Baby from three months old, abused by her new mom

Baby about three months ago screwed up, abused by her mom’s novelty. Your case is nowhere to be found in Galapas, Atlántico, Colombia.

It is possible that the casi recién nacida is still there but a very short time and its final release. Seeking authority, the person presenting huellas of physical and sexual violence and as a consequence reporting the escalation of a minor as present is responsive.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, Angy González went to the hospital in Galapa to see what had happened to his shadow, which he left behind until the end of the 10th month, and he left the place where his current sentimental money was coming from. hacía solo dos meses.

“When I was taken to the hospital, my mother-in-law told me that my daughter had already died,” said the mother. As soon as possible, the authorities report the perception of a 17-year-old as being responsible for the abuse and death of the baby.

“It’s always like me to create what I’m looking for with my eyes, I’m wearing it, I’m wearing it, I’m looking at a little bit of it, I’m looking at it at the moment,” said the woman, who only has a sentimental relationship with the young man hacía solo dos meses.

Case in point, local authorities hacked a piece of paper so that competent organisms could investigate the hacks and get justice in the baby’s case.

How to identify a violator?

There is no definite profile

To empathize, be aware that there is no specific profile or pattern to identify a sexual aggressor.

I agree with Luis Jes Pras Prada Moreno, a professional forensic specialist at the National Institute of Legal Medicine, a pedophile who can be a person of any age, sex, social or economic condition, educational level, profession, race, religion, condition or condition.

From Prada’s point of view, there are many things that can be done to help you achieve your goal, such as:

Three months old baby perdió la vida, fue abusada por el novio de su mamá. PHOTO: UNSPLASH

Persistence in perpetuating soles with children, girls and adolescents. Inventa cualquier excusa para lograrlo.

  • The preference to socialize with adult menus by the envy of adults.
  • The carcasses of caries or defect exerted in an unjust form and inopportune.
  • The compulsion of pornography at sea is traced to videos or magazines.
  • The news is involved or the news is denounced in advance by a sexual abuse.
  • Problematic consumption or abuse of psychoactive substances.

When the configuration is completed in one go

The majority of sexual abuse cases involving children, adolescents, and adolescents are often referred to as having a dominant denominator: confusion. Precisely, however, it is difficult to identify at different times a situation of risk.

In agreement with Prada, Legal Medicine, one of the things that the aggressor deserves in the process of being abused is the confusion with the victim as with the current custodians.

Its objective is to generate an atmosphere in which its intensities are unpredictable and the field gains from expansions of privacy’s, finally, being able to stand alone in the middle of the day.

“Aggressors such as busan ganarse the confusion of the niña, niño or adolescents: intentionally muy cercanos, invent inventive activities recreational and recreational with the ratio of sharing much time with the victim; tiey ser ser muy cariñosos y suelen dar regalos sin motive alguno. They are also used to keep secrets or diners from their nieces and nephews as a simple form of manipulative and extruded ”, added Angélica Vera, of ICBF.

Rice factors

Experts in the subject coincide with a number of factors that increase the risk of a woman, child or adolescent being the victim of sexual aggression. Enter the following considerations:

The problem with sexual education is that it does not imply that people who identify or identify those who are at risk or those who are exposed, but still, do not lose control of their actions and establish boundaries in relation to their manifestations of affect.

Ignorance or negligence on the part of mothers, fathers or guardians at the time of creating protective shields. Asymmetry, dejar solos a los nios nos por mucho tempo.

The stupidity or care of the active vectors between the minor eds and their significant adults. The aggressors being approached are unbalanced for emotionally charged vacancies.

El hacinamiento en las viviendas.

Intrafamilial violence and physical, verbal, or psychological abuse harassing children, adolescents, and adolescents who are self-indulgent and insecure, often more likely to be victims of delinquency.

Behavior of their children is provided with an alert

As the determinants of aggression are determined, the attraction of fathers and guardians, nieces, nephews, and adolescents is manifested in the form of behavioral, inclusive, physical transitions that can not be allowed to pass through.

Some of these are:

  • Conductas sexually inadecuadas para la edad. That a man or woman demonstrates a lack of awareness of their sexual relations that they do not commit, that they insist on having sexual organs, that there are representations of a sexual relationship, for example, with their hair or with their hair moving like that with your pelvis, or the fact that you feel alluded to a sexual relationship is a clear indicator that something is wrong.

Here you will find, in the form of amable, respectable and amorous, “where you attach yourself, with whom or with what you attach, who initiates the activity and as a participant each one”, advised the professional forensic, Luis Prada.

  • Crankshafts in their imonimo stage. When a girl, teenager or teenager is a victim of sexual abuse, in general, she is introverted, inclined or aggressive.

Other cases may show more extroverted than normal. It should also be noted that the attentionality or inconsistency of the man or woman being manifested with respect to an adult determinant.

  • Retrocesses in your desarrollo. Hay niños que, tras ser sometidos a situasentes, oa suces that provoke angustia y temor, present retrocessos.

For example, present problems of control of spheres despised by the fact that the Abyssinian is attached to the bath, alterations in the tongue or motorcycle, problems for sleeping and changing gears in academic order.

  • Physical exchanges. Despite the majority of girls, boys and adolescents who have been victims of sexual abuse without presenting corporal sex, some have been able to present lesions or genital or anal lesions, abdominal pain or genital region in which with personal health.

However, the apparition of infertile women diagnosed with laboratory tests confirmed as, for example, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, among others, as well as the presence of urinary tract infections caused by sexual harassment.

For the most part, the 14-year-old embalming with the Colombian ley is a clear sign of sexual abuse.

Ha Which hacer ante la sospecha?

One of the mother, father or guardian has been identified alguna de las alerts descritas anteriorly seri clave perform an abortion according to the situation posed by approaching the character, niño or adolescent in the form of amable, empathetic or empathetic hablar the situation by what is attractive.

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