynecology in Madrid “. “Gynecology and Hospital’s October 12th is always my first choice, but it can only be complicated if you go alone to this hospital, located in Gregorio Marañón or La Paz, who decides to visit hospitals in Seville,” said Vázquez. “Tenía mentalizado que me iba”, he said, admiring that he was satisfied with the allegory and that it was doubled.

@saravazquezramos No tengo words #medicina #medico #mir sonido original – Sara Vázquez

Only because it is clear that it is a specialty, the Madrilean affirmation that is loved by Gynecology in the field of Medicine, in the period of practice. “I like it a lot, aunque todo el mundo me insistía que no la hiciese because it is a specialty with little screw quality ”. “Intenté quitármela de la cabeza y centarame en otras, pero a mí es lo que realnte me gusta”, confiesa. Además, por último, in order to deliver the residence in these adjacent areas, Vázquez affirms that “solo quiere aprender y disfrutar”. “Tengo muchas ganas de empezar, pero también muchos meedos, as las guardias“, admit la R1.

Paula, R1 in Family and Community Medicine

Paula celebrando que ya is resident in Endocrinology and Nutrition

David celebrating that he is R1 of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation in HCUVA

María Mora, R1 of Family and Community Medicine at La Princesa Hospital

Paula Galván, resident of Radiodiagnostics at the Virgen Macarena Hospital in Seville

Agustina Arbía, R1 in Otorhinolaryngology

Andrea Velasco, resident at Intensive Care at the Hospital Dr. Negrín en las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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