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For more than a decade, Andrés Manuel López Obrador appeared in the giant trousers of the Microsoft theater in Los Angeles, where he officially inaugurated the Cumber of the Americas. This is a claim that transmits the idea of ​​unity and not only the president of Mexico fugitively in the blue tape that the children and flags of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua participate in the scenario or the pants that last the opening that C nunca. At the gala, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, launched a message of unity, as well as unity of the democracies.

“Democracy is the badge of a Democratic American Charter that surpasses the Cumberland of America, which is now the only compromise with democracy as a region,” the president said. “We are reuniting at a moment’s notice, because democracy is under attack all over the world, and we are renewing our conviction that democracy alone is not the defining limit of American history, but that it contains an essential ingredient of futuro ”, said Biden.

It is the essence of Biden’s foreign policy: a unity of democracies, dictatorships, autocracies and authoritarianisms. In Europe, harassing Putin and the Ukrainian government; in Asia, allied with the democracies in China, and in the United States, where Cumbre was excluded from the parts that are not complete with the democratic standards. Biden quiso subrayar “el increíble poder de las democracias para lograr hacer la vida mejor para todos”.

“There are always acuerdo in all. “But as a democracy, we resolve our unjust steps with mutual respect and dialogue,” he said. “The problem is that we can take care of young people who are socially diverse with different capacities, but with legitimacy and mutual respect. Recognizing all our individual sovereignty as our most accountable parties ”, he added. To encourage intervention, Biden was interrupted by the assists, who escaped from the room.

The mandate invoked the “Miami spirit”, referring to the first celebrity celebration in 1994. “This is the expectation for new possibilities,” he said at the ceremony, as a number of musical figures subrayaban as algunas cosas no han exchange 28 a despos después. These are the songs of Emilio and Gloria Estefan and a version of El Reythe classic of José Alfredo Jiménez and one of the favorite songs of Hugo Chávez, which was interpreted by the intention of Vicente Fernández.

The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, who interviewed Biden, hailed the region’s problems, such as “climate crisis, food insecurity, economic insecurity, corruption and violence.” Californian Harris went so far as to call it “new and innovative coalitions” to treat and that Cumbre is an opportunity “to launch new initiatives, to start new conversions and to build new alliances.” La Cumbre plantea eso, propuestas e initiativeat, pero ne prevé aún outados muy concrete.

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Pedro Castillo intervened in the ceremony on the sidelines Peru’s antitrust of the former Cumbre, four years ago, and the history of the phrase of the incumbent President James Monroe, pronounced against European intervention on the continent. “America for Americans” has effectively concluded its intervention, defining its focus as a “conjunctural conjunctural escalation” and calibrating the agenda of topics proposed by the United States.

Assistants and assistants

According to the principle, the preparations of Cumbre are marked by the list of assistants and assistants. Foreign diplomacy is inclined towards the Gobiernos of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua by the fold of democracy in these countries. Without embargo, you do not have to spend time and do not have access to additional invitations, since you can see one or the other. The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, advised that he did not care about Los Angeles and that he did not take part in it and the Cumberland organization was convicted of all sorts of diplomatic ploys in Washington.

Various countries show their departure from the veto in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, and amenazaron with the sum of the boycott. Biden finally agreed with the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, to offer a visit to Casa Blanca in the vicinity. Jair Bolsonaro, who could not be reached for questioning due to other causes, was assisted in the event of a bilateral exchange with Biden, who is celebrating. With the embargo, anti-aircraft guns in Los Angeles have echoed some of Donald Trump’s extravagant statements, ending all the rumors about Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

In the final, Cumbre assisted 22 executives from the State of Gobierno, including Biden, and had more than 8 seats represented by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and other authorities. Between the main parts there are new auspices of the jefes of the State for different motives. You are not represented in any way the Gobiernos of the other three countries. In response, Mexico, Bolivia and Honduras vetoed each of their foreign ministers. Tampoco are, for other reasons, the presidents of Guatemala and El Salvador, or Uruguay, who are punitive, but by the name of covid. Four nations express their exclusion from the exclusion. These include Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, among others. No obstante, sus jefes de Estado volaron a Los gengeles. As such, it is the Cumberland of the Americas with the largest level participation between the major countries of the continent.

In the first reunion of foreign ministers, the Mexican chancellor Marcelo Ebrard, who was appointed to the post by Lopez Obrador, qualified as “strategic error” the exclusion of all three autocracies of the first prime minister in 1994 from Miami. “We do not accept the principle of intervention to unilaterally define what is going on and what is not in the context of the debate that has been going on for 10 years, in 2012 in Cartagena, when we agree with the conclusion that it should be sent without fuesen invitados; in which time the exclusion of Cuba is made, there are other countries ”, affirming the title of the Exterior, which is refunded by the refund of the international order.

Conversation with Guide

By the way, including the Venezuelan Juan Guaidó, because Casa Blanca prefers not to invite five to reconnoiter as the first democratic authority of Venezuela. To compensate, Biden le llamado por teléfono mientras volaba hacia Los gengeles. In a nutshell, the mandate has subjugated the recognition and support of the United States to the National Assembly democratically elected in 2015 by Guido as Venezuela’s internal president. Biden expresses his support for negotiations such as the best way to ensure the Pacific restoration of democratic institutions, book choices, flags and freedoms in Venezuela. At the same time, we confirm that the policy of sanctions is available to be calibrated in function of the results of the negotiations, as it has been done. Guide you to the exclusion of Cumbre from the regimes of Maduro, Díaz-Canel and Ortega and to agree with the idea of ​​calibrating the sanctions in function of their democratic advances.

The documents, proposals and discussions of Cumbre treaty on democracy, health, economic cooperation, energy and climate change. These consensus documents are limited and have generic inadequacy as well as for unbalanced compromisers in the field of nadie sensitivities. However, there are many results and in many cases that mark only objective, prioritizing or initiating consultations in order to get the verdicts in the future. Before the reservation a very ambitious document about immigration was reserved, but with the last of the presidents of the countries most concerned by the problem (Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala) not being in Los Angeles. Washington agrees that the Mexican people compromise with the current ones.

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