Augmented 17.9% of Mexico PIB’s arbitration in 2020

Mexico is the second largest country in Latin America and the Caribbean with a major increase in debt resuscitation, which rose from 16.3% in 2019 to 17.9% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2020, following the Covid-19 pandemic. , in line with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE).

As a result of the Mexican tribunal review, only Antigua and Barbuda’s debits show that their Caribbean share increases by 18.1 to 19.8% as a proportion of PIBs during the same period.

In the information “Statistics Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean 2022”, the OCDE reconciled the work of the Service Administration Tribunal (SAT), to adopt a variety of methods that include inspection centers centered on the evasion and failure to increase by 1.6 percentage points the arbitration fee ”.

Mexico with 1.6 percentage point increments in the PIB rating as a result of trading in Latin America and the Caribbean, at 21.9% and OCDE at 33.5% of the PIB.

On the whole, the countries of the region that register the highest arbitration as PIB rates by 2020 are Cuba 37.5%, Barbados 35.2%, Brazil 31.6%, Argentina 29.4%, Jamaica 27.7% and Uruguay 26.6 per cent.

Mexico is the most economically active sector in the region. It is located in Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Panama and Peru. In other words, 21 places out of 26 are evaluated, exhibiting the document elaborated by the international organization.

The OCDE, based in Paris, has detailed details that parliament in Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua and Uruguay document their nominal interest rates between 2019 and 2020 and in all of them the nominal PIB exchange rate.

Mexico is the only country to have a small amount of debt due to the fact that nominal interest rates increase increments that the nominal PIB decreases, ”the OCDE said in detail.

In 2020, the Mexican economy contracted 8.5%, with the SAT recovering 3.3 billion pesos of cash inputs, representing a nominal increase of 136,292 million pesos, due to the debit of the program in Ley Ingresos Essay federation for 166,879 million pesos.

Dicho lo anterior, in 2020 Mexico increases resuscitation in nominal terms 1.3% of PIB and 0.8% in real terms.

The information, revealed in Mexico that there is a tax evasion in the Impuesto on Renta (ISR) in physicists with business activity, information that the recovery curtain is only higher than that of the asalariados.

The OCDE data from other studies carried out on the evasion of impressions and sampling that in Mexico the evasion of ISR in natural persons is 18.7%, equivalent to the volume of tributaries of 0.8% of PIB.

Tickets in 8% commodity commodities

Al-Qaeda’s supply in Latin America and the Caribbean has risen by 8%, up from 1.2% in the 2008 global financial crisis.

The OCDE aggregates that the commodity recovery provision as a PIB ratio of the region of 21.9%, representing a reduction of 0.8 percentage points respectively in 2019.

The international body, led by Mathias Cormann, also revealed that in 10 parts of Latin America and the Caribbean the tribunal resuscitation as a proportion of the PIB is reduced by more than 1 percentage point and in a range of 1 region in 2020.

In embargo, in general terms the reductions are more accentuated than the current ones.

The major contractions in the duration region are observed in Cuba at 4.6 percentage points; Trinidad and Tobago, 3.3 percentage points, and Belize, 3.0 percentage points.

“In the majority of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, the reduction of nominal interest rates is accompanied by a declining PIB rate and, in all cases, the implications are reduced more than the PIB, produces generalized discs in the respective attributive coefficients ”, can be found in the document.

As of 2020, 17 percent of this region registers a 4.9% drop in its nominal PIB. Compared to the subprime crisis, the nominal PIB increased by 1.8% on a daily basis.

In 2020 additive ingresos

To compensate for the impact of the pandemic, by 2020 the SAT will have completed its recuperation to obtain 496,217 million pesos of additional stresses in efficiency, co-operation and fiscalization actions. The diner amount represents 2.2% of the Product.

The acts of fiscalization, against evasion and fiscal elution, recover 385,793 million pesos, and draw strategies inflated in large contributors, other contributors and external trade.

Of the more than 385,700 million pesos, obtained from this, 216,000 million pesos from major contributors; 119,016 million pesos from other contributors and 50,776 million pesos from outside trade.


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