Biden tried to increase pressure on Putin (Analysis)

(CNN) – The president of the United States, Joe Biden, is now pushing for more pressure on Vladimir Putin, including when Russian President Vladimir Putin stepped in and defended his war in Ukraine in a nationalist parade with tropical miles in Moscow.

The celebration of the Day of Victoria in Russia takes place on the moon following an impressive sequence of revelations about the mortal results of the EE.UU information exchange. with Ukraine, and it is hoped that Biden will receive a US $ 33,000 million in arms and ammunition for Kyiv, following another extraordinary move to increase EE.UU participation. in the war.

Washington’s posture is proportional to a third of an ayuda level to the level of the nuclear rival’s superpower potential of the United States.

The United Nations – a vanguard of a vicious circle of occupiers against Putin, which is causing great upheaval in the Russian Air Force – wants to plant two trees as soon as possible to sow the fruit of the Kremlin against it.

What does Putin say about the war in Ukraine? 3:48

The fact that the current intelligence intelligence that Occidente is present in Ukraine is therefore a clear indication of the fact that Putin is humiliated and has acted in a way that escalated into an escalating pilgrimage.

It’s really important that Biden finds himself under enormous pressure to calculate even though he is cruising across Ukraine to the day-to-day lines that Putin has not identified, and that he has never been able to stabilize at any time, so as not to let go .

An advertisement selected by the CIA director

It’s a game of sombres between Washington and Moscow being released with a spin-off combinatorial phone in this and on Ukraine. According to the latest atrocity report, about 60 people were killed when a Russian plane dropped a bomb on a school in Luhansk as civilians were fleeing.

Putin approved the annals of the Victoria State, marking the final of the Second World War, to falsely claim the United States and the Occupied Territories as an option to invade Ukraine. Affirmation, in a discourse that invisible reality, that the war comedy but Russia has no other option that repeats preventively the “aggression” in their fronts.

The carnage in Ukraine, typical of a despotic patron saint of Russian forces against the civilian population, has led CIA Director Bill Burns, an ad selector, to the pillars of a new phase of the war.

The gas magnets used their fortunes to attack Putin 4:43

“[Putin] “It’s a state of the art when it’s not allowed to allow curtains,” Burns said at a Financial Times event in Washington, D.C..

Burns was also accused of plotting to overthrow the United States without proving that Russia was launching small-scale nuclear weapons for use in Ukraine, but that it would not be able to break the deadlock.

“Given the steady stream of stereotypes … that we all listened to the Russian conductors, we could not record the basics of basic possibilities,” said Burns. “At the moment in the que […] “It’s a lot to play for Putin’s Russia and those who are at risk in this second phase of the conflict are serious and should not be subjugated.”

The act of equilibrium of the EE.UU. particularly agitated because Putin has made it clear that he’s just like the EE.UU. is involved in a long-distance road to Russia and Russia, but the most rhetorical distinctions in Washington are about the EE.UU. is and is not haciendo por ucrania pueden perdèrsele al líder ruso aislado dentro del Kremlin.

This is because the news of the passing week on the intelligence exchange with Kyiv is significant.

North Korea near Ukraine. Esta es la razón 2:38

“Not only are Javelin’s and Stinger’s thoughts that matched the Russians and destroyed their equipment; intelligence is a weapon,” said National Intelligence Director James Clapper and CNN’s Erin Burnett during the seminar.

What is the game for EE.UU. The New York Times, CNN and other media outlets have revealed that the intelligence of the media contributes to the excitement of those who oppose the conductors of the Russian Armed Forces and the insignia of the pawn in the sea. Moscow, which fired inside causing a military gag as symbolic.

When it comes to notifications, other functionalists insist that the United States establishes a legally and perfectly legal form, and that it depends on the Ukrainians how to turn off the intelligence of the battlefield in order to win.

“These are the proportions of information that can be defended against Russian aggression and that are more likely to be at the forefront of negotiations against the Russians,” said Linda Thomas-Greenfield, ambassador of the United States to the United Nations program. the Union, by CNN.

“The way in which intelligence is dependent on the elos. But because we are assured that the team and the information and the media for training in this way of a way that the aides’s defender superania propriety.”

EE.UU. rechaza acusaciones de guerra incubierta de Rusia

The United States argues that it is not participating in a war waged against Russia, but that it is up to Ukraine to defend itself, a fact that no matter how bad it is, the Russian invasion is not provoked.

