Best notes EBAU 2022: eligen estudiar Medicina

Patricia Adrados y Touayba Bakkali.

Little by little, the notes of the EBAU are consistent with the autonomous communities and the most brilliant students of our country receive the best notices, so that the sponge that lasts longer is realized without the pen. Patricia Adrados y Touayba Bakkali have obtained some of the best Spanish notes on access to the University and have made it clear that their future is the Medicine.

Patricia Adrados is a young man from La Rioja who has acquired a total of 13.98 media points on its access point to the University of the 14 maximum possible, which is beyond the scope of any carriage which it studies, although it has not received much. Your choice has been made to match the note.

In declarations a Medical Redaction, Adrados explicitly stated that your decision was made by someone: “I am always interested in Biology and Science”, confession. Pero su pasón va a más allá. “Poder diagnosticar a los patients and treat your nurses “is the person who inclines the balance before he or she is decapitated by Medicine.” Medical Redaction note that within it the vocal component that comprises all the professionals in the healthy sector.

Adrados: “I like to diagnose patients and treat their nurses.

“Every now and then I know that I want to study this car”, security before checking Pharmacy because my daughters are pharmacists, but in the end puddlendo hacer esta carrera he decidido ese camino “. feel interested in “the brain”but it is likely that in the future elija cursar “the residence in Neurology“.

Study at the private university with MIR International

Your plaza is not secure, but Adrados is enrolled in medical studies at a private university center that imposes other accreditation criteria on those who do not have a degree obtained in the EBAU. The riojana solicit all access to the adjacent course 2022/2023 seduced by a international program that, in your opinion, you can take the walk in the lab.

“Me gustaría trabajar en el extranjero algún time and have an international program in which to prepare for hacer el MIR in United States“, explicitly in declarations a Medical Redaction. “Si me gusta el programa, intentaré hacer algo así para pasar a time from Spain“, concluye.

An ‘matrix of honor’ alumni

Touayba Bakkali is one of Spain’s greatest notes in the UAE of 2022. Resident in Toledo Portillo, a castellanomanchego city, is currently studying and has a score of 13.89. The young man assured that he would get a good grade note that he “exerted a lot, but did not get much money because he only had a degree in the Mathematical exam polemic”.

When the public ratings your ratings in an autonomous community, it turns out that “it’s a very exciting moment to share with my family”, an exaltation by the exhaust the years of Bachillerato in which “the primary note is 9.88 and the second matrix of honor, in the middle of a diaz. The average score of these is 9.94”.

With its portals of futuro abiertas against their ojos, Bakkali explicitly states that it is clear that it has to study in the adjacent years: “Medicine”. Y solicitará plaza en la Complutense University of Madridthe course passing requires a grade point average of 13.5 points for the grade However, with this in mind Bachillerato and his EBAU exams, there are no problems with admission and add up to the section on having an infant.

Bakkali: “Always play with my brother and on the doctor, but at the institute you clear your throat, making this compromise to serve the demos”

“If you always have a good time with my brother, take it to the doctor, but start the institute with a very clear, clear essay compromising to serve the demos“, explica .

A vida dedicada a los demás

Bakkali assures that in his family there are no precedents in the framework of the Sciences, explicitly that his children are decanted by studios related to social sciences such as Derecho or Social Work, because their choice decides “complement by vocationwhich is comforting saber that can give me life to the demos “, affirmation.

However, it does not have any specific purpose for its specialty, which is what “is a car that changes the screw completely. It is a very relevant profession “because it is a personal necessity that is due to vocation and being implicit”, zanja.

While containing content, data or current procedures of institutions or professional sanitary, the content information in Medical Redaction is edited and elaborated by periodicals. We recommend to the lecturer that in relation to the healthy sea consult a professional sanitary professional.

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