because we are the victims of tragedy

(CNN Español) – La policeman y los bomberos continúan la búsqua de sobrevivientes entre los escombrospués de qua una explosión el Viernes but la mañana destruyra el Saratoga de la Habana, Cuba, Matando al Menos, confirmó el ministerio de Saludes.

Here are the keys that must be used to end the tragedy:

The probable cause of the explosion

Which Hotel Saratoga is one of Cuba’s most iconic? 1:43

It is believed that a gas bomb exploded at the Saratoga Hotel, next to the Cuban Presidential Office, which provided more details. “All indication that the explosion was provoked by an accident”, said the Cuban Presidential Office in a suit.

The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, visited the site of the explosion and the hospital of Hermanos Ameijeras, following the invasion of victims of various forms, as shared by the Presidential Office on Twitter.

Díaz-Canel said the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station.

The report of the victims

The death toll rose to 40 on Monday, averaging 18 people hospitalized during the blast, according to the Cuban Ministry of Health. A total of 94 people were killed in the blast.

The static media of Cuba informs the slow pace that los rescue teams identify 22y quatro de ellas menores de edad.

The first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in La Habana, Luis Torres Iríbar, said that the search process in the area is a “porcelain and sobriety search” at Cuba Granma’s official website.

Towers claim that all agencies are participating in these uses. “We have the maps of the hotel, and the technology that the country has inflated the search”.

“We are exploring the interior of the hotel where it is said that there are bankrupt people,” Torres said, adding that rescue teams would not be able to find all the holes in the hotel.

Credited by: ADALBERTO ROQUE / AFP via Getty Images

Among the victims are Spanish tourists. One tourist was killed and several others were injured in the blast, which was announced by Spanish President Pedro Sánchez.

“We have a tragic news from Cuba. A Spanish tourist and another Spanish citizen are gravely injured by the explosion of the Saratoga hotel,” he said. suite Sánchez.

“All of us are caring for our families and all our victims and herds. Our mother or the Cuban people ”, added Sánchez.

On Saturday, Cuban-American authorities opposed the move by Dalila Alba González, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Tourism.

The relation of the testicles

explosion habana

The Cuban police and bombers exploded between the explosives and the survivors of the explosion in the center of La Habana.

Testimonials in the hotel’s descriptions describe an “enormous explosion” that apparently destroyed buses and buses near the Saratoga Hotel, located in the center of the city.

The images of the scene show the fleece of the menos tis pissos of the edition adorned with green and white plaster. See columns of polvo and hum that rise above the excavations in the sole.

A CNN team on the ground and an assailant sent to watch the blast. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of granite and rotary pedestrians to clear the area of ​​the excavators. Tiled pedestals of metal, balconies and large footsteps set apart at a distance of 90 meters from the hotel.

The transcendence of the hotel

Which Hotel Saratoga is one of Cuba’s most iconic? 1:43

The Hotel Saratoga de La Habana has a long history. The edifice, built on the passages of the Capitol, was built on the finesse of the XIX century, beginning in the 1930s, when one of the hotels was demolished in the city.

The hotel is located in the heart of the Hotel Saratoga, where historian Carlos Venegas’s has everything to offer for travelers, guests and lodgings. It’s time to build the Spanish commercial Gregorio Palacios from 1879-1880, following the hotel’s turn.

“Gregorio Palacios, a natural of Santander, was one of the most famous urban owners in La Habana and one of the major contributors to the era,” the historian said, citing a search of the hotel. In 1879 the contract was signed for the construction of the third plant edition.

“The wind blew a taboo diamond, shutter and zaguanes from the inside of the four houses that occupied the main or second plant.

The Hotel Saratoga, which was built on the Calte Monte, was built and built in the Caldo Prado hacia 1933.

Destroyed by the explosion of the windows, the facade of the hotel preserved all of its original features. Elemental items such as ropes, fabric cells, mortar scales, and columns are shown as originally, but the large camshafts that have opened the door.

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