The invasion of Russia and Ukraine has a new geopolitical scenario 2:19

Ignorance is because Putin’s process is essentially the characterization of the populist regime and is arguing against it, all the while tending to the stage of invading the long-distance Ukrainian resistance with Western weapons and ammunition.

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, has accused the United States of plotting to overthrow the Ukrainian government, and has announced that its plans for a world war are now being considered “considerable” as a result.

Individual decisions on the form in which the United States is attached to Ukraine are only somewhat confusing or illegal from the outside. For example, according to the principles of the war, Casa Blanca itself is a plan of Poland to send aircraft of the Soviet era to the country, with the end of the evasive enmity with Putin. The New York Times reports that the United States has not provided any proportionate information to Ukrainians about the parade of Russian generals at the highest level in the country. This is the last prohibition you can take to protect the repressive attitudes of the representatives, at a time when one of the most functional and legislative observers visiting Kyiv, devastated by the war. The first lady, Jill Biden, made a visit to Ukraine without announcing it.

Following the insistence of the EE.UU. which has not provided objective intelligence to Ukraine in order to avoid the possibilities of a stalemate with Russia, it is a rhetorical construction that can mean little in practice.

“The intention can not be as specific as the proportional intelligence of the Ukrainians compared to what the Russian generals can do,” said Clapper and Burnett. “Pero does not share the intelligence that the Ukrainians are aware of the situation, whether they identify or refute it, for example, because it is a general quarter, the general Russian quarter, well, if the generals are generally gravitational, “.

Zelensky acknowledged the work of Patrón, the antiminas in Ukraine 0:47

On the other hand, Kurt Volker, ex-ambassador of the United States at OTAN, came up with the idea that the United States would launch a war of attrition against Russia and Ukraine.

“We are in a position to support Ukraine in defending against a direct attack from Russia and Ukraine. There is no need for superpowers to be caught in the crosshairs and hacked because they want to fight against the enemy,” Volker said. CNN’s “Smerconish” program on Saturday.

“Russia is directly involved in the extraterrestrial treatment of Ukraine, Nazi accusers. And the Ukrainians are defending and reciprocating much of the rest of the world hackers,” Volker said.

Biden promete aumentar la pressure on Putin

Possessing that Russia converges that the world or the world as a massive contingent with Occidente in the course of a minor compromise with the antigua soviet republic on its front. If Putin’s repression against the independent media means that many Russians are not recreating a realistic image of their military activism, they have a propagandistic value of what the bully, and the reverse posterior, enlighten the context. of a war more amplitude against Occidente in place of a minor potency.

As of now, Putin has not given a fatal pass to amplify the conflict, partly due to the capacity of the Occupy dissent. Due to the fact that it is easily accessible, it does not take long to get rid of cyberattacks and installs that are not intended to be administered había temido. At the moment, Russia does not intend to send the hacienda of Ukraine’s weapons to foreign countries, a medium that can be used directly to produce it in the territory of OTAN.

Due to the possibility of producing such materials, by Russian design or by calculation error, it is possible to have existing machines during the war. Tampoco is aware that Occidente is dismantling its compromise. De hecho, es lo contrario.

Jill Biden made a visit to Ukraine 2:44

“Hoy he hablado with the G7 leaders and the president [de Ucrania, Volodymyr] “Zelensky now wants to unite and compromise in order to strengthen Ukraine and support Putin’s efforts,” Biden said on Twitter, adding that a world-wide video was needed.

Biden’s commentary’s dignified message conveyed the sensation that Occidente, who’s supposed to impose economic sanctions on Russia, was the longest in history, was trying to justify pressure on Putin. El Domingo, United States announces a new round of sanctions, which impedes access to all media outlets controlled by the Kremlin and their affiliates, and allows them to use the services of a consulting firm that can be counted on

No hay ningún significant diplomatic impulse to poner fin a guerra desde Occidente. This is a part of the sensation in Washington and in some European capitals that Ukraine – Greece and its heroic resistance and the flow of Western weapons – is now gaining momentum or conflict. And Putin is showing all the signs of following adelante, but very terrible that the sea is the coast.

However, the geopolitical risks were so great that I realized this was not the only reason to fight with the western pressure.

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