Benedict Cumberbatch used to fly Doctor Strange 3


Benedict Cumberbatch confirms that the idea of ​​Dr Strange 3 is enthusiastic.

The explosion of emotions and theories that Dr. Dorangee Strange’s work in the Locura Multiverse follows, a logical result that Marvel fans claim to have been following in the footsteps of the franchise. Even though I do not have enough time for the most expensive ones, the distance is more than just a gate for new events that change the rumbo of the heroes.

In this sense, it is clear that Doctor Strange 2’s exit is not a double whammy as it’s directly following the story of America Chávez, as it affects Darkhold’s destruction of Wanda Maximoff’s manuscripts, including the implication of its implication the future. In reality, these questions are apparent, as the wind blows, and Benedict Cumberbatch follows in the footsteps of one of the most important heroes of the eponymous title: Stephen Strange in poster projects of the Universal Cinematographic Museum.


Dr Strange, a crucial character for multiculturalism

Even so, it’s no matter what the heck it’s to do with one of the main heroes that restores the order to the diverse y, but aunt, the franchise does not try to take advantage of it in the future by giving it a roundabout turn, but hizo en Doctor Strange 2.

Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. This is where America’s hero comes in and what it’s all about. alto. As such, clear, where you want to be more expectant about the person.

Y, por si fuera poco, the final Doctor Strange 2 stables have argumentable line lines for the Strange prop. For example, remove the Tercer Ojo, which will affect its power level de maneras insospechadas cu se se vuelva a ver en otras entregas. Well, as we say, when Strange is found with Clea the confirmation that an incursion has been caused and is due to arreglarla. From this fashion, all the succulents tend to be an important paper for the future of Dr. Strange.


Benedict Cumberbatch statements

Dicho lo anterior, Benedict Cumberbatch hablado about his future in the Marvel Cinematographic Universe as Stephen Strange.

From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true story of Dr. Strange comes in. The manner of acclimation, the news that mencionar que the actor debuted in solitaire with this person in 2016, and from this moment he is convicted in a small part for MCU. By the way, it has been shown in all its sub-categories, in order to have its respective participation in Spider-Man: No Way Home (exit in 2021), which has the definitive form of its participation.

With the concept of the supreme hedgehog appearing more posteriorly in Doctor Strange 2, with the inclusion of the Illuminati, by the way with other versions of Strange, the film has many more possible scenarios for MCU in the future.


Recently Benedict Cumberbatch was interviewed by The New Indian Express, here see the importance of your participation in Doctor Strange 3. This is what I commented on:

“Espero que sí. Me encantaría hacer otra. El Doctor Extraño is a very complex person and I have a lot more to explore with him..

Hasta aquí, habría that consider that the discharge of Dr Strange at the Locura Multiverse shows a bag that says “Doctor Strange volverá”who wants to say that you look back and see that you see a new Cumberbatch on this paper. The embargo, however, is that it is not the same as the order of these applications, whether in a separate apartment or in a proprietary title, such as Dr Strange 3. Even if there is a promise that it will appear in another project, it will be possible to complete each fall one year to salir in the big pants.

If you import the features for the Marvel rangefinder, a Cumberbatch was very excited about the idea. And it’s not for men, that Strange’s paper is a very complex person and that it has a lot of reliefs, even though it has some pending traces along the incursion.

From here, I recommend a little the inclusion of Clea in Dr Strange 2, a person who has an important history in comics (and is now interpreted by a grand actress), probably not treating an allied participation that resonates with many of the characters who are all in comics as in the respective MCU. On the contrary, it follows that a mission to the future is tight, in conjunction with Dr Strange in the following project. Aunque, claro, todavía falta mucho tempo tempo saber si las sospechas son ciertas en Dr Strange 3.

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