Azovstal acre plant, bayo fuego

(CNN Español) – The Ukrainian fighter jets were evacuated to the 100 adults and 20 people who were killed in the Azovstal plant, near the city of Mariupol, on the outskirts of Ukraine.

In an interview with Reuters, the Azov’s commander-in-chief, Sviataslav Palamar, described the sentiments that were met when civilians were evacuated in the form of safeguarding the dome, with all sorts of things happening.

Palamar says that the phrase “joy among tears” is seen by the civilians away from the aceria, and that the mestras evolve atrapados “miles of murieron persons”.

“I hope that there will be more evacuations and that they can kill the civilians who are all here at this plant. We have 20 children. That’s what we all counted, and 100 civilians, women, women ”, said Palamar.

The Ukrainian authorities only have planes to rescue the people who are trapped, but the escobros are on the moon, but the powder does not flow directly from the artillery barrel of the Russian soldiers, said Palamar.

Here are some of the latest headlines from the war between Russia and Ukraine:

Azovstal’s arable land “constant fire” on the moon, police say:

A commander among the Ukrainian soldiers on the Azovstal site says that the plot is still “constant fire” from the madrasa. Mykhailo Vershynin, the head of the Mariupol Patrol Police, told CNN that “those who hope that the Cruz Roja mission will be launched, will continue to be a constant fire in Madruga.” The artillery and artillery naval disparan sin without pause. The airways constantly flow ”. The dome evacuates 100 civilians from the plant, but no further evacuation is planned for this month.

The testimony of civil evacuees of the Azovstal plant in Ukraine 1:47

News of civil evacuations from Mariúpol on Tuesday, going awry:

See a civil evacuation march in Mariupol, follow the Telegram channel of the adjunct. The agreement, signed by the Mayor of Mariupol, is officially agreed with the assistance of the United Nations and Cruz Roja. After evacuating the citizens of Mariupol, the convoy parted out of a rotating circle near Berdiansk, a city occupied by Russia from the west of Mariupol, at 7 AM local time.

5 Russians murmur in the Azovstal de Mariúpol cider plant, along with Ukrainian soldiers:

The Azov Regiment, which was sold to resist the Russian forces at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, said that five Russian soldiers were lurking because the night was carrying an asphalt to the plant. “After the partial evacuation of civilians from the territory of Azovstal to Mariupol, the enema was dispersed to the superficiality of the plant, including the layers where the civilians were stretched out of the air, and left in the air like air, scattered all over the place. “. affirm on the Telegram channel, and aggregate that the “occupant fucking fluid destroys” the asphalt of the compound.

EE.UU. to satisfy the information that algunos civilian pudieron evacuated Mariupol:

United States agrees with the satisfaction of the information that “algunos civilian pudieron evacuated Mariúpol” and other “continuous esfuerzos” to allow the civilians to leave the port city of sur and other cities. The State Department spokesman, Ned Price, said yesterday: “We are confident that the humanitarian access will be limited to all the latest seas in the area. otro cobarde intentionally by the Kremlin to change the narrative, in order to win a victory of public relations “, said Price during an informational conference of the State Department.

But now there are no planes for Biden flights to Ukraine, to Casa Blanca:

Currently there are no plans for United States President Joe Biden to travel to Ukraine, to travel through the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, and President of the Chamber of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, one of the Ultimate Weeks, plays Casa Blanca on CNN today. “Bueno, no hay planes in course at the moment and, obsessively, continuously evaluating,” said CNN Secretary’s Casa Blanca’s secretary Jen Psaki and Casa Blanca’s press secretary. “As it turns out, our target is to return to the embassy, ​​even to all diplomatic diplomats, not only traveling from one lane to another, but also present in the country, and that the president visits Ukraine, no plane, no planes course at the moment ”. Ahead of Russia’s “Victoria Day”, a relevant party that marks the Nazi rating in the Second World War, Psaki insinuates that the United States tends to transmit more than “mark the night after the Ukrainians and the Europeans from all over” los próximos días. Ella se negó a dar detalles. The functionaries told CNN that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, wanted to celebrate a victorious, algae-type, and other war.

The intelligence of the EE. UU. Information that Russia intends to annex the Donetsk and Luhansk regions for “mayo media”, says the ambassador:

The United States has “altogether crunchy” intelligence information that Russia intends to annex to the occupied territories by the Donetsk and Luhansk separatists “at the moment in the media”, and that plans to create a “popular republic” similar to J In addition, the ambassador of the United States to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (UNHCR) said: consider a similar plan for Jersin, ”said Ambassador Michael Carpenter in a press conference at the State Department.

Victims of an atake with thoughts against Odessa:

This is a clear argument against “one of the installations of the Odessa infrastructure”, said Maksym Marchenko, head of the military administration of the Odessa region. “Lamentable hay muertos y heridos”, dijo. On the other hand, Commando Sur del Ejército informed the Ukrainian: “Otro ataque con misiles in the region of Odessa. Hubo impacts on the infrastructure of the city. In particular, a religious edition resulted. It is escalating the information on” . A reporter in Odessa told CNN that an orthodox church had attacked him at the civilian airport.

Ukraine afirma tener more excited in the area of ​​territory adjacent to Járkiv:

The Ukrainian military confirms that its forces are regaining control of various areas north and east of Járkiv, which suggests that the Russians are launching artillery and artillery shells against the north of the city. Ruska Lozova, a pueblo in the north of Járkiv, “wants to control our weight in the fields and in the fields”, dijeron las fuerzas armadas el lunes. The military also said that Verkhnya Rohanka’s ally in Járkiv was newly established by Ukrainian forces and that the operation was carried out by Colonel General Oleksandr Syrsky, commander of the Fourth Territories. In the last two weeks, Ukraine was advertised around the middle of the aldeas dock in área, pointing out a handful of Russian-led summer lines from both the Izium front line.

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