Attune Ensemble ™ OTC, a direct application to save the interest of people with cancer, first in its class, or is available in free form in Spanish

SAN FRANCISCO, June 09, 2022– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Blue Note Therapeutics announces its plans for offering Hispanic patient patients accessed mediated access to a new application, attune ensemble ™ OTC, directs specifically to better the health of people diagnosed with cancer. The application of bienestar is a digital therapy, the first of its class, designed to help patients get sick and the emotional symptoms of cancer, as well as stress. Ofrecer attune ensemble OTC in Spanish demonstrates the Blue Note compromise of offering all patients access to a specific apo with the final tip of the cancer car and keeping the screw quality.

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People interested in saber m .s sobre attune ensemble OTC you can visit or call (415) 200-3697 for news with a representative of the Patient Attention Service.

“How to become a cancer survivor, to know the physical, financial, and emotional realities that are at stake in finding a cancer diagnosis, and these are the only aggravating factors when English is not your mother tongue,” said Daniel G. Garza. Blue Note Therapeutics patient and concussion patients. “Offer a free therapy application, with a prescription and in Spanish add a large amount of needle to hispanic cancer patients, a combination that is only available by default.”

“It’s organized to work for Blue Note Therapeutics because it involves the importation of evidence or salutations from its Spanish-speaking community. Attune ensemble OTC to comprehend and apply strategies to reduce the mental and emotional load of those who are interested in cancer. Cabe destacar que attune ensemble OTC identify the importation of family or friend storage systems, and provide information on how to create the most suitable vents with the people concerned and the patients, “said Sam Haro, product control engineer. Therapeutics. “Contribute to the work and desolation of a new digital hermit who approves of his Spanish patients who have cancer and have an honor.”

Attune ensemble OTC Cognitive-behavioral stress management application (CBSM, for example in English) to provide relationship-specific and near-specific capabilities to overcome the one-year-old cancer cases. Además, can be used at any stage of the nursing, from the diagnostic level to the superimposition. The application is available from Salud P Emerglica’s Emergence and is a complement to habitual attraction.

“We offer a new hermaphrodite to allow the general patient’s patients to have cancer,” said Geoffrey Eich, general manager of Blue Note Therapeutics. “Attune ensemble OTC offer a free form and it is the first application of this type. It is an extracurricular activity in used spirits to enhance patients’ access to specific mental health attitudes for cancer; “We can now welcome more members of our Hispanic, Caribbean and Latin American communities.”

English Hubble patients can visit to find out more about the opportunities and the opportunity to experience the emotional symptoms that cause cancer.

¿Desea aprender m ss sobre este tema? Introduction to Blue Note Therapeutics the 13th of julio to participate in an interesting panel discussion with Spanish Hispanic doctors and patients. The web seminar “Atending the mental health needs of patients with cancer in Spanish Hispanic communities” is taught in Spanish. Para obtener m informs información e inscribirse, visit

Information about the emotional effects associated with cancer

Today there are 18 million patients and non-cancer patients in the United States.1 Because of the patients’ experience with cancer experiencing psychosocial anxiety, depression or depression.2 If left untreated, these stages can only reduce the caliber of a life-changing cancer and have a negative effect on superimposition.3 Red National Integral Cancer (NCCN) has established a number of guidelines for the promotion of attentional services to the mental health of cancer patients, including the detection of angiotic signs in patients and in the course of a treatment plan. to pass these sessions with a specialist in mental health.4 Essentially, menus of the patient experiencing angst in relation to the cancer, which can be defined as the stage of life, emotion or degradable experience affecting the patient’s caliber or its capacity to approach or diagnose cancer, its remittances and specialists in mental health.5.6 The prescription of digital therapy therapies for treating angst in relation to the cancer can be adjusted and placed in the cancer treatment.

Acerca de Blue Note Therapeutics

Blue Note Therapeutics is a digital therapy company with specially designed prescriptions to serve cancer patients. Our objective is to ensure that treatment is available to all people with cancer at any given moment, combining a profound scientific and clinical experience, neuroscience and digital innovation. Working extensively with cancer investigation and patient comorbidities, we have developed a series of digitally validated prescription therapies to help reduce, alleviate, and alleviate depression. For more information, visit


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