Because Kaliningrad is imported from Russia

(CNN) – The rising tensions in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, a strategically important Iceland territory on the Baltic coast that has recently been turned upside down by the Kremlin.

Russia has reacted with the fury that Lithuania prohibits the passage of sanctioned mercenaries through its territory and the Kaliningrad region. Peru Lithuania says that it limits the sanctions of the European Union, and the European bloc has given up.

The amenase dispute now aggravates tensions between Moscow and the European Union, which has presented various packages of sanctions on Russian products.

This is what happened to Kaliningrad, its history and its importation to Russia.


There are residents of Kaliningrado who do not enter in panic due to the increase of tensions of this week.

¿Which provocation is disputed?

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in the February finals, experts say that Kaliningrad is capturing a focus of tensions between Moscow and Europe.

It is the most western territory of Russia and Unica part of the roaming country by the States of the European Union; Lithuania is located between Belarus and Russia, an ally of Russia, with Poland as its limit.

Location of Russian territory of Kaliningrad.

On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the media had no precedent and that Russia considered it illegal. “It’s part of a block, but suppuesto,” he said. Other Russian functionaries have been booked with a rep.

Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said: “Russia responds to all these hostile actions.” You are elaborating media in an interdepartmental format and adopting it in a near future. “The result is a negative impact on the Lithuanian population,” said RIA Novosti, a Russian state news agency.

Among the sanctioned products that the European Union prohibits from exporting to Russian territory are construction machinery, hermeneutics and other industrial teams, according to the Russian statutory agency TASS, quoted by Minister Desarlo. Also include all water products.

Lithuania has not imposed “unilateral, individual or ad hoc” restrictions, said the Ministry of External Relations on a lunar day.

Lithuania’s Negotiations in Moscow was convened on Mondays by the Russian Ministry of External Relations and it is said that due to the mercantile transition in the Kaliningrad region it will not be fully restored, Russia will reserve the right to save money of national interest.

According to the European Union, sanctions imposed by Lithuania blocking transit, have been suspended in the Member State.

Kaliningrad trains

Photographs of the Russian-Ukrainian war show off the ferrocarril station as they pass trains from Moscow to Kaliningrad, as part of a protest by Lithuanians against the invasion.

In a statement to Reuters, Dmitry Lyskov, a representative of the regional government, said that residents should not panic in response to the controversy.

The sanctioned products tend to travel now. A functionary of Lithuania, Rolandas Kacinskas, declaró este martes that “the transit of destinations and products not sanctioned by the European Union hacked the region of Kaliningrad and traversed the territory of Lithuania continent without interruption. [Lituania] it has not imposed unilateral, individual or additional restrictions on the country and is now acting in full accordance with the legislation of the European Union “.

É Who is Kaliningrado?

Kaliningrad is a Russian exclave situated between Poland and Lithuania. It was captured by Soviet troops in Nazi Germany in April 1945 and then formed part of Soviet territory as a result of the Potsdam Accords. In 1946 he changed his name to the German Königsberg.

Durate decadence, a region of militarized fortifications, driven by foreigners. Pero in the last Kaliningrado has been converted into an emerging tourist destination, and has been part of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

It has a population of about one million inhabitants, the majority of which live in the center or capital of the same number. Exclusion is one of the most prosperous regions of Russia, with one industry. Puerto Rico, Baltiysk, is the westernmost part of Russian territory and, to a lesser extent, is free of charge.

The walls of the main city are flanked by large examples of antique German architecture junta and block louvres of concrete Soviet apartments.


Kaliningrado in the preparation of the World Cup 2018, which is the region in its major international cultural platform up to now.

Pero the importation of Kaliningrado should be about all its location on the map. A border crossing between Kaliningrad and Belarus separates Polish territory from Lithuania. Conocido as the corridor of the Suwalki brewery, it is the only one on the ground between the Baltic states and the rest of the European Union.

Kaliningrad is the seat of the Russian fleet in the Baltic. RIA Novosti informs the moon that the Hague fleet has been attacked with heavy artillery and artillery operations, saying that “1,000 troops and more than 100 units of military and special artillery and missile teams participated in the maneuvers”.

In 2002, the European Union and Moscow agreed on a route between Russia and Kaliningrad, while Poland and Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004. With the adherence of these countries, exclusion has been made through three countries. from the EU. Russia affirms that the news of 2002 has been violated.

Nuclear Nuclear presence?

Kaliningrad’s imports to Russia are now due to the fact that Sweden and Finland have joined OTAN. Dmitry Medvedev, vice-president of the National Security Council of Russia, said in a statement that the “adhesive planes” mean “no matter what the status quo of the Baltic states: restoring balance”.

Russia has long been trying hard to gain a foothold in the Kaliningrad region. “OTAN’s infrastructure is moving closer to our front lines,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told CNN in 2015, following reports that Russia had intercepted Iskander missiles with nuclear capability in the region. “This is not the territory of the United States”.

Russia has not recognized that it has nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad, but in 2018 the Federation of Independent Scientists concluded that Russia has significantly modernized a nuclear weapons base in the region, based on satellite analysis.

From the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Lithuania has been established by OTAN to increase the exploitation of tropics in its territory. In April, President Gitanas Nauseda said that the OTAN Rebellion Battalion of the Presence Avanzada Rebels had the “brigade” of a brigade, and that the Suwalki corridor had been rebuilt.

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