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(CNN) – Vicky White, Lauderdale’s Alabama-based correctional director, always considers the perfect example and one person that most colleagues can configure.

Entonces, led by Casey White on the 29th of April, a detachment recall due to assisted cargo, in a rapid escape as the functionaries say it was premeditated, which the cone is sent to surprise.

Vicky White, a 56-year-old man in his hair, has been stripped of his or her haircut by Casey White, which is not currently available, and a mental health evaluation of the condominium. If the program does not evaluate the audience before the recitation of the essay, it will not disclose its authority too much.

On May 9, the unseen and detonating pair in Evansville, Indiana, challenged the authorities. Vicky White was hospitalized after being separated from her mother, disrespecting her authority. Vanderburgh’s sheriff’s sheriff, Dave Wedding, told CNN the moon’s night that she was dying.

Vicky White has the ability to allow or facilitate flight in primarily grade and other cargoes, such as Casey White assembling cargoes in an existing case.

Hablando told CNN on Sunday that Lauderdale’s sheriff, Rick Singleton, could not be reached for comment on the fact that he was an agent and a fugitive, and that he did not like “Vicky White as a connoisseur”.

“Obviously, I love a Vicky White guy who we do not like,” he told CNN. “It has been coordinated and it has been approved by the system and it has been used to your advantage.”

Following the conversations between Vicky White and Casey White, this article or section needs sources or references that appear in credible, third-party publications.

This is what we are talking about:

It does not have to be sequestered to be included in the recluse flight

CNN singles the ante against the capture of the pair that Vicky White deliberately added to Casey White.

Vicky White

In a post on its Facebook page, Lauderdale’s condo says that Casey White establishes detachment by cargo assets. The Vicki White Correlation Subdirectory (in relation) transports the center of gravity to the short-circuited cord.

Casey White bought a 75-year-old condenser for a series of delicacies in 2015, including morale booster, car robot and police chase, following the EE.UU Alguaciles Service. Compared to the cargo of capital homicide by the death of Connie Ridgeway, of 59 years, in 2015, dieron the authorities.

“Ella lo is absolutely ayudando. Todavía we do not say 100% if it is intentional, but it is on the axis”, said Singleton mientras la pareja estaba en fuga.

Vicky White knows that Casey White’s message was sent to him for a mental health evaluation on April 29, and that he was trying to recover medical attention but did not feel comfortable. Posteriorly, the authorities discourage that no audience programming or evaluation for Casey White is underway, and Vicky White joins the medical center. Your patrol can be abandoned in the immediate vicinity of a commercial center, within a mile of the destination center.

The functionaries obtain a video that shows the patrol in which the salient part of the cart is.

The video shows that the car is detected in an intersection that is only minutes away from driving the car. The intersection is one of the few stops within the commercial center where the abandoned car is located, said Singleton.

“It’s a part of the record that we all reunite that it’s not burning … that it’s not in the sequestration or that it’s not in the car an veil that sorts through the installations,” says Singleton.

In a press release, the EE.UU Alguaciles Service dijo que Vicky White haberdasheri haberde teñido el kableo oscuro u haber offered these representations.

People who call Vicky White admiraban

Vicky White era “empleada ejemplar” con “im historial impecable”, dijo Singleton. “All their work computers, all the implications of the sheriff’s office, all the games, all have the respect of the mayor,” he said.

To gain a professional reputation, Vicky White violates the protocol that led Casey White to the center of attention, the sheriff said. The policy requires that Casey White be fired by the agents.

It seems probable that Vicky White acted voluntarily, said the sheriff.

“As long as we are dealing with the latter in the last glass of expectation of what we are waiting for, then we agree that the amenazada and hizo are coaxing … for it is absolutely one thing to be traced,” said Singleton. “All of your work compartments are debatable. Nunca hemos tenido a situation like this with Vicky White. Era unpeleda model.”

The Lauderdale condo fiscal blockbuster Chris Connolly, last but not least, with Vicky White on the other side of the split and the one that establishes “absolutely unaware” interest in the situation. Connolly describes the agent as “the person behind the cart”.

“Le habría confiado mi vida”, dijo. “It’s very misleading. It’s confusing and exploding is confusing.”

Pat Davis, the mother of Vicky White, who lives in the shadows of God and is already overshadowed by all of them, told CNN in the last post that she was announcing last April 29, that Vicky White’s departure.

“Todo ha sido una pesadilla. Solo quiero que mi hija vuelva a casa. Y que vuelva viva a casa,” said Davis.

Davis says that he does not only have the idea of ​​his shadow planes. “Llegaba a casa después del trabajo, cenaba en mi casa y recogía a su perro. “Paseaba a su perro y esa era su rutina todos los días”, said Davis to CNN.

Vicky White has only one “special relationship” with the result

Vicky White and Casey White only have one “special relationship”, says Singleton on the last week.

“Hemos confirms traverses of independent points and other media that, by the way, have a relationship between Casey White and Vicky White because of their normal work schedule, no physical contact, no different natural relationship,” said Singleton. .

Singleton says that recluses alert to functionality about the special relationship between them.

“We do not disclose that Casey White obtains special privileges and treats different ways of doing things in the same set of installations as the other ones,” said Singleton.

In the course of the investigation, it turns out that Casey White “establishes extra coma in his bands” and “obtains privileges that are not more than just that.

The confirmation of the provisional relation of “other points to the center of the destination”, says Singleton.

Investigators have been directing the hasty principles of 2020, when Casey White flew to the Lauderdale condominium for a cargo study but assured that after Ridgeway’s death in 2015, the sheriff.

“Hasta donde sabemos, ese fue el primer physical contact que tuvieron”, dijo Singleton.

Casey White failed the static approach deprived of cargo proofreading to complete a sentence of 75 years by a series of delinquents that comedy in 2015. The sheriff knows that the agent and the recluse communicated by phone.

Casey White fired back to Lauderdale condominium in February to assist legal audiences with their cargoes.

Connolly expresses her insanity against the idea that Vicky White has a sentimental relationship with the recluse.

“Nubca hubiera pensado eso en un millón de agos”, le dijo a CNN. The aggregation that is “a shock that is involved in this, and is an impressive complement”.

Present your jubilee documents in April

The fact that Vicky White’s departure is the ultimate cause of desperate work of the ten decades with the department, says Singleton. Present your jubilee documentation in April finesse.

Vicky White no le menzionó su su retiro a su madre, dijo Davis a WAAY, CNN affiliate.

As part of the passage, or working in the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, the department operates electronically.

“Sheriff Rick Singleton, Vicky White’s lab stage is currently ‘Ya is not the Lauderdale Sheriff’s Office’s Office,'” he said. “The most recent issue of work, without embargo, is that jubilee papers are not finalized. It is a personal topic that is discussed in a posterior vein.”

Singleton says that Vicky White has a lot to do with retouching three or four months before the depreciation, and an agreement that has a lot to do with the beach.

If you do not like the procession of the jubilee fund, it is recently placed in your house and access to a large sum of money, according to Singleton.

Less than its disbursement rate, Vicky White’s house costs US $ 95,550, up for current exchange rate. Records of condado cifran total value of parcel of property in US $ 235,600.

Compared to a 2007 Ford Edge car, the pair were forced to abandon the patrol. The Ford was abandoned in Williamson, Tennessee, when it was forced to flee.

“It simply came to our notice then,” Connolly told CNN.

Jenn Selva, Paradise Afshar, Jamiel Lynch, Michelle Watson, Amara Walker, Jade Gordon, Ryan Young and Jaide Timm-Garcia of CNN are contributing information.

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