Belinda is honest with Today, what did she say about Christian Nodal?

Belinda recently reappeared on the Hoy app, where “Spanish:“He was honest, he was talking about new controversies after his visit to Spain, of course, the topic of Christian Nodal was one of them, which he hoped would be discussed in this interview, so the TV actress responded:

It: singer: Belinda He recently participated in the Hoy program, where he took the opportunity to open and clarify some controversies about his trip to Spain, where today he is advertising the first part of the TV series.Welcome to Eden“, A project that marks his return to the small screen.

Next translator «Africa:He, who announced that everyone would meet on the platform on May 6, said that he felt “very happy” that he was doing what he “liked so much” in the middle of the chat, where only his voice could be heard. .

As a child actress from productions such as “Forever friends“(2000),” Aventuras en el tiempo “(2001)” Cómplices al rescue “(2002).

“Other reasons for this և her և family երի family ties, including memories with her grandmother, made the call feel very good.”Latin pop princess“After returning to his birthplace, he said:

The translator of “En la Oscuridad” missed the theme of Christian Nodal, but explained that he was happy with his projects, said the premiere of the series, in which he began recording in February 2021, where he also recorded two songs for history.

«Composer:“Belinda Peregrine Schul was very excited about the project, which will arrive on the platform next May, where she is fully focused, she said.

It is a project that I really wanted to do, there are two songs that I have created just for the TV series, my character, the whole plot, I live a new experience, a new adventure here, I am very happy. As for the music, at the moment I have these two songs, which are in the TV series, he said.

As for Christian Nodal’s question, “Business womanHe did not go into details, only to talk about his plans for the “homeland” so far, the Madrid native, born on August 15, 1989, used the opportunity to clarify the news that assured him that he would stay in Spain.

The “soloist” clarified that her stay is temporary, as most of her life is in Mexico, but she does not know how long she will stay outside the Aztec country.

«to play Christian Nodal“At the age of 32, he hinted that it was just a temporary stay where he was doing some work, he made it clear that he loved Mexico, where he had family and friends, which he considered his home. , he referred.

I am moving to Spain for the projects I have to do, because my family really lives in Mexico, my brother is Mexican, as I said, it is temporary.

While I’m working here because of a few projects coming out, շատ I really like being able to work, do what I love, շատ I really like the opportunities that are given to me here “, – concluded Belinda Peregrin.

Belinda recently appeared on Hoy, where she made harsh confessions about her life. It is known that the singer is living in difficult times, in which she has to mourn the end of the relationship, at the same time the attack of users on social networks.

It turned out that she was leaving the country because of the above, so in the morning show on Televisa produced by Andrea Rodriguez, they contacted the model to find out what was going on.

Although the translator of “En La Oscuridad” did not talk to Christian Nodal about his separation, he explained that he was happy with his projects and said that Netflix’s new “Welcome to Eden” series would be released, in which he would star. he wrote two songs for him.

He also mentioned that he is very excited because he has several projects in “Hayrenik”, but at the same time he confirmed that he does it in such a way that people like his music in the TV series, of course, his performance as “Africa”.

I’m very excited, it will be released on May 6, you will be able to get acquainted with “Africa”, this is a project that I was really looking forward to, there are two of my songs that I have created just for the series. , for my character, for the whole plot, ապրում I live here a new experience, a new adventure։ I am very happy. “As for the music, at the moment I have these two songs, which are in the series,” he said.

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