Avoid bad posture այլ Other keys to physical health

Movement to activate more than 600 muscles we have in the body Make it an active lifestyle և Avoid a sedentary lifestyle և Poor posture to maintain physical health. This is the general theme of the seminar on sports V edition of the educational programorganized by CuídatePlus in collaboration Viatris Foundation և Approved by the General Directorate of Quality of Education, Ministry of Education և Bilingualism նախարարության Ministry of Youth.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, this new edition could not be held as usual in the schools of the Madrid community. offered online և continue to provide health education to schoolchildren և prevention. In this way, the sports seminar given by the Professional College of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid focused on measures to prevent back pain, to explain why muscles are damaged և how to prevent it as և Tips for safe physical activity or sports During Covid-19.

How should we sit?

Paul Herrera, The professional college of physiotherapists gave a main message: to children և teenagers. “The best attitude is the one that gives the least”. And that is, even if you have to sit in class, be it in person or on TV, it’s convenient. breaks every 45 minutes or every 1 hourwalk, mobilize the neck, whine … That is, everything that serves parted from him sedentary lifestyle And the more movements և at rest, the less inactivity, the better

Because sitting is necessary, whether for academic or work reasons, the Madrid Colegio de Physiotherapist Virginia Santamaria gives some guidelines.

  • Avoid coercive postures, which implies Do not sit on one foot either lie on your back in half or sit on an arch. “If we maintain it throughout the day, it becomes a habit; it can damage muscles and the spine,” explains Santamaria.

  • You need to take the right posture while sitting Put your feet on the floor and your back on the back seat և make sure your elbows reach the table. “It is difficult to maintain a posture. should be Sit as short as possiblebut because you have to sit in the classroom, you have to replace it with more active exercises later, ”says Santamaria.

  • Should be transition between listening posturewhich consists of leaning on the back of the chair, trying to be straight, և working posture. In the latter, Santamaria advises your legs to be more open, and to stand on the edge of a chair with your elbows on the table, to write: “So the back is straighter. If we are tired, our back is tilted too much, we can put a pillow or sweater under our buttocks to improve our posture. ” In any case, no position should be maintained for long.

And on time Game console, Fernando Gutierrezalso a physiotherapist at the College of Madrid, advises do not do that collapsed on the sofabut sitting in a chair not far from the screen, straight back և knee height control

How to avoid back pain?

The most important thing to avoid back pain is to maintain an active life, which implies engage in physical activity or sports. But, in addition, you need to have other habits, for example, sleep 7 to 8 hours a day – to do it with the right posture.

On: sleeping modeGutierrez gives some guidelines for that.

  • Try not to sleep on your stomach.

  • Ideally, sleep on your side with one knee on top of the other. “If it is not convenient for us, a pillow can be placed between the two. Also, if the pillow is small, we can keep the arm under the head. ” One of the best sleeping positions is to do it on your back. Եւ If you have back pain, put a pillow under your knees.

  • It: use of mobile phones, consoles or tablets this must be taken into account for the quality of the sleep. Gutierrez advises “not to use them for half an hour before going to bed, as it makes it difficult to sleep”, which is known as vamping.

Watch the weight of the backpacks

To avoid back pain, it is very important to adjust the weight of the backpacks that are taken to school every day. Santamaria remembered during the seminar that: should not exceed 10% of the carrier weightin addition to being attached to the back, using both handles, being close to the body.

“Let’s check what we’re wearingWe do not have to include a book on a subject that we do not have that day, neither a case full of colors nor a full bottle of water. “If you have back pain or shoulder pain while carrying a backpack, you should check for redness or cracks in the neck, as this may be a sign that the backpack is carrying too much weight,” says the physiotherapist.

But other than that Wear the straps at the same height as the backpackshould be distribute the weight well inside the bag. To do this, the heaviest books or folders should be in the part that sticks to the back, and the lighter elements should be in the front. And in the case of students who use wheeled backpacks, they drag them “they must approach the body or push it forward and push it.” “If you have to climb the stairs, you have to lower the handle և take it as if you were going to hug it,” adds Santamaria.

general injuries

Training is necessary, but it is necessary to prevent muscle injuries. Why is this happening? During the seminar, Gutierrez warns young people that injuries are common the result of poor training in sports. “Preparing before the exercises, especially the exercises that require a lot of effort, need good warm-up”, without forgetting that a. Proper hydration and nutrition will allow for proper performance ել Prevent muscle damage. “It is possible, because that is what will give us energy to be able to perform correctly during sports activities, thus avoiding injuries,” says the expert.

As for food, Walnuts are very rich in energy nutrientslike a lot of fruit, not only because it has a lot of fiber and protein, but also because it has a lot of water.

That’s why Gutierrez and Santamaria recommend it Do not overdo sports և Do not exceed four workouts per week, except that all muscle groups in the body work equally well. Failure to do so may result in muscle imbalance or imbalance. As an example, Santamaria explains: “If we have a weakened muscle, we run, the other muscles must be overloaded, և they are overloaded և can lead to injury. That’s why we need to pay attention to the coaches, so that there are no muscle injuries. “

And though it seems to play video game does not carry the risk of muscle injury, the truth is that Maintained poor posture can also cause them.

Sports in Covid times

It is clear that 2020 was a particularly sedentary year, և 2021 does not make it easy. But you have to make an effort to lead an active life, to go out, to play during the break, not to spend much time in front of the TV at all.

So if we are going to be motionless for a long time, Gutierrez advises Do not start the exercise abruptly, but gradually. It’s essential to start the movement Heat for 10 to 15 minutes և It may involve running or jumping on the spot. Then you need to do mobility exercises, starting from the head, “going down” or vice versa. They should be done when done Strengthening exercisessuch as squats, lunges, push-ups or planks to complete some stretching of the neck, cervix, arms and legs.

And if you play team sports or in places with more people, do not forget Coronavirus prevention measures. In this way Santamaria offers:

  • Avoid high contact sports.

  • disinfect hands before sports և after.

  • If you play ball or use a jump rope that many people touch, then do not bring our hands to our faceseyes or mouth.

  • If we sneeze or cough, do it from the inside of the elbow.

  • Have on hand tissues to blow your nose or remove sweat.

  • Do not share water bottles.

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