“Ayudaremos a Sanidad con la cirugías n realizadas”

Lisa Ann Hill fue nombrada el pasado enero directora general la división Medical Devices Spain de Johnson & Johnson. Up to 17 years in the company, Hill is the first major consumer in the company in the multinational pharmacy.

For the new director general, this is a retro approach «With determination and measure». The objective and place: crecer in Spain.

“The industry is not as masculine as it used to be, but it’s more important than caring for important cargo. It turns out that you have to work hard to get the young people to take care of the Science »explicit Lisa Ann.

We are talking about the new director of acerca de Medical Devices Spainthe parts that allow the company or the vacancy of Jansen.

Present in more than 600 hospitals

– á What is the position of the company and this division in our country?

Johnson & Johnson is a world leader in health, with over 134,000 views and the presence of our newest products in over 175 countries.

The current business is now divided into three lines of negotiation: consumer and autoclaved products, pharmacy Janssen y nosotros, Medical Devices; pero de ahora en adelante vamos a quedarnos en dos ya infocarnos en la parta medica.

En Medical Devices, as pioneers that only in services, solutions and medical products; impulse an intelligent and centralized medical attraction to people to help patients recover more quickly, live more, and with greater caliper quality.

However, our division is essential for hospitals specializing in the production of products and services in all internal surgery.

In particular, we present oncologic and cardiovascular interventions; also associated with surgical treatment of obesity, orthopedics, traumatology and neurosurgery.

In Spain, at present, there are only 550 approximate results and we are present in all public and private hospitals, more than 600 in total.

Podemos decir with organ that alguna manner, participates approximately in up to 50% of the quirrgic activity of this state, adding to more than a few million patients per year.

We also have a value proposition, with an ethical code based on the company credit, which we have been guiding since 1943, with messages such that we have only one paper that can be deployed independently of our position, in any organization the focus on patients and professionals.

A vanguardia company

– What are the main branches that are being planted in this new stage? ¿What inversions are prevalent and in which áreas?

-It is the company that is most aware of our obligation to follow, if any, before which we can report more to the sanitary system and contribute to the treatment of more patients and better the quality of life.

We find it necessary to increase the positive momentum of our activity as in prepandemia, in which we crack doubled.

Quizá in these moments, but the special situation that we live in, we are very prudent, but we always want to try to create; if the pandemic does not take a breath, normalize surgical and therapeutic activity to all levels.

Our accountability is in the vanguard on the market

Respecting the inversions, the company is always continuously created to provide services and solutions of quality, which is now responsive to the vanguard in the market and adelantarnos to the incapacity of patients and clinicians.

For example, we have formed a strategic alliance with Microsoft Corporation for our new digital surgery solutions.

Currently, en Medical Devices we make digital technologies that of these robots and surgical instruments have orthopedic and hermaphroditic intervention devices.

On the other hand, the new platform connects these devices, together with patient registries and hospital information systems, through Azurey Microsoft we set up and install a board to monitor our digital circus ecosystem.

In February 2020 compramos Verb Surgicala company of Google with which it takes to assume a conjugate alliance to launch a new robotic surgery system.

In orthopedic surgery, just following the principles of the patient, obtaining the approbation of the FDA before Velysthe robotic program for inflated orthopedic surgery, for emplacement, in rodent prosthesis.

Another company we will meet in 2017 is Germany Surgical Process Institute (SPI)a digital solution of standardization of quirky processes to reduce variability and complications and which are given a lot of excitement and the opportunity to collaborate with many hospitals.

– ó What is the most prevalent crater in Spain, de organic or inorganic?

-Our objective is to follow, providing value added to our clinical patients and patients.

Moreover, we tend to have a consistent way of mediating a digital ecosystem in four directions that have the consolidation and amplification process.

Primer, integrating assistive processes, antenna, enduring and post-surgical. Second, digitize and robotize the query to standardize the methods, reducing the variability and speed dependent on the individual capacity of the quasi-surgical team. Third, the logistical efficiency and dental administration of the hospital. And, by the way, the formation of professionals.

Optimism with cautela

– rec What prescriptions apply to search for Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices in the Spanish market and in which activity segments?

Tracing the moments of the pandemic, we can say that we are consistently following the habitual creation dates, being the end of 2019.

The embargo, however, is that the situation is such that the situation generates significant levels of surgical activity and an aggravating clause of the professional sanitary staff, which has a major magnifying glass and which is constantly growing.

By poner algunas cifras, in 2019 se realizaron 5.3 milones de cirugías en España. By 2020, the pandemic effect will be offset by an increase of 1.21 million surrogates, 850,000 in public hospitals and 362,000 in private.

Inductively, we have to work to adjust the sanitary system and recover that activity is not realized and we are present in all the segments that are habitual in those that we work with; with special breath in the treatment of oncological processes, especially in the colon and lungs, the surgical treatment of obesity, the pandemic ‘no varica’ of the XXI form. Addition to our aspiration to all traumatology and orthopedics internships, with rodent and umbilical cord prostheses and advances in sports medicine, maxillofacial and columnar, without revealing the treatment of arrhythmias and stroke; as the aesthetic and oncoplastic interior with our mother’s prosthesis division.

– We live in the era of digitalization and innovation. Pod Which podiums can be used by your company in these materials? ¿Where can you find great boxers in the sector?

We create a specially designed department, which is fine, which allows us to activate collaborations with 30 hospitals and are currently in conversions with 40 months.

Medtech is a continent that is constantly evolving. We are a company very conscious of this evolution and we are looking for the future.

On the other hand, our creams have a digital ecosystem as a base for what we want to create as a company.

Janssen vacuna

– The product which in the latest times has reached the most interest by part of Johnson & Johnson is Janssen vacancy. Ide Considering what the expectations are?

We are very close, as members of the J&J family gran, of the gran papel that has been released from the vacancy by Janssen composters.

The apparatus of the different vacancies has marked one member and one disputed

Without hesitation, the apparition of the various vacancies marked a member and a disputed in the terrestrial effects of the pandemic.

More than one sign, Johnson & Johnson has been actively involved in preventing the spread of Ebola, tuberculosis and HIV.

Our excitement and experience, excitement and revelation by the same, you are contributing to all that we are actually doing to raise and lower the covid-19.

I urge you to ask the vacancies if you want to argue that you are influenced by the economic interests of your pharmaceutical companies and that you have a real interest in them. Í What are the directions of these people?

We respectfully respond to different opinions, but it is evident that there is a great deal of medical-scientific consensus in respect of what is most demonstrated by the use of vacancies.

– ¿Are the vaccines finally the key instrument for acabar with the covid-19 pandemic?

We have plenums of convenience as it is the weapon to defeat the virus, as it has been demonstrated and removed from history with other imperfections to those that are convincing.

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