Bad Bunny’s look with which she debuted at the gala

The league of Bad Bunny al Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York one of the big surprises of the night, though it does not just contemplate the assistance of Puerto Rican who arrives less than what the passage of celebrities by the pink carpet finalizes. Como suele ser común en Benito Martinezsu nombre real, realiza una entrada triunfal con un look that all the graces of the grapes grow in the extravagant form in which they abound thematic.

al atuendo de Bad Bunny polemical action and diverse reactions, which can be created by interpreting a set of exceptional forms, in order to make others think that, in addition to their first presentation, pudo haberlo hecho mejor. En De teltima te mostramos el look de Bad Bunny in the MET Gala 2022.

Bad Bunny and its look for the MET Gala 2022

Recordemos que el topics central Gilded Glamor, “In America: An Anthology of Fashion”, or a replica of its history fashion North American, thematic for continuation of annual exposition as el Vestido Institute realization, the quality is due to the donations that el Costume Institute Gala recauda durante la noche m gs glamurosa del año.

Bad Bunny arribó con un llamativo look firm by Burberryhouse of fashion that I want a reference style to the gabardine that away from the prevailing ones as one of the most applauded of the brand.

The inspiration of Benito Martinez and his team of stylists for la MET Gala 2022 based on the elegance and sophistication of the dressing gown that predominated during the finals of 1890 and the principles of 1900, when the wind label required indispensability to qualify for the occasion.

This is what compuses el atuendo de Bad Bunny fue conquered in extra high altitude, misma que cubría in its totality the body of the canta more skuchodo to mundial level, of acuerdo with diverse streaming platforms. The main color in all el look fue el caqui, emblematic color of the gabardines; as well as by a pair of locked and mangoes with adjustable termination in the seats.

Away from this reinterpretation of silhouettes contact with a traditional leather and cotton boots, measures that in the texture add a layer that allows Benito ajustar la prenda de ser necesario. Debajo de ella, sobresalió a linen camis in a pastel tone casi imperceptible and a black raven with a pulcrament realized nudity.

The calf of the interpretation of Yonaguni fue también pieza clave del lookto be one of the elegant moccasins that the sun shone on during the years, and the reference to the sartorial style of the men in this epoch was recorded with nostalgia for the lovers of the fashion.

Photo: AP

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Bad Bunny’s painting at MET Gala 2022 that blocks the internet

What is the best form to represent the elegance and essence of the handiwork of the fashion North American with a tiara, accessory that predominates at night and that we carry personalities like Anna Wintour y Blake Livelywho applauded the applause for being inspired by the Libertad Statue.

For your part, Bad Bunny decide on your own personality that you support by not following rules, imposing rules, and choosing to recover a totally different point of view. Arranged with a wave of the costs incurred on the front. Benito Martinez add a special alto pattern to your headband, which will probably have a lot of graces and a bubble.

About it is extravagantly painted, Bad Bunny light a tiara with hand-made and pearl-shaped applications, which form a torso over the headboard that results in the tone and combining with the aniline-like anvil as an accessory. Lastly, one of the gaps or handles with small circular terminals to create a look with clear references and inspiration in the current context of the fashion.

Photo: AP

Con este look, Bad Bunny start at MET Galadejando atónitos a todos por su surpresiva llegada y levantando expectativas sobre cómo será su atuendo para la edition 2023, pues aunque parezca increable, la regenta regreta para esa noche ya initió.

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