Biden delinea planes economical and migration

Los Angeles (CNN) – President Joe Biden joins Los Angeles to retaliate against two dozen Latin American leaders in the American Cumberland, with the intention of using new economic and migration announcements to demonstrate in action, out of skepticism about the United States.

Their mission is very different from the definition of the various leaders in boycotting, including Mexico’s other mandates and the three Central American states that the United States is used to cultivate. Se negaron a assist porque Biden se negó a invitar a tres lídres autocrticos.

The drama about the list of invitations desanimó the perspective of great masterpieces of unity. As an embargo, Biden’s decisively determined to show compromise with a part of the world that is thought to be alto in its out-of-state foreign policy.

Salaries, migration and activities: this is Biden in the Cumberland of America 5:38

Biden launches pigeon piedending cooperation and a renewed influence in democracy, an urgent lambs deprived of the exclusion of autocratic leaders in the provocative protest and boycott conference.

“At the moment we need more cooperation, less money and more transformative ideas. Now I’m waiting for a leader like me,” said Biden, inaugurating the event.

“Democracy is by no means a badge of our region”, Biden continued, and the nation’s saying that “our newest conviction is that democracy is not the only defining characteristic of our historical histories”, is the “essential ingredient”.

It is said that the fundamental era “demonstrates our desire for democracy in order to improve the life of all”.

Given that China is advancing in Latin America, Biden says that “we have all the hermits that we need to have in our hemispherical field” to ensure security and economic progress.

The president explicitly in general terms a new economic brand that Washington expects other countries to sign in the proxies. A migration declaration shall be counted as the countries which have agreed to detail the accountability of their nations through historical migratory flows.

These are some of the most serious problems for the western hemisphere and also represent the most powerful policy responses to Biden master suits in their antecedents to their intermediate choices.

Blinken says that Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are in Cumbre 1:03

Cumbre’s goals from continental America to boycott

The president and his team alguna vez esperaban use the Cumbre of the Americas to record important advances in these themes with the actors of the region. The functions of the goberno estadounidense say that the inclusion of the inclusive parts of the leading leaders is assured and assisted.

“The constituent work of the coin has not been completely, directly or indirectly reduced by the cost of participation,” said national security adviser Jake Sullivan and periodicals aboard the Air Force One. “These worlds are operated in complete carriages, and we are the only ones to have a high level participation of one of these countries, even though some of them are leaders, each one for their own sake, chosen not to come to Los Angeles “.

As a result, the boycott created the image of unity that led to the extermination of the cube as all the leaders of the Hubieran region were present.

“Creo que tuvieran que hacerlo de nuevo, podrían haber considerado posponerlo. Pero ahora, creo que van seguir adelante, aprovecharlo al máximo”, dijo John Negroponte, exembajador de EE.UU. in Mexico that has occupied a variety of other high-ranking national security posts.

“It’s an opportunity to focus on topics that are most important to our patients in the hemisphere, and I’m sure that the goblin tends to get rid of hacerlo and I’m sure that habron ions are Italian, Italian conversions about it” , dijo.

Not only the autocritical leaders of the region negations the invitations of the Cumbrians of America are here. Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, has been on the list ever since the United States recognized him as president. Extending an invitation to Guido, the news was aggravated by the many tensions with the parties that reconciled with the questioned President Nicolas Maduro, who intervened between the autocrats and Biden to prevent participation.

Biden habló con Guaidó by telephone flyover to Los Angeles.

Cumbre of the Americas

(Credited by: Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images)

Desarrollo and themes clave de la Cumbre

The first example of Biden in California is only the intention to raise economically compromised concessions with a region that has been shrouded in the most inverted infrastructure in China. Durante the coin, as long as Biden announces more than US $ 300 million in assistance for food security, including other compromises from the private sector, as well as health initiatives and an association on climate resilience.

The president plans to introduce a new economic association with Latin American nations, with no full commercial acumen that amplifies the approach to the way that many Buscan countries.

The “Association of the Americas for Economic Prosperity” is, in turn, a brand destined to revitalize regional economic institutions such as the Banco International of Desarrollo, even though the most chauvinistic chains are the most resilient, the most resilient, the most resilient, the most resilient. a substantial trade.

“The best antidotes to China’s advances in the region are assured that we are now pursuing an affirmative vision of the region economically,” said the periodical, a senior administration official. “Creams that are because it is so important that we establish a really ambitious and regionally actualized vision.”

At the same time, the functionaries recognize that the association is not equivalent to a commercial agreement requiring the approval of Congress, while the sentimental proponents have impeded themselves in a new medium of free trade.

Cumbre of the Americas

United States President Joe Biden gives an opening speech at the inauguration ceremony of the Cumberland in the United States at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on June 8, 2022. (Credited by Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images)

“We are not negotiating a commercial acreage that goes to Congress, since we are basing ourselves on the existing acreage to promote a car hacia la cima,” said another Biden administration official.

In Los Angeles, it is expected that Biden will be re-elected as Prime Minister of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, who has set up a boycott campaign against which promotes a one-on-one meeting with the incumbent leader.

Extreme right-wing populists, led by President Donald Trump, have largely ignored Casa Blanca at the moment. The principles of this week, including Trump’s eco hizo al poner in duda Biden’s electoral victory in 2020 in comments from Sao Paulo. The reliability of Brasil electoral systems has been questioned.

Sullivan claims that he expects the presidents to discuss “democratic, free, transparent and free choices” in their conversations.

“We do not have the issue of the limits in a single bilateral act that has the president, including President Bolsonaro,” said Sullivan.

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