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Addressing the political and economic issues that have plagued the region against the American Cumberland, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has sought to address the complexity of these democracies with an economic cooperation, to contain the immigration. Biden’s plan includes refurbishing the banks of the region, in particular the BID, in order to track trade and facilitate financing of areas that suffer from migration problems, with concurrence rates and inversion figures. As an embargo, there is no need to go through all the requirements and in the majority of materials is the prompt to initiate a walk to refill these lasos.

At the opening ceremony of the cathedral, which is celebrated in Los Angeles (madrugada del miércoles al juves in Spain), Biden announced the Alliance for the Prosperidad Económica of the Americas, which in Casa Blanca considered “a new story” To stimulate the recovery and growth of the entire continental American economy. The ceremony, in all likelihood, sparked outrage among audiences, mainly from Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and a sensation of a curtain of weight and influence from the United States in the region.

Donald Trump’s presidency, which exhibits the most discourse against immigration and the potential for economic nationalism, is Biden’s only opportunity to generate complications in the region and the Cumberland of the United States. The embargo, the geo-strategic priorities, with the Ukrainian government in the form of mediation and the long-distance Chinese plan, have a regional policy dimension.

Algunos Latin American leaders, de hecho, acabaron teniendo con Trump a mejorón mejor que la que han exhibido hasta ahora con Biden. Bolsonaro, who travels to Los Angeles, has been rumored to have been ousted by the previous president and inclusive, but has ended up losing everything he owes to the presidency. And now Lopez Obrador is very close to Trump even though he still has the moment with Biden.

With varying degrees of excitement and populism but amistos with Washington, with its many hostile regimes to the regimes of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, with a migration crisis that has not gone unnoticed and with the reversal of China in the region, foreign policy has been decadent on a continent with very good sanitation and economy by the company.

The Latin American and Caribbean economies, however, are most affected by the pandemic derivative, which has provoked an unprecedented migration crisis. Due to the incapacity, millions of people who fall into the trap of inflation and the fact that the United States is not a book, it erodes the power of the family. United States prepares the county with other parts of the region making a declaration about immigration that weighs in on the liability of the party and in the absence of prompting the release in those parts of the country to destabilize migration.

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Unmediated results

“The Economic Prosperity Alliance for America Reconstructs Our Economic Economics,” is one of the highlights of the Biden Administration. Take advantage of the chains of humankind, foster innovation in the public and private sector and incentivize the inversions that allow combat climate change with its alliance provisions.

There are no immediate results from Los Angeles, as it follows the conclusion of the room, United States celebrating initial consultations with the hemisphere societies and some interested parties about different types. Of course, points that participated in the negotiations showed that the documents were generally generic and lacked much in the consensus.

However, the most advanced proposals consist in reforting regional economic institutions and mobilizing inversion. The idea is that their mobile financing mechanisms levels much higher than private inversion. “We reaffirm our commitment to the regional economic institutions of the hemisphere, such as the Banco International desarrollo, including reform media to boost climate ambition, social inclusion and desarrollo private sector,” he said. United States is planting a capital share in BID Invest, the branch dedicated to financing the private sector of BID. Además de reforzar las institutions periamentional regional, intra ellas la CAF, Estados Unidos también promete trabajar para que las financial institutions and economikis international, in particular el Banco Mundial, den debit priority in region.

The other approach is to approve specifically the parts that aggravate a number of migrants or refugees, or that seek ambitious in-line reforms with the Alliance objectives.

Biden, flying the bomber plane to Los Angeles to assist the American Cumber.
Biden, flying the bomber plane to Los Angeles to assist the American Cumber.Evan Vucci (AP)

Menos trabas commercial

It cooperates more closely with the elimination of commercial trades. Aunque Biden does not plant new free trade exchanges, which seeks to cooperate to facilitate additional traffic, advance transparency and practical rules, pursue high standards in digital economics, or pursue emerging technologies and food, advance in existing laboratory and environmental norms and incentive corporate accountability.

Most of these common genres are designed to enhance participation in the formal economy, including fiscal and anti-corruption methods, as well as cooperation and inversions in infrared embryos, the sample and the jubilee, the cu- tion of the children and the economic capacity of the women. With a climatic exchange rate and inverse inversions, profiling in the cooperation of technology and best practices and mechanisms to increase public and private inversion, among other objectives.

United States states that the results of the strike are due to the list of invitations and assistants. The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, declined to assist and sided with other leaders of the Casa Blanca region from inviting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro; Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, alluding to the “fold of democracy” in their countries. Negotiations have finally allowed the assisting of the presidents of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and Argentina, Alberto Fernández, through the center of power being the center of gravity, while the United States has not yet clarified its position. .

The economic aspects of health, climate change, digitalization and energy, the other side of the coin is migration. The United States prefers to break even in the Declaration of Los Angeles, which is already here, claiming to have an integral influence and responsibility for the migration crisis. This way, avoid having to make a consensus, but at the same time correct the amount of money that has only parts that are excluded from the declaration. In the United States, Latin American countries are no longer affected by the migration crisis. Washington has acknowledged that Mexico is compromising on the current migratory issues that have been adopted by the Mexican government, which has not yet been pronounced.

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