Biden urge to refine more – The EU plan against very high prices produces more gasoline and subsidiary consumers

The President of the United States urges refineries to produce the most fuel for the city at its exact price, subsidiary study centers, with the imposition of impressions, on consumers.

– With information from the Associated Press

Washington / New York / Mexico City, June 20 (AP / SinEmbargo) .– El President of the United States is decided to give one impulse a una major production of gasolines in its own way, poniendo por delante a las refineriesa la vez que subsidiary planby the middle of a extension of imputationsa los consumers.

For one thing, it is worth considering the federal temporal extension of the impact of gasoline, which is likely to increase the cost of United States consumers to $ 18.4 per gallon. “Sí, lo estoy considerando”, said the periodicals who took a walk on the beach. “I hope to make a decision based on the data, quiz for the final of the week”.

But the oil is cooled and refined to produce more but more forms to be added to the consumer against the high elevations of the fuel, which helps to pass the oil and disperse the matter that Russia invades Ukraine in February. The price of gasoline at the national level is less than five million dollars per gallon, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Biden’s Liberian or liberó petroleum from the strategic reserve of the United States and augmented the ethanol pool for the summer, adamis send a card to the passage passage and refineries of instantaneous refineries to increase capacity. As an embargo, these are used to significantly reduce pressures on the precision, so that Gobierno now considers a temporal elimination of the impact of the gasoline. The impositions on gasoline and diesel fuel pay off.

The Penn Wharton Budget Model Analysis Group (PWBM) publishes estimates that customers will be encouraged to spend on gasoline extensions in Connecticut, Georgia and Maryland. Most of the time is intended for consumers, depending on the service stations and other parts of the energy sector.

Biden pidied the engines from the United States Petroleum refineries producing more gasoline and diesel, saying that they were tripled during a period of war between Russia and Ukraine, especially at the most recent stages. “The crisis that entertains families requires immediate action,” Biden said. “Your companies should work with the Administration to present concrete solutions on the road that overcome the crisis.”

Biden plan pulse to refine production. Photo: Martin Meissner, Archive, AP.

General inflation will increase as the economy of the United States is recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, which has accelerated in the last few months, with the latest energy and food shortages underscored by Russia the world market of basic products.

Gobierno informs the viewers that the prices to the consumer have been low at 8.6 due to the respect of the previous year, but more than 40 years.

The cart is priced at $ 4.25 per gallon priced at $ 120 per gallon at the latest gas price of $ 120 per barrel per barrel. The difference of 75 centauges in the exact supply of gasoline at the expense of only one month reflects on it an increase in refinery capacity as guarantees that “actually concentrated at all levels above all registered”, the card says.

The Petroleum Institute of Independence, which represents the industry, communicates that capacity has been dismantled by the Biden administration treating fossil fuels as part of its agenda on climate change.

“We take the opportunity to enter into a major dialogue with Casa Blanca, the administration’s equivalent political agenda that combines oil and natural gas with domestic inflation has exacerbated inflationary pressures and aggregated winds against them. companies to satisfy critical energy needs reduce their emissions, ”said API CEO Mike Sommers in a statement.

Photo taken at a gas station in Denver on May 21, 2022.. Photo: David Zalubowski, AP.

Sommers agrees: “Ayer is forced into a card by President Biden or his cabinet to carry out significant policy actions for the last instance, to divert his money from the bomb and to strengthen national security, including the implementation of energy-efficient, energy-efficient infrastructure. capital, the realization of energy-efficient winds, among other urgent priorities ”.

Like Biden, refineries are capitalizing on inertial dummies caused by “an era of war.” Your message is that corporate avarice is contributing more precisely or even more controversially to many economists, because the affirmation can have a resonant effect on the electorate.

Algunos Liberal legislators have proposed saving energy resources against corporate guarantees in the midst of higher inflation. Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, marched on a 95-year-old in a bid to oust the prominence of the prevailing pandemic of companies.

Biden has been constantly criticizing speculation in the media of a global crisis that has plagued Europe and other parts of the world and a recession, and has led to a discourse or trajectory that ExxonMobil “does more than Dios does.” ExxonMobil responds by informing the management of its planned inversions to increase fuel production and refining capacity.

“I do not know [el Presidente ruso] “Vladimir Putin is mainly responsible for the financial intensity that supports the independent public and his family,” said Biden. “But in the midst of a war that raises the price of gasoline to as much as $ 1.70 per gallon, the margins of the guanaris historically all of the refineries are running low.”

